Tip for Daily Skincare Routine! Is Toner a Must Step?!

I am sure many people who have skin trouble have made a wish!
“I want my skin to be healthy”

For those people who worry about their skin problems may have tried various kinds of good products such as Essence, Cream, Toner, Cleanser and so on…
but haven’t you guys ignored the importance of Toner products?

Today I am going to introduce about beauty tip!

It is extremely important to use Toner in order to protect the skin!

Let’s see what Toner means first 🙂

“Toner is a product that is similar to ‘skin’ product that could make skin texture tidy after cleansing and let lotion or other skin care products to effectively carry out nutrients and moisture to our skin. “


 Wow, there are so many benefits with Toner!


Normally, when we do something, first step or the last step is the most important factor for the outcome.
Toner is used at the last step of cleansing and it is the first step for skin care!

Let’s find out more about its benefits!


1. Wash up make-up residues

Even though you cleanse your face, there are some make-up residues so, by using toner, you could smooth out your skin and wash up make-up residues completely!

As I have explained it above, using Toner is the last step of cleansing
If you do not wash up make-up residues completely, it could cause skin trouble.



2. Make skin texture tidy

Toner could make your skin texture tidy
Before using Essence, Cream and Ample, if you make skin texture tidy, your skin could absorb good ingredients effectively that is contained in skin care products


3. Supply Moisture

When you use cleansing product that is from markets, they often are “Alkaline” products! Of course these days, a lot of customers are interested in home-care so, there are some “Subacid cleansing” products.

However, many of you guys are using “Alkaline” cleansing products since you guys like the fresh feelings after cleansing, right?

When you use “Alkaline” products, you could feel fresh feelings but you might think that your face is dry and could feel the tightness of face.

After cleansing, Toner could resolve the tightness of face and could supply moisture! 🙂

Of course, after using Toner, you must use other skin care products such as cream to make your skin healthier 🙂


There are so many benefits of using this Toner product!!

Were you guys aware of that?

Since it is so important, there are so many different kinds of Toner products.
There are 3 types such as Water Type, Essence Type, Gel Type.


OxygenCeuticals Water Type Toner “Skin Balancing Toner”

When you look at this video, it is “Liquid” type that has no viscosity
It could keep your skin healthy.

OxygenCeuticals Essence Type Toner “Nutrient Toner”

Even though it is Toner, it has Essence Texture,
its moisture is great so, we recommend this product to people who have dry skin!

You could use this Nutrient Toner with various methods!

You could soak cotton pad with Toner and use it as Skin Pack
or you could use it with right skin-typed Ample on Mask Sheet to make your own DIY Sheet Pack! 🙂

Lastly, Gel Type Toner “Toning Gel”

Before it is used on the skin, it is Gel-type but if you use it, it could permeate right after on the skin.

This product is for people who think that water type is too dry or Essence type is not right for their skin. This product is fresh and clear.

This OxygenCeuticals’ Toning Gel is used right after surgical procedure in clinics and it could soothe your skin very well just like Aloe Gel or Soothing Gel.



Use this amazing Toner product to protect your skin! 🙂
Let’s use right Toner product according to your skin-type!


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How to use deep-cleansing peeling product effectively “Enzyme peel and Double peel”


Lastly, we have told you about the importance of deep-cleansing in order to get
beautiful skin ~

Now, you might wonder what kind of deep-cleansing products we have in oxygenceuticals!

I will tell you about our products today !


“Enzyme Peel and Double Peel”

Let’s get beautiful & healthy skin by using these 2 products !




First product is “Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel”

Let’s just call it Enzyme Peel ^^
Enzyme peel is for daily care so, you could cleanse your face deeply without much sensitivity.

Therefore, I recommend this product for people who have sensitive skin. 1
This product is also good for people who do not have sensitive skin since it is really effective for removing dead-skin cells and residual substance because of make-up. It is extremely helpful to remove sebums on the nose!



Normally, there are so many powder-typed Enzyme peel products but OxygenCeuticals’ product is something that we could use comfortably which is serum-type!!

We have discussed various kinds of deep-cleansing methods, this product is called “Gommage-type Enzyme Peel”!

Even though it is Enzyme Peel, we could use this product with Gommage~!

tenor (2)

Now you might wonder “If we use Gommage type deep-cleansing to sensitive skin, wouldn’t it affect our skin?”

The reason we could use OxygenCeutical’s enzyme peel to our sensitive skin is that the ingredients are good for it. OxygenCeutical’s Enzyme Peel has natural plant materials inside the product. These ingredients could help with deep-cleansing without much sensitivity.


Calendula Extracts, Pine apple, Papaya Extracts help remove dead skin cells softly, especially take care of T zone’s oily sebum and also pores.

You could remove sebum easily and can take care of pores with non-sensitive peeling so, it is an outstanding product!


How to use?


Spread Enzyme peel which is serum type on your whole face or on some parts
When the product has been absorbed on the skin, remove dead skin cells softly with your hands and wash with water!
* Use it 1 or 2 times once a week *
You could see the differenece right away!

There is also another product which is outstanding!
Let’s see what it is 🙂


The second product is, “Double Peel”

Double peel is a chemical peel which has been blended with both AHA, BHA with perfect ratio. It is beneficial for skin regeneration.

Double Peel’s core ingredients ~
BHA is known as salicylic acid which has 0.5% amount inside the product.
Glycolic acid is known as Lactic acid, Fruit acid and 24.5% of AHA is also inside the product.


BHA could dissolve sebum inside the pore
AHA could effectively remove dead skin cells so, it could care for both blackhead and whitehead at the same time!


Then this product is recommended to people who have ~


“Acne prone skin”
that the skin balance has been broken because pore has been blocked or have too much sebum


“too much worries because of blackhead, whitehead”


Thick dead skin cell “Skin aging”

Double peel is a chemical peel so, your skin might smart a little bit but would greatly get strong effects.

tenor (2)

How to use
After cleansing, when it is time to use toner, use double peel with right amount
Normal skin: 1-2 min
Oily skin, acne prone skin or aging skin: 3-5min


If you use this product after extruding acnes, you could see great effects on treating acnes. However, it might smart little bit more

Enzyme peel, Double peel !!
It was time to get to know more about these products ~
Let’s get much more prettier by using these amazing products!



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First step to get beautiful skin! “Deep cleansing”

How are you guys dealing with skincare?
There are so many home-care products these days and also many good care products have been made but if the skin cannot absorb it, it does not mean anything 🙁


How do we make our skin to absorb good ingredients?
The basic way is to “use deep cleansing in a right way continuously”!


Today I am going to explain why deep-cleansing is so important ~ 🙂

Before we talk about the importance of deep cleansing,
what is deep-cleansing anyway?

Deep-cleansing is to remove dead skin cells from skin layers and wash away facial waste!



If you use deep-cleansing continuously, it could help you remove dead skin cells so, it will make your skin different !! 🙂

You could get clear skin tone, remove dead skin cells, can do nice make-up and it could even make skin care products’ active ingredients to permeate 🙂

Then what kind of types do we have for deep-cleansing and dead skin cells-care products? There are 2 types which is “physical exfoliation”, “chemical exfoliation” !

First, physical exfoliation


There is “scrub type” that helps with deep-cleansing since it has grains that is contained with small particles.

It is like a grain of sand and gel is combined together and we rub it on the face. We could easily find this kind of product but if your skin is sensitive, the skin would be affected by its friction.



Second physical method is “Gommage Type”

Gommage type is to spread gel-type product on the skin and if you rub it, skin’s external dead skin cells appear. It does not include particles unlike scrub-type so, it is less sensitive to the skin.
However, if you rub it too long and if the amount of gel is too small, the skin could get red and it could temporally hurt.


Third method is “Peel-off type”

This type is to spread it on the skin and if certain amount of time passes, you take this off when it is completely dry. We especially use this method when sebum is inside pore just like blackhead on the chin. 🙂



Besides these 3 types of physical exfoliation methods,


There is chemical exfoliation method such as AHA, BHA so, it uses acidic ingredients to dissolve dead skin cells!

This is easy to use but according to usage time,
the amount of product component content’s, it would damage the skin so, it is important to take care while using this peel-type product.

Ordinally, in dermatology clinics, plastic surgery clinics, aesthetics clinics, a lot of professionals use this chemical exfoliation type and since a lot of people could see good effects right away, so their satisfaction is extremely high. 🙂



It is easy to use and there are so many benefits for using these different kinds of deep-cleansing products but there is something that we have to be careful!


It is so important to use right products according to your skin-type and also to use the product by following recommended period of use.

If you do not follow these two things, your skin would get more sensitive and it could be damaged a lot ! :'(

In oxygenceuticals, there are both physical, chemical deep-cleansing products 


Chemical deep-cleansing “Double peel” has both AHA/BHA ingredients.

In a lot of hospitals and aesthetics, this product has been used and it is also for
home-care since it is easy to use 🙂

This product is really popular especially for people who have a lot of acnes, oily skin, men who have thick stratum corneum! If you want to take care of blackhead and whitehead, you should try this product!


Enzyme peel is Gommage peel type, so, if you have dry skin, sensitive skin and especially want to take care of whitehead,  you should try this product !

This product is contained with vegetable ingredients so, it is really soft and you could take care of dead skin cells effectively!



So far, I have told you about oxygenceutical’s deep-cleansing products and how to use it, you could make beautiful skin just by using this product at your home!


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Skincare after laser

Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of skin laser procedures that you guys are familiar with! I believe that so many of you guys who are now looking at this oxygenceuticals blog have tried skin laser procedures!


tenor (1)

After getting skin laser procedures, how are you guys dealing with the post-care?

                       Oxygenceuticals will explain about beauty number 2 tips !!


“Post-care for skin laser procedure” 


Before we talk about post-care for skin laser procedure, we will tell you about laser for a beginner in beauty surgery ~

The most basic question!

“What is laser procedure?”


Laser is a procedure that uses light energy with constant wavelengths to focus energy on the area that is in need of treatment to cure by temporarily using strong force.  

It does not include using knife so, recovery rate is much faster, scar does not last long and also it does not take long time so, skin laser procedure is something that people ordinarily get. 

It is a treatment that is used not only in cosmetic and treatment procedures of dermatology, but also in ENT, ophthalmology, and department of surgery.

Laser surgery is not that complicated, right?

There are so many laser procedures but now I am going to talk about the most
well-known 3 surgical procedures!


    1. Improves wrinkles, texture, and elasticity of skin

Lifting Laser! One of surgical procedure that many women prefer!

For those people who are sad because of their loose skin, if you guys get this laser procedure that is good for lifting, elasticity, your satisfaction will be extremely high!

Not only for elasticity, but you could get different kinds of surgical procedures for skin texture, wrinkles and so on.



2. Waxing 

One of most popular surgical procedure that people get is waxing laser

When the weather gets hot, a lot of people wear short pants, skirts so, they want to get surgical procedure to remove unwanted hair on their exposed body.

If you get surgical procedure by using laser, hair will get loose and the amount of growing hair will decrease.

Recently, waxing laser is really popular so, people get waxing laser not only on their arms, legs, armpits but also on their hairline, bikini line and so on 🙂


3. Pigment, Scar, Birthmark

If you guys are worried about shadows under your eyes because of aging
or trouble scars because of too many acnes or birthmark,
you could get laser procedures to take care of it!

In the past, dye laser has affected skin badly by using strong wavelength but laser machines have developed a lot these days so, it has become hypoallergenic and we are trying hard to increase the amount of effects so, it is operating well.

 If you look at these benefits, it looks like laser procedures take care of everything but laser procedures make injuries, stimulate skins so, post-care is much more important than taking laser procedures! 

Were you aware that just by taking post-care, it could make laser effects 2 months ~ 3 months longer and much better?


A lot of people look for medical skincare brand called ‘oxygenceuticals’ after laser procedures!
After laser procedure, how would you take care of it!?



Soothing, moisturizing care
Post-care GEL type Toner “Toning Gel”!

You could use oxygenceuticals Toning Gel just after surgical procedure so that it could make your skin relaxed, regenerate and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is not sticky and it is gel type so, it is easy to use and the moisture and hydration is amazing!

Laser procedure includes light, heat so, if you do not care to moisturize your skin, it could get sensitive! If you got laser procedure, it is essential to take care to moisturize your skin!


Soothing sensitive skin Post-care
“Cell Couperose Line” 

Oxygenceuticals Couperose Ample and couperose cream is to soothe sensitive skin such as flushed skin and sensitive skin after surgical procedure.

Especially, couperose cream contains 7 organic plant extracts so, it does not put burden on the skin and is used for sensitive skin. If you use this with couperose ample, the soothing effects will significantly improve!

“PP Cream” helps not to lose moisture
PP Cream is for post-care

In many Korean  plastic surgery clinics and dermatology clinics, it has been used a lot!

The type of ointment texture helps not to lose moisture under the skin after laser procedure and it protects from stresses!

Couperose Ample + Couperose Cream is really light and hydrating so, this product is needed on the skin not to lose moisture!

“Sun care” after laser procedures

I am sure for those people who have tried laser procedure, a lot of doctors say

“You have to use sun cream!!”


After laser procedures, if skin layer gets thinner, the skin tries to protect itself by making pigments but you would get sad if you tried laser procedures to make white and beautiful skin but your pigments try to appear again!

Not only pigments but the skin will get more sensitive and dry if the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light after laser procedure.
The most important thing is to protect your skin from ultraviolet light!


Oxygenceutical’s TP Suncream is the one you could use right after laser procedure that could protect from ultraviolet light!
It could make your skin moisturized by preventing it from dehydrating and since it is soft, you could use it on a sensitive skin!


“Post care” could increase recovery rate


In dermatology clinic, after the surgical procedure, they help you with post-care by using cooling or cool-pack but it does not really help you with recovery rate.

Oxygenceutical’s pure oxygen therapy device called Oxycryo and Astrodome Facial is for post-care and it uses biochemical principles by using oxygen and anion with skin cooling. It could help with the skin recovery so, it alleviates pain and increase recovery rate!


In Gangnam’s big plastic surgery clinics and dermatology clinics, you could find Oxygenceutical’s post-care devices!

We have talked about how to care for skin after laser procedures and so many people are interested in laser procedures especially in winter compared to summer so, I hope this blog helped you with finding information about laser procedures 🙂


Surgical procedures are important but the most important thing is post-care !

Don’t forget guys~!


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Do You Know Anti-Aging?


It’s a word that the women and men in their 20 must have heard about it at least once.


“Anti-aging care is so essential”

So what and how exactly anti-aging care is?


Before start talking about anti-aging care, there is something we should know

Skin Aging



There are many factors cause skin aging. However, there are four iconic factors that everyone should know. Let’s see what’s the four.

<1>Loss of elasticity


As everyone knows, collagen gives the skin suppleness and strength. Nowadays, people make it for physical use and also edible.

So, how does the skin aging related to collagen?

Collagen can be found in dermis layer. If the collagen fails to function properly, the skin will lose elasticity and not firm. The wrinkles then appear and causing the skin to sag. This could actually make you look older then your actual age.



<2> Stress


“Stress is the health epidemic of 21st century” revealed by World Health Organisation(WHO). It has negative effect not only on mental health but also speed up cellular aging. Under the influence by stress, the cells stop being healthy, ceased to function properly and appear aged in the end.

Stress is the new biological clock and it is so powerful that can age us prematurely.



<3> Ultraviolet


Q. I am so worried about the wrinkles and sagging skin.

A. Don’t forget to apply sun block every day even if you are in indoor.

Ultraviolet(UV) is the main cause of premature aging in skin which is known as photoaging. When UV rays hits the skin, they interact with melanin. Melanin is the first line of protection and absorb UV in order to protect the skin from being tan. If the amount of UV exposure exceeds the protection by melanin which will lead to sunburn. Excess exposure can lead to fine lines, wrinkles.



<4> Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS)



Human being needs energy to live and oxygen is the main source to produce energy for the entire body. However, reactive oxygen species are generated as by-products during the production of energy. Increase amount of ROS may lead to an acceleration in aging.

The enemy of ROS is antioxidant. If the antioxidants are increased in our body, the amount of ROS will be reduced. Therefore, the process of aging of skin and body will be slow down as well. The antioxidants can be found in food and also the skincare.





Now let’s see how OxygenCeuticals does anti-aging care.

Anti-aging is defined as prevent the appearance of getting older. In cosmetics, there are products with anti-aging function which mean helps prevent signs of aging, in other words, slow down aging.

Skin starts to age around 25 years old so we should do anti-aging care once we step in 20 years old. The big difference can be seen compared to those who have not started their anti-aging care in 30 years old. Here, we are going to talk about Age Defying Caviar Kit.


Age Defying Caviar Kit is the hot selling and iconic anti-aging line in OxygenCeuticals. It is consisted of Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream. This is a brightening and age prevention 2-in-1 kit.

What is it:

This kit helps to lift, firms, and provide a long-lasting tensing effect to the skin. Caviar has been proven as one of the most hydrating and aging reversal agent available. This kit softens the skin, and smooth out wrinkles while giving you bright skin.


9 EN

This is the clinical result of using Age Defying Caviar Kit for two and four weeks.


In fact, the feedback of using Age Defying Caviar Kit from aged 20 and 30 are pretty good as the texture itself is lightweight and silky. “Even though the caviar cream is not rich , the hydration still last longer”, the feedback from the 40, 50 and beyond.


We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!



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