Mother’s Day Special

Mother's Day

As you know, Mother’s Day is around the corner. Social-distancing order will likely extend into May due to COVID 19. Therefore in-person Mother’s Day brunches and celebrations are most likely going to be on hold.

Anyway, we think that now more than ever, mothers deserve a day of appreciation for their hard work and love. Especially around this time, mothers are working from home, at the same time have to help their children with E learning. They got to do grocery shopping. They got to cook. They got to clean up the house. The list goes on…Man…there’s a lot.

So what can you give to your mom this Mother’s Day? Have you thought about this yet? Flower? Jewelry? Cake? How about giving her the gift of beautiful skin?

We’re here to help you with a list of all our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas from OxygenCeuticals. I am sure you can find at least one gift to treat and pamper one of the hardest-working women you know.





Gift idea # 1: A box of soothing sheet mask

Sheet masks are a fun, easy way to give skin some extra TLC (total loving care) in just a few minutes. Give her a box of OxygenCeuticals Cryogel Velvet Mask. The masks are made with triple layers gel technology. The sheet closely adhered on skin delivering deep hydration, making it perfect for soothing, hydrating, calming inflammation, sunburns, and even breakouts. Mom will love using these masks whenever her skin needs a little refresh.


Gift idea # 2: A beauty-boosting face mist she can spritz on whenever

D:O2 Activator is a premium Oxygen face Mist with highly dissolved oxygen from deep sea water and pure oxygen activated through a twist on the bottle. Delivering pure oxygen and plentiful minerals to instantly revitalize the skin. Moms can use it whenever she needs a boost of hydration.


Gift idea # 3: A sunscreen that’ll protect her skin and make it glow too

Sunscreen may not seem like the most exciting skincare product out there, but it’s an essential skincare routine step. Give mom a Sun Kissed TP Sun Kit contains 2 travel sizes TP Sun Cream and 1 Pore Mask Cleanser. This kit not only protect her skin with SPF 45, but also filled with hydrating ingredients that help boost moisture for an all-day-long glow too.


Gift idea # 4: A Caviar- inspired set of bestsellers

The Age Defying Caviar Kit includes OxygenCeuticals’s most iconic, caviar extracts-infused products; the Age Defying Caviar Cream and Caviar Protein Fluid. The Age Defying Caviar Cream is a collagen-boosting cream that works perfect day and night. The collagen-boosting formula is made with 12% caviar extracts to firm and tighten skin. The Caviar Protein Fluid is rich in amino acids. It carries 5% caviar extracts help skin appear plumper, firmer and brighter.

You may also consider the Age Defying Kit. This five-piece set includes minis of the OxygenCeuticals’s bestselling cleansing foam, essence toner, nutritious caviar serum, super-charged hydrating serum and dewy caviar cream.


Gift idea # 5: Eyes on me  

The 360 Eye Perfection Duo set includes eye serum and eye cream. The set is ideal for reducing puffy eyes, brighten eyes area and smoothing out wrinkles. The smallest amount goes a long way, and is best applied around the lower eyelid and along the brow bone.


Gift idea # 6: Rescue my skin kit

The SOS PP Kit includes OxygenCeuticals’ best-selling items. A Toning Gel to tone and balance pH after wash. Moisture Aqua Serum hydrates, plumps and gives an instant glow to the skin. PP Cream deeply moisturizes and feeds the skin with epidermal growth factors. A perfect kit to give busy moms a fresh look.




For a limited time from 4/22 to 5/10/2020, you may get these items at 20% discount. Enter code LOVEMAMA at checkout from our Shopify store.

Done, done, done. Your Mother’s Day shopping is made easy with OxygenCeuticals.

One word of caution: If you want items delivered on time we suggest that you start shopping now!



Best Foam Cleansing Choice for my skin!

Hello! How are you guys doing~
Hope everything is fine for you guys!

tenor (1)

The weather is getting warmer & warmer
but some of you guys may be worried because of sensitive skin in-between seasons.


I would like to recommend great foam cleansing for you guys especially in-between seasons!

Are you guys ready~?


Cleansing is the first step of skincare!
After you put on make-up, it is really important to remove the make-up very clearly before you go to sleep!
You could choose the right cleansing product according to your skin-type ~


Let’s choose the best foam cleansing for my skin!
#mild #hydrating #cleansing #with #oxygen!


The first product that I want to introduce is “Pore Mask” which is OxygenCeuticals’ product.


“Pore Mask” is a great product that has big & soft bubbles!
This soft & big bubbles could decrease skin’s sensitivity
and could cleanse your face 🙂

It could refresh your skin by reaching deep into pores boosting out dirt & oils with this rich foaming face cleanser! This product helps remove blackhead ~

It is effective especially for sensitive, dry, mature and aging skin types! This bubbles feel great since it is so smooth ~



If you use pore mask and OxygenCeuticals Cryogenic Activator at a 1:3 ratio and mix these two products together, it could make bigger & softer bubbles ~

#Bubble cleanser #less sensitive



The second product that I would like to introduce is “Purifying Foaming Wash”!
This is another product in OxygenCeuticals.

This “Purifying Foaming Wash” is a bubble rich PH 5.0 Balanced cleanser.
This foaming gel face wash is very gentle, PH 5, Oil-free and paraben-free formula that is suitable for all skin types.

You do not have to worry about sensitive and blemish skin type!

This product contains natural ingredients extracted from plants that help maintain skin texture smooth and soft. Lavender Oil, Apricot Extracts and Allantoin cleans up the complexion and vitalize the skin.



This Foaming wash cleanser is trustworthy since there has been a clinical test on safety of this product. It has no allergy on skin! You could trust this product to make beautiful skin~

#less sensitive #ph balanced #foaming wash

Choose the product that you recommend ~
Do not worry about sensitive skin!


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Clean & Safe Hand Sanitizer

Hello everyone~!

I hope everyone is doing great
but I am sure many of you guys are worried because of Corona Viruses these days..

It has become a serious problem across the world
and almost everyone is wearing masks to protect themselves.
How sad 🙁



Corona viruses can cause fever, sore throat and respiratory problems.
In serious cases, it can even lead to death so, it is extremely important to prevent ourselves from getting those terrible viruses !!

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Then how do we protect ourselves from Corona Viruses?


It is to use clean and safe hand Sanitizer!
You might ignore the importance of using hand sanitizer but it is really important to use!
I even use it regularly to protect myself from Corona Viruses.


Our Hand Sanitizer contains natural ingredients which is really safe to use!
It contains 62% of Ethanol.


Are you curious about our product ingredients further more?

Key ingredients are Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract,
Prunella Vulgaris Leaf Extract, Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract and so on…

Too many to mention all good ingredients BUT I am sure you know the benefits of leaf, root, fruit extracts 🙂

Even if you use this hand sanitizer that contains alcohol,
it can soothe your skin because of nice natural ingredients combined.



You could hand-carry this product which is so comfortable to use!
You can use this at any time and anywhere!
Isn’t it great?

I am sure you guys are aware that indoor is more dangerous than outdoor
since a lot of people stay indoor at the same time.

Be careful when you visit hospital because there could be harmful viruses due to patients! You need to use hand sanitizer to protect yourself from viruses.

Also, so many people use public transportation every day and after touching handles, doors, phones and so on.. It is important to clean yourself!
But it is difficult to find the toilet right away so, why don’t use use hand sanitizer to use whenever you want!

Especially when you have a baby, it is much more important to clean yourself since he or she has weak immune system.

Use hand sanitizer after outdoor activity as well!!


Let’s see how to use this Hand Sanitizer!




It is so simple!
You just use enough amount on your hand
and rub evenly between the palm of the hand, back of the hand, fingers!

Just let it dry and it would not take long!
Simple, isn’t it? 🙂


Let’s stay healthy!

If you are interested,
please visit our websites!

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Use Age Defying Kit at any time and anywhere!

Hi everyone!
Happy to see you guys again~

We have a popular product which is Age Defying Kit in OxygenCeuticals!

Age Defying Kit has 5 products in just one kit!
Isn’t that great?
It is easy to carry and comfortable to use!!


In this Age Defying Kit, we have age-defying products so that you could prevent your skin from aging. Caviar Fluid and Caviar Cream is great for your skin!


Let’s find out what kind of products are inside this Age Defying Kit and its benefits 🙂


This Pore Mask could make big & enough bubbles
so, when you cleanse your face, it feels great!
If you like deep cleansing, this is the right product for you 🙂

This product contains Lavender Oil, Allantoin, Potulaca Oleracea Extract and a combination of other valuable ingredients to effectively cleanse, nourish and soothe your skin!

It is for daily use and for all skin types!
So, do not hesitate to use this product to get clean skin.



Nutrient Toner is really helpful for your skin since it can moisturize your face!
You could use this product as Essence-type toner but you could also use it as skin-pack!
Before putting on cream or lotion, it is extremely important to use Toner first!

It is perfect for dry skin & aging skin.
It could balance your skin PH Levels and effectively moisturize your skin.

It contains Centella Asiatica Leaf Extracts which you could improve your skin condition!
Lavandula Extracts also soothes and vitalize your skin!

It contains 86.4 percent of natural ingredients so,
imagine how useful this product could be 🙂


Aqua serum is good for moisturizing your skin!
It is good to use this serum solely but it is even more effective to use this product with Acell-Fluid 🙂

It can make your skin smooth and moisturized!
This Aqua Serum is best for dry & sensitive skin.
It contains 86.4 percent of natural ingredients and it is recommended by dermatologist!


Caviar Protein Fluid has Caviar extract inside ~
You could use this skin-care at ample stage.
This Fluid is not sticky at all so, it can be absorbed to the skin very well.

It helps your skin with lifting & firming which provides deep hydration.
Caviar extract enhances skin elasticity and provides nutrients to skin.
Imagine how it could make your skin much better!


This Age Defying Caviar Cream also has Caviar inside ~
If you use this caviar cream with caviar fluid!
Imagine how healthy and beautiful your skin might get! 🙂

It contains Niacinamide which improves your skin tone,
Adenosine reduces skin wrinkles so, your skin would get younger!

These 2 products are very effective for anti-aging care.
Let’s get baby face with these products!

These products are not only for elderly but also for 20s ~30s.
Our skin starts to age at about 25 so, it is really important to care for our skin before it gets too late!



This Age Defying Kit is easy to carry so,
you could easily put this kit inside your bag!
How simple is that?



It is extremely comfortable when traveling!
You could carry out cleansing, Fluid, Cream with only one kit!

Don’t you need this when traveling abroad?
I definitely think that this kit is necessary!


These 5 products are really popular among our customers.
So, do not hesitate to buy these!

You could find these products on Amazon, Shopify, as well!



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OxygenCeuticals ‘Acell & Aqua serum’ for dry skin

Hello guys~
I am sure a lot of you guys suffer from dry skin especially in Winter that is freezing!


“If your skin is dry, it becomes sensitive”
If there is lack of moisture on skin, it becomes really dry and sensitive than normal skin.
Then how can we replenish moisture?

tenor (2)

Especially for dry skin, it is important to replenish moisture and prevent from losing moisture!


OxygenCeuticals’ Moisture Aqua serum can replenish moisture on dry skin which is “Moisture Serum”
Your skin can easily absorb it~


Aqua serum contains “Hyaluronic acid” that keeps moisture
“Jojoba oil” can help create protective layer for dry skin to prevent from losing moisture
“Green Tea Extract” is also contained to soothe sensitive skin



OxygenCeuticals “Moisture Aqua Serum” is contained with good ingredients for skin and it can replenish moisture for dry skin.


Another solution recommended for dry skin


“Acell-300 Fluid”
“Moisture Ample”

Acell-300 Fluid is one of main product for OxygenCeuticals
It could replenish moisture on skin and makes skin dewy!

Right after applying on face, you could feel moisture and seems like your face is dewy.


In Acell-300 Fluid, Asiatic Knotweed, Honey leaf extracts are contained.
This product contains OxygenCeuticals patent ingredients and has been produced with 300 researches.


Acell-300 Fluid can keep moisture  and could produce moisture protective layer “Moisture 2nd layer system”.
It can be used for dry skin effectively.


It is okay to use “Moisture Aqua serum” and “Acell-300 Fluid” seperately but if you use both products simultaneously, it is much more effective for your skin to get moisturized!



You could see before and after using the product!

tenor (2)

Isn’t this amazing?

Don’t worry about dry skin and get moisturized skin with these amazing products!


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