OxygenCeuticals’ Brand Story

OxygenCeuticals, a brand that has become synonymous with effective, trustworthy pre- and post- care for dermatological procedures and oxygen-infused skincare technology, was founded in 2003 by CEO, Jisan Woo.

Mr. Woo noticed the trend of aesthetic dermatology growing more and more popular, surpassing even that of medical services. However, he also saw a hole in the esthetic profession. Clients were not being provided with sufficient post-care treatment or services to care for their skin properly after invasive procedures like micro needling or laser treatments, often leaving them with damaged, irritated skin.

He also knew the benefits of Oxygen-infused skincare he could provide to clients everywhere. So, he founded OxygenCeuticals, striving towards the harmonious combination of Oxygen and Cosmeceutical Science Based Skincare targeted towards Post Procedure Care.

OxygenCeuticals combines the essence of pure oxygen and cosmeceuticals actives to effectively soothe sensitive skin and revive skin vitality.

OxygenCeuticals’ main philosophy is to focus on one thing and be the best. That’s why it’s one of the most well-known and trusted Oxygen-based skincare brand with over 700 aesthetic dermatology clinics utilizing its products and technology.

OxygenCeuticals believes in the therapeutic benefits of oxygen and integrated skincare. Its mission, to breathe life into their customers’ skin has spread to over 30 countries worldwide. More and more people are learning just how reliable OxygenCeuticals’ unique and innovative approach to skincare is.

It’s no secret that OxygenCeuticals continues to thrive and grow into one of the world’s best Oxygen-based skincare brands. The future holds many unknowns, but the success of OxygenCeuticals is written in stone.

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