There are different types of dry skin?!

There are a lot of people who suffer from their dry skin according to season and environment

Especially for people who are 30s!
Don’t you guys think that you used to take oil paper to clean up oil on face but now the skin became so dry!


Let’s see what types of skin you have ~!

A lot of people just think that dry skin refers to the skin that is completely out of oiliness
But there is a term called ‘oily type with dryness’ which means that dry skin is not exceptional to the oily skin


You might have heard about ‘Water – oil balance’ skin type~

In our skin cells, it is contained with moisture and oil
If oil-water level is below the standard or above the standard,
the skin might get dry or looks a bit oily

If you think of dry skin, it is obviously for skin that is out of moisture
But, there are different types of skin that is out of moisture


First, ‘oily type with dryness’
It is a type that lacks moisture
but oil level is standard.

 Caution for ‘Oily type with dryness’ skin
=> Skin looks oily because there is lack of moisture.

But if you focus more on removing oiliness on skin,
numerical value of water-oil balance becomes not enough
so, it becomes even more drier!

For oily skin, it is important to decrease the amount of oiliness
For ‘oily type with dryness’, it is important to distribute moisture appropriately so, that it could become dewy skin.
It could make skin condition to get better!


For oily skin that lacks moisture,
OxygenCeuticals recommend Aqua Serum 
and Hydrating Cream!


Aqua Serum which has Hyaluronic Acid gives great moisture!
You could feel moisturizing, brightening effect
with natural moisturizing ingredients that is contained in Hydrating Cream


The other type is,
dry skin that is out of oil and moisture

Skin that is oily type with dryness & lack of moisture is the same
but dry skin that is out of oiliness is not enough for simple moisture supply.
Oil prevents dehydration so,
if there is not enough oil,
skin barrier gets weakened,
skin gets tough, makes wrinkles.


Especially for dry skin, there is lack of oil
so, skin cannot absorb the skin care products due to dead skin cells.


For skin that is dry from inside and out,
it needs nutrients for skin’s sebum that is in need of oil supply


We recommend Acell300-Fluid and Skin Barrier Fluid
for dry skin that is out of water-oil balance

Acell 300 Fluid has similar ingredient to patented sebum
so, it provides protective layer for moisture

Skin Barrier Fluid strengthens skin barrier for old skin!

Is this information helpful?
I hope this information was helpful for you 🙂 <3


Oxygen Therapy in Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic

When you think of ‘OxygenCeuticals’
you would obviously think of #oxygen #oxygentherapy!

I will introduce about our partner which is Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic!!
You could see our oxygen equipment and products ~!


Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic is located in Guro Digital Complex Station!


In Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic,
there are so many laser & care equipments!

After surgical procedures, the doctors use OxygenCeuticals ‘Oxycryo’ equipment to treat and give therapy by using pure oxygen.




Sang Hee Chang director showed in TV program as ‘Get It Beauty’ consultant.
She explained about great strengths of ‘Oxygen Therapy’ by using Oxycryo.




Then, what is Oxygen Therapy?
It uses more than 99% of pure oxygen to safely care skin that is sensitive and damaged.
It does not directly touch the face so, you could experience fast calming effect and treatment effects.



In Superstar Dermatology clinic,
they use pure oxygen that is connected to Oxycryo so, it gives cooling effect to red & hot skin. It is possible to use right solution according to skin type without directly touching.


After spraying Ample,
it is time to put pure oxygen mask!
After spraying, there is residual of solution and by breathing, it could absorb pure oxygen. Therefore, it could increase the effect of skin soothing and regeneration!



In Superstar Dermatology Clinic, they use OxygenCeuticals ‘Oxycryo’ to treat sugical procedures! Meet at Superstar clinic!

AstrodomeFacial in ID Dermatology Clinic!

ID Dermatology clinic is well-known to all of us
It is located in Sinsa station which is plastic surgery clinic, dermatology clinic.
A lot of VIP celebrities, foreigners visit this hospital for health tourism.
In this place, they use AstrodomeFacial for post-care
#oxygentherapy #astronauttherapy



In ID dermatology clinic, there is Min-Joo skin clinic doctor
She is on TV show program and gives lots of good information about skin!

You could even find a video that explains well about AstrodomeFacial equipment in hospital


Before skin treatment, you could get advice from her
She could recommend your right skin-type and also right products
Getting an advice is really helpful since it feels like we could trust about products and equipments!


In ID dermatology clinic,
after cleansing and scaling,
they use oxygen gun to care for skin and also do massage at the same time


Great hand technique with water solution that has a lot of oxygen makes skin elastic and fresh. It cold decrease temperature of face skin and it is not oily at all!


Astrodome Mask stage
AstrodomeFacial #Astronaut Toning!
Just by pressing one button, it could automatically work~
It starts with Mist Mode!


And then, it applies LED & Anion to face and scalp at the same time

You could even select LED Light color according to your skin-type ~!



AstrodomeFacial #Astronaut Toning is good for improving skin immune system and increase skin energy!


You could try various kinds of treatments in ID Dermatology clinic such as #Astronaut Toning and with AstrodomeFacial, you could experience different kinds of skin care




Effective and special skin treatment! ‘Astronaut Toning’ ‘AstrodomeFacial treatment!’

Dermatology clinic and Plastic Surgery Hospital picked our
OxygenCeuticals AstrodomeFacial Treatment
‘Astronaut Toning’ 

Let’s find out about it!

Astronaut Toning is ‘Astrodome Facial’ Treatment!
AstrodomeFacial uses oxygen, Anion, LED, Near-infrared ray to care and calm sensitive skin.

AstrodomeFacial equipment looks like Astronaut’s helmet
You could feel various therapy effects such as Oxygen Therapy, Anion Therapy, LPE Therapy. Then! Let’s find out about ‘Astronaut Toning’
Shall we?





First step is Astronaut Toning’s special ‘Cleansing’
If you mix Foam Cleanser ‘Pore Mask’ and ‘Cryogenic Activator’ that oxygen is included,
it makes soft and big bubble foams.


Without much hand rubbing, it is possible to remove make-up and remove waste.
After rubbing and removing bubble foam,




By using AstrodomeFacial Oxygen Gun, we can move on to ‘scaling’ stage!
By spraying ‘Cryogenic Activator’ that has a lot of oxygen and Anion simultaneously,
it could remove residual waste and calm down the sensitive skin.

You could see more effective surgical procedure outcome and reduce its pain by decreasing skin epidermis’ temperature 3~5 ºC


Next step,  it sprays Ample that fits right for the skin
It is the step that helps skin to calm, regenerate after treatment or laser.
Without directly touching the skin, it is possible to spray Ample so, it could be effective on sensitive skin. It sprays with right skin-type ample and anion.


I will introduce 4 types of Formula that can be mixed together!


OxygenCeuticals Ample is made with ingredients that help skin to recover
It is water-based, scentless so, it is effective right after skin treatment



After spraying Ample,
Use ‘HA GEL’ that has 10% of Hyaluronic acid!
and mix with ‘Toning Gel’ that is gel-type,
Asiatic pennywort extracts at 1:1 ratio.
Spread it on face according to skin texture!


Astrodome Mask step!


 Number one right-solution – automatic spraying Astro DomeMask,
PGM (automatic program) is equipped with it so, just by setting up the usage time,
it can automatically turn up mist, LED & Anion mode.


Solution that is contained with pure oxygen,
Anion therapy that has particles which is  naturally originated.

Best 3 types of LED wavelength

RED 630nm (Skin Elasticity, Complexion Purification)
BLUE 465nm (Trouble, Sebum, Pore care)
VIOLET 465 & 630 nm (Calm down irritated skin after treatment)

Also, LPE (Light Pulsed Energy) Therapy!
You could experience all by Astronaut Toning Treatment!


At the last step, use 2nd pack to increase the calm down effect on skin


OxygenCeuticals’ Modeling Mask
The mask dries out quickly and does not give the feeling of tightening
It is special for giving moisture and nutrient by moisturizing your skin


There are 3 types of Modeling,

RT (Calming effect) : Skin moisture and soothing
CT (Cool) : Cooling and calming effect with pepper mint included
VC (Vitamin) : Skin complexion purification
Choose whichever you like!


 In  addition, it is scalp scaling stage,
it could reduce heat of scalp and remove anaerobic bacteria!
So, it is special!
By using this equipment with Cryogenic Activator, there is no possibility that scaling could cause problems!


OxygenCeuticals is really famous for hospital cosmetics
so, if you use right products for your skin-type,
you could feel that your skin got whiter!


How about using Astronaut Toning to make beautiful skin?


Therapy effects of ‘Astrodome Facial’ program

OxygenCeuticals is famous for hospital cosmetics that is often used in dermatology clinic and plastic surgery hospital.

Also, you could get high effect of beauty care by using “AstrodomeFacial” post-care beauty equipment and also related programs!


You could get various therapy effects from AstrodomeFacial program


AstrodomeFacial is laser and post-care equipment that uses oxygen, anion, LED.


Dome Mask looks similar to spacesuit helmet
It uses oxygen gun that is connected to the device
Without touching the skin, the device could spread cryogenic activator that is made with sea water and oxygen simultaneously with Anion.



Cryogenic activator is good for sensitive and weakened skin barrier that concentrated both sea water that has a lot of minerals and oxygen!
In Astrodome Facial Program, It is used on the skin and also scalp that is solution for Dome Mask Mist and Oxygen gun with high moisture and soothing effect.


AstroDomeMask with oxygen mask could produce Anion!!
This Anion makes you feel fresh and happy just like when you are strolling near beach and ocean


AstrodomeFacial produces natural-originated anion particle environment (1,000pcs/mm3)

What I mean is that by using Anion Therapy, you could make your skin and body healthy~ ^^


This is not all!


RED 630nm                              BLUE 465nm                   VIOLET 465&630nm

Using LPE Therapy on the DomeMask to apply it on face with 3 different types of energy wavelength of LED

LED increased the efficiency of Astronaut’s Medical Service in 2000
It could cure the injury and could promote cell regeneration so, it could decrease the amount of infection!


‘Red Light’ could increase skin elasticity and care for dermal layer by deeply penetrating in the skin
‘Blue Light’ cares for epidermis and is good for sensitive skin that has skin trouble, sebum, pore!
‘Violet Light’ has both red & blue light effect so, it is good for post-care and skin recovery

Then, according to your skin condition and type, you could choose whichever suits you the most! Isn’t it simple?


“Astrodome Facial’ induces high effect by adding up Near-infrared ray function (NIR) that strongly and deeply penetrates skin~!

So far, we have got to know more about AstrodomeFacial program’s therapy effect and function ~

Astrodome Facial program’s most biggest strength is that it could use Oxygen, Anion, LPE therapy at the same time in the given time


Just by pressing one button on the AstrodomeMask, it is done ~!

By using ‘Astrodome Facial’, we should get away with our daily life and give our self a rest!

Oxygen Therapy
Astronaut Toning