Soothe and Repair your skin with PP Line

Dry and cracking skin. Caused by cold wind and wearing mask continuously make skin stressful. Not only Redness but also itching and stinging sensation bothers us. So, this hypersensitive and damaged skin definitely needs soothing and regenerative treatment.

In fact, there are so many skincare products that feature their soothing effect. Then how about the regenerative effect? you can find the answer in OxygenCeuticals’ product line.

There are products named ‘PP’ which is the abbreviation of ‘Post-procedure’. These products are so mild and gentle but the result is powerful. Well, let’s look into the details of them.

What do you recall when you heard the word ‘Korean skincare’? Most of you probably recollect sheet masks. Of course, OxygenCeuticals, as a Korean skincare brand, also has several sheet masks. Today’s protagonist is Ceutisome PP Mask.

This sheet mask has been released quite recently, but it became one of the most popular items of OxygenCeuticals very soon. It is because of its instant soothing effect. Many people posted reviews saying this mask sheet relieved redness and irritation on their skin very quickly even after dermatological treatments like laser and peeling.

It contains DNA and EGFs(Epidermal Growth Factor) so that it promotes to recovery of damaged skin. Ceramide NP works on strengthening skin’s self protection layer so it can prevent further severe damage as well.

The fabric of Ceutisome PP Mask is made up of Tencel Cupra, a nature-derived long fiber. As containing seaweed extracts, its liquid absorption and retention abilities are extraordinary. Due to this special characters it minimizes irritation on skin.

Since it is as mild as being able to use on the skin right after cosmetic procedure, it is suitable for hypersensitive skin, too.

We can not finish our skincare routine on sheet mask step. We should use moisturizer after using sheet mask. Here is the cream that helps skin’s self-recovery, PP Cream.

PP Cream is developed to be applicable to the skin right after derma treatment. Cosmetic procedures are usually strong to achieve significant result faster. However, if you don’t do the aftercare on your skin, it may result in worse.

Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 & Adenosine

PP Cream contains Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 and Adenosine that activate collagen synthetic process. As collagen supports the structure of cells, skin becomes firmer and more elastic.

Also, Niacinamide is another key ingredient of PP Cream. Niacinamide is a sort of vitamin and it alleviates discoloration and pigmentation which stem from external stimuli and dry friction. It inhibits the production of melanin, thus it prevents further pigmentation at the same time.

When you apply PP Cream to your face, you can realize that the cream creates a thine layer on your face. This can protect skin from the external irritants.

In actual, a famous Korean dermatologist has recommended this cream to her patients. Unlike the ointments, this PP Cream doesn’t contains any steroids so it is safe to use it everyday.

Just remember 3 words when you are suffering from hypersensitive skin. “OxygenCeuticals PP Line”. Kill 2 birds, soothing and regeneration, with only one stone.

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Help my Skin, Vitamin Serum Trio!

Even though it is the end of January, the weather is still cold. The cold weather decreases our body’s activeness. Thus, our immune system gets to lose its power. Having a cold or overreacting to some specific allergens can be symptoms of weaken immunity.

Like our body shows several symptoms, our skin does the same thing. When skin’s self-protection ability decreases, you can see the skin outbreak frequently.

So keeping immunity strong is the most important thing to stay safe. Then, what should we do for it? Of course, the proper amount of workout and a healthy diet are helpful for immunity. Or you can take some supplements like vitamins. VITAMIN. Yes, it is the easiest and simplest way to take back our immunity.

OxygenCeuticals, a medical skincare brand, have 3 kinds of different vitamin serums. Since they contain different vitamins, they’re aiming for different results.

Let’s go over Serum 12 and Serum 17. Both are basically the same serums containing ascorbic acid, vitamin C. The differences are only sizes and the concentration of vitamin C. The vitamin C concentration of Serum 12 is 12% in 30ml, while the Serum 17’s is 17% in 50ml.

Unlike common vitamin C Serums, there are 2 components in OxygenCeuticals Serum 12/17. You can find a brown bottle that contains vitamin E serum and a plastic bottle that contains pure vitamin C powder.

As you know, vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidants. It removes free radicals like peroxides from your body and revitalizes your skin. On the other hand, vitamin E, which is also known as tocopheryl acetate, creates a skin shield and smoothens the rough skin.

By the way, why OxygenCeuticals delivers the serum and vitamin C powder separately? It is related to the stability of pure vitamin C. Due to its strong antioxidative effect, vitamin C solution can be oxidized very quickly. To stabilize the vitamin C and to provide the best result, cut the tube cap of the vitamin C bottle, and mix the powder to vitamin E serum before using it.

Also, it is recommended to use vitamin C serum during the night time skin care routine because the sunshine weakens vitamin C’s effect. If you have to use it in daytime, you should apply sunscreen after the use of vitamin C serum.

OxygenCeuticals Phyto Gel is a triple functional serum that supplies nutrition, moisturizes, and brightens skin at the same time. It is applicable to all skin types, and it is particularly recommended for dull and blemished skin.

The key ingredient of Phyto Gel is Vitamin B3, also called niacinamide. It treats hyperpigmentation. Not only lightens dark spots, but it also prevents pigmentation by interrupting melanin synthesis.

Other featured ingredients are sodium hyaluronate (a.k.a. hyaluronic acid) and Centella Asiatica leaf extracts which are excellent moisturizing substances. Also, Centella Asiatica is famous for its skin soothing effect. It helps skin to relieve irritation and to promote skin recovery.

It has a quite light and thin texture, so it is okay to layer other items like creams and makeups on it. If you are a bit sensitive to vitamin C and that is what makes you hesitate to use Serum 12/17, OxygenCeuticals suggests layering Phyto Gel before using Serum 12/17.

The last one is OxygenCeuticals B5 Gel. It has an anti-wrinkle effect that stems from vitamin B5 and adenosine. It is usually recommended for people who have saggy and tired skin.

Vitamin B5, or panthenol, replenishes moisture so it makes skin plump up and the adenosine leads the skin to be very elastic and healthy by increasing collagen production. As you know, collagen supports the structure of cells.

Before & After using OxygenCeuticals B5 Gel

You can see the significant difference between before & after using this B5 Gel. It allows skin to shine with a natural glow. You can achieve the better anti-aging & anti-wrinkling effect when you use it with Serum 12/17.

It is really tiring to live a life during this pandemic crisis. Certainly, we have to keep ourselves healthy. Don’t forget to keep your skin healthy, too! Let’s take advantage of OxygenCeuticals vitamin serum trio to get health, youth, and radiance.

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Exfoliate all old things

We do clean things before we start something. After cleaning and rearranging, it feels like we’re renewed. So as skin does. When we remove old dead skin cells, new, radiant skin reveals itself.

Stem Cell, which is a mother of skin cells, resides in the basal layer of the epidermis. Stem cell divides itself to create new skin cells. As the stem cell creates a lot of skin cells continuously, old skin cells are pushed up every time. So, the oldest cells are the ones located on the very outside of our skin, dead skin cells.

Certainly, it is very important to renew the skin cells regularly for bright and healthy skin. However, when we get older and older, the cell loses its activeness so the cell cycle slows down as well. In other words, the time period dead skin cells remaining on skin surface gets longer. The worse part of this aging causes is that excessive dead skin cells induce many kinds of blemishes.

To prevent these sorts of problems, there are already enormous amount of exfoliants in the market place. However, we should be careful about choosing the right exfoliator as per our skin type. If you don’t, it makes things worse.

Commonly, there are two types of exfoliants. The first one is a chemical exfoliant which dissolve dead skin cells, and the other one is a physical exfoliant that sheds out dead skin cells from your skin. Of course, OxygenCeuticals have both types of excellent exfoliants.

Let’s start with the chemical exfoliant. OxygenCeuticals Double Peel contains alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). These two acids work differently on your skin. AHA, the water-soluble acid, removes binding substances between dead skin cells so it makes dead skin cells get removed easily. On the other hand, BHA is oil-soluble. Thus, it penetrates into pores and pulls out excessive sebum, especially blackheads and whiteheads.

This peeling solution is popular in spas and dermatological clinics but, you can use it at home. Apply an adequate amount of Double Peel to the clean skin avoiding the eye zone. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and then remove it with running water. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you are able to leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to let it in your eyes.

As above mentioned, chemical exfoliants dissolves substances between cells, so it is recommended to use them during the proper time. Also, even though it is a subtle acid, you should avoid exposing it to the nearside of your mouth and eyes. Recommended usage is once a week.

The next product is OxygenCeuticals Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel. It gets rid of dead skin cells physically. You might recollect facial scrubs when you hear ‘physical exfoliants’. The scrubs are quite strong so it can hurt your skin. However, Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel is a ‘gommage-type’ peeling gel so it removes dead skin cells gently but effectively.

As named, this peeling gel contains several natural enzymes extracted from fruits. These enzymes also weaken the binding substances between dead skin cells, so it lets dead cells be picked up while you’re rubbing this enzyme peel on your face. Furthermore, Pot marigold flower extract, also known as Calendula flower extract, is infused in Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel so that it soothes your skin after exfoliation.

It is easy to use. After cleansing, wipe your face with toner-soaked cotton. Then, take an adequate amount of gel and rub it on your face avoiding the eye zone. Wash out your face with lukewarm water when the chunks are balling up.

Certainly, exfoliation makes your skin smoother and more radiant. However, too much peeling might shed off essential dead skin cells that protect your skin. As a result, it can cause much irritation. Hence, it is recommended to remove excessive dead skin cells properly as skins condition. Let’s have beautiful skin by exfoliating all the old things!

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New Year, New Skin

Happy new year! Let’s celebrate ourselves to overcome such a hard year. To welcome great 2021, we have to make a room for the new year by removing old, bad things. Rearranging rooms, throw away odds and ends.

Do the same things to your skin. Clear up all bad things from your skin and replenish your skin with various nutrients. Yes, there is a lot of nutritious skincare products in the world, but how can we make some spaces for the nutrients?

Here’s one solution from OxygenCeuticals. Here is the highly-concentrated oxygen ampoule, Ceutisome Stem Formula. It has been beloved by a lot of dermatological clinics and spas in Korea since its release.

What does Ceutisome Stem Formula do? Ceutisome Stem Formula is an ampoule containing highly-concentrated oxygen. There are several benefits it offers, but let’s just look over 3 advantages for now.

First, it purifies the skin. Ceutisome Stem Formula contains CEUTISOME, which is a patented cosmetic ingredient of OxygenCeuticals. Ceutisome is a sort of pouch. At first, Ceutisome is filled with oxygen molecules. It releases oxygen when you apply Ceutisome Stem Formula to your skin. Then, Ceutisome takes off carbon dioxide and other impurities from your skin cells. Ceutisome will be ejected from your body via sweat and urine.

Second, discharged oxygen creates an oxygen layer on the epidermis. This layer blocks moisture evaporating from the skin. The moisturizing effect lasts about 7 days after applying Ceutisome to your skin.

Third, you probably know oxygen is essential for our lives. It is a crucial element in cell metabolism. Ceutisome contains high concentrations of oxygen which improve the skin’s ability to regenerate by activating cell metabolism.

As Ceutisome Stem Formula is very watery, you might spill it while you’re pouring the Stem Formula on your hand. Before use, remove the plastic cap and aluminum cover. Then replace with tubular cap. It’ll be helpful to use.

As above mentioned, Ceutisome stem Formula is holding a lot of oxygen molecules. So when you apply it to your skin, it disappears quickly. It is because Ceutisomes releases oxygen and pick up carbon dioxide. The released oxygen formulates a layer on the surface of the skin and other oxygen molecules are absorbed into the skin.

OxygenCeuticals suggests using Ceutisome Stem Formula with Ceutisome Ampoule & Boosters (SEE THIS). Add a half bottle of Stem Formula to the mixture of Ceutisome Ampoule & Booster and shake it. The recommended usage is 3 times a week during the night skincare routine. This combination allows to purify skin and replenish it with a bunch of nutrients and functional ingredients at the same time.

Let’s achieve healthy skin this year!

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OC-HO-HO! Merry OC-Mas!

The year is almost done. This means Christmas is around the corner! Frankly, all of us are tired of a harsh year. There was so much bad news in 2020. It is inevitable to wearing masks for our physical health, so what we have to do is give some nice treatments for our skin.

Let’s start with “SOS PP Kit“. Named SOS PP Kit, it is a sort of first-aid kit for ultra-sensitive, irritated, and damaged skin particularly after some derma-procedures. This kit is composed with Toning Gel(50ml), Moisture Aqua Serum(10ml), and PP Cream(50ml).

Toning Gel is a gel-type toner that idealizes the O/W balance of your skin. Even though it has a gel texture right after squeezed out from the tube, it turns to water because of the temperature of your skin. This gel toner will soothe your skin immediately. It is suitable for every skin types even for sunburn, atopic, or post-procedure skin. Moreover, it can alleviate the wrinkle for long term use.

Moisture Aqua Serum is a gel cream type serum. It is very lightweight, but super hydrating. This moisturizing serum contains jojoba oil which nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes your skin. If you want to know more about the jojoba oil, click HERE.

PP Cream is a repairing cream containing peptides, EFGs, etc. to promote skin cells self-recovery. It stands for post-procedure, so it is suitable for every skin even after strong dermal procedures. Also, PP Cream’s brightening and anti-wrinkle effect had been certified by authorized institute.

Next, there is a collagen-supplying kit in OxygenCeuticals named “Bio Matrix Collagen Kit“. If you are interested in anti-aging skincare, you might have heard of the collagen skincare at least once. Actually, there are several collagen sheet masks in the market. However, those are not easy to use out of skincare center and you might feel a bit dryness after using the collagen sheet masks. To complement these deficiencies, OxygenCeuticals provides you this Bio Matrix Collagen Kit.

Collagen is a well known substance that compose our body. Particularly in skincare, collagen is essential to keep your skin firm and to prevent wrinkle formation. Also, hence collagen promotes skin’s regenerative action, it enhances skin resilience as well.

Bio Matrix Collagen Kit contains Collagen Balls and Booster Serums in itself. The collagen ball is made up of 90% marine collagen and 10% of hyaluronic acid. It is easy to use as well. What you have to do is just mix collagen ball and booster serum and apply the mixture to your skin. It can be used as a go-to-sleep skin treatment, so you don’t have to remove anything from your skin before you go to bed.

It is impossible that talking about OxygenCeuticals’ kits except Age Defying Caviar Kit. This kit is the most popular products of OxygenCeuticals. There are 2 components in this kit, Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream.

As you can guess it from their names, these Fluid and cream contains black caviar extracts. Caviar Protein Fluid contains 5% caviar extracts and Age Defying Caviar Cream contains 12% of caviar extracts. Meanwhile both have luxurious ingredient, these two have brightening, anti-wrinkle effects at the same time.

Young people might hesitate to start anti-aging care because most of anti-aging skincare products are too rich for younger people. However, Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream are quite light but highly moisturizing so it is suitable for every ages.

If you are concerned of blemishes that is hiding your own beauty, there is a perfect solution for you. It is OxygenCeuticals Glutathione Tone Up Kit. This kit contains 2 of glutathione ampoules and a tone up cream.

Glutathione is a sort of powerful antioxidant. It removes free radicals from cells so that it slows down aging. Furthermore, it offers brightening benefits by inhibiting melanin synthesis from skin cells.

Anther brightening substance is GIGAWHITE. GIGAWHITE is a kind of herbal extracts from selected 7 Swiss alpine plants.

Glutathione Ampoule is certified brightening ampoule that contains above mentioned brightening functional ingredients.

The fifth kit is Sunkissed TP Sun Kit. This kit is recommended to people who love outdoor activities. It is composed of one Pore Mask and two TP Sun Creams with different sizes.

Pore Mask is a signature product of OxygenCeuticals. It features dense and cream-like foam. The tiny bubbles of Pore Mask reaches deep into the pores. Thus, it helps clear out pores effectively. Also, plenty of oxygen is dissolved in the Pore Mask, so after using Pore Mask, you might realize that your skin become brighter then before using it.

TP Sun Cream is a sunscreen which is able to block broad range of UV ray. It doesn’t irritate the skin so this sunblock is suitable for every skin type even for sensitive skin.

TP Sun Cream makes the skin seems naturally glow and healthy without any stickiness and greasiness. It is because of hyaluronic acid in the formula. Moreover, hyaluronic acid and oxygen soothes and protects skin from dryness caused by UV ray.

The last one is O2 Cushion Kit. This kit stands for an base makeup kit. It contains TP Sun Cream, Intensive Blemish Balm, and O2 Cushion. These

As above mentioned, TP Sun Cream is a sunblock with SPF 45 PA+++. It spreads smoothly, and it blends easily with other base makeups.

Intensive Blemish Balm is also known as BB Cream. It naturally covers blemishes and helps damaged or irritated skin to recover itself. Intensive Blemish Balm also contains hyaluronic acid as TP Sun Cream does, so it hydrates the skin as well. For more smooth application, you can mix TP Sun Cream and Intensive Blemish Balm.

O2 Cushion is a sort of cushion foundation. It makes your skin radiant and dewy. This cushion foundation has sun protection factor as well. In fact, dermatologists recommend reapplying sunscreens every 2 hours because sunscreens are removed from the skin in hence of sweat and sebum. In this case, O2 Cushion is a good solution. You can reapply sunscreen while you are correcting your makeup.

Santa Claus is coming to town, and SantOClaus is coming to your skin! Merry OC-Mas everyone!

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