Key to Enter the Golden Age of Skin, Golden Jojoba Oil

The weather of the winter season can be defined with 2 words, coldness and dryness. It is time to moisturize your skin. There are many kinds of moisturizers but it is not enough particularly in this extremely dry season. Thus, beauty experts recommend people suffering from super-dry skin use a facial oil to seal moisture in their skin.

As many as there are moisturizers in the world, there are various kinds of oil for skincare. If you are searching for skincare oil, you must take a look at OxygenCeuticals Jojoba Oil.

OxygenCeuticals Jojoba Oil(45ml) has been released recently. By the way, what is the reason OxygenCeuticals chose jojoba oil even though there are so many oils we can use?

Basically, jojoba oil has very similar components to the oil naturally produced in our body. It keeps the moisture in your skin so that your skin will be hydrated longer. Also, this oil is non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog pores. Instead, it helps to remove blackheads or whiteheads from your pores.

Furthermore, OxygenCeuticals Jojoba Oil is unrefined, cold-pressed, and organic. This means OxygenCeuticals’ jojoba oil contains most nutrients of jojoba seed.

How much OxygenCeuticals Jojoba Oil is nutritious can be proven as its color. As you can see, OxygenCeuticals Jojoba Oil shows beautiful gold color without any colorant. It is literally GOLDEN jojoba oil. And, this is the other point you have to focus on.

Actually, golden grade oil has proven medical properties like promoting wound healing and anti-inflammatory. It relieves not only acne and pimples, but also eczema, redness, and psoriasis.

Additionally, you can use this golden jojoba oil as a massage oil. Rub into sore, aching, and swollen muscles for quick relief. It is non-toxic oil so that all people, even babies, can use this jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil can be used on skin and even nails. When added to lotion or whatever you use during your skincare routine, it can make a huge difference in the moisturizing properties.

It is also widely used as hair repair oil. Put some oil on your hand and gently warm it with your hand. And then, apply it to your dry, damaged, rough, and static hair. It’ll make your hair get calm and shiny immediately.

OxygenCeuticals Jojoba Oil is a rich oil containing lots of nutrients. It glides gently onto the skin and is easily absorbed. A small amount will go a long way. You can use it everywhere.

Using OxygenCeuticals Jojoba oil, the highest quality of jojoba oil, you can step into the golden age of your skin.

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Too important, 2-step Eye Care!

Time flies like an arrow. It feels like already being December even though I blinked my eyes once. By the way, when you look at the mirror, what do you see? Don’t you see the wrinkles around your eyes?

In fact, the eye zone is the thinnest area of our skin and this area is easy to be tired and dried. This is because there is no oil gland in the eye zone. Thus, this area can be dry out just like a desert. And dryness can accelerate wrinkle formation by reducing skin elasticity.

Surely, common skin care products like toners and creams are helpful for eye care. However, the importance of eye care should be stressed more and more.

There is an eye care kit in OxygenCeuticals’ product line. Using 2-step eye care items, 360 Eye Perfection Duo treats your eye zone thoroughly and more effectively. Let’s go over the OxygenCeuticals’ 2-step eye care now.

Step 1, brightening and reducing puffiness around your eyes with Age-Defying Eye Serum. This eye serum is double functional for alleviating wrinkles and skin-brightening effects. It is a non-sticky essence that is not only able to hydrate and nourish the eye zone, but also able to help to reduce under-eye bags.

As you know, most under-eye caring products are bit sticky and heavy for the thin skin. However, OxygenCeuticals Age-Defying Eye Serum has absolutely non-sticky and light texture so that you can apply it all around your eyes for 360 degrees. You can achieve more significant improvement when you massage your eye zone while you apply this eye serum.

Step 2, improve firmness and elasticity by using OxygenCeuticals Contour Firming Eye Cream. After hydrating, you have to keep moisture in your skin not to evaporate out by creating moisture layer and nourishing your skin. Contour Firming Eye Cream contains Adenosine and Squalene so it is particularly good for droopy eyes.

OxygenCeuticals’ eye cream has a lotion-y texture. Since it spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly, Contour Firming Eye Cream can be used by all ages from 20’s. It is not heavy but gives intensive moisture and nutrients that are vital for the eye zone.

As above mentioned, the eye zone can be dry out easily so it is very important to apply eye care items right after using toner. This can protect your skin around your eyes losing elasticity.

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Thanks God, It’s BLACK FRIDAY!

Black Friday is around the corner. People are hunting, stores are releasing the prey. It is the best time to shop for what you want but hesitate to buy. If you were hesitating to be an OxygenCeuticals user, why don’t you jump on the bandwagon now? Well, there are several items beloved by many customers in 2020. Let look into them.

First, OxygenCeuticals Pore Mask took a place for the best of 2020. Many people, regardless of their age and gender, love this foam cleanser because it takes off excese oil from your skin. Especially men, who usually have more oily skin compared to women, prefer Pore Mask.

Its dense and whipped creamy bubbles, containing lavender oil and oxygen, let you be able to cleanse your skin clearly without any irritation. In fact, many of dermal clinics and spas are using this bubble cleanser to their clients before starting pure oxygen therapy and AstrodomeFacial.

By the way, how do the tiny-dense bubbles cleanse your skin more clearly? It is because smaller bubbles are not only able to get into your pores easily due to its size but also able to take out pollutants and body wastes in hence of its large surface. Also, the bubble creates a layer on your face for more effective cleansing without strong pressure.

Secondly, there is a green miracle serum in OxygenCeuticals named Phyto Gel. It can brighten and moisten your skin at the same time. Actually, the brightening effect of this serum has been proved by authorized laboratory. Its niacinamide helps your skin to revive vitality so that skin become radiant like lightened from inside.

Honestly, a lot of serums featuring brightening effect are usually not so hydrating. However, OxygenCeuticals Phyto Gel contains Sodium hyaluronate and Morus Alba root extracts to moisturize and smoothen the skin. It is literally 3-in-1 serum for hydrating, brightening and nourishing your skin!

Which one took the other crown? Third ones are Acell-300 Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum. These are steady-selling combination of OxygenCeuticals. These are good for these dry and cold seasons to protect your skin from being dehydrated and being damaged particularly for super-dry skin.

Acell-300 Fluid is famous of its oil-like texture without any oil. It is because OxygenCeuticals’ special manufacturing technology, ‘hydrolipophilic technique’. It is bit thick right after applying on your skin but it is absorbed quickly leaving shimmer. This serum is highly recommended to people who feel tension inside of their skin.

Moisture Aqua Serum goes well with Acell-300 Fluid. As named Moisture Aqua Serum, it contains Hyaluronic acid which moistens and repairs the skin. Without any acne-causing and irritating ingredient, it is suitable for every skin type even for ultra-sensitive skin.

Next, the very basic item of Korean skincare routine, sheet masks. OxygenCeuticals have recently released Ceutisome Mask trio, Ceutisome CC, AG and PP Mask. They were introduced in previous post few weeks ago looking into their special functions. Although they’ve been released quite recently, they became popular among OxygenCeuticals’ products.

Considering Mother Nature, their sheets are made from naturally-derived substances. Thus, these three sheets don’t irritate both your skin and nature!

The last one taking honor is, TP Sun Cream. Why is it named ‘sun cream’, not a sunscreen or sunblock? It is because TP Sun Cream is more like moisturizer with SPF45 PA+++. To be honest, sunscreen is not included in makeup steps anymore. It is a vital item for your skin now.

Containing Hyaluronic acid, this sunscreen moisturizes your skin and leaves your skin glow. When you apply this sunblock on your skin, you can feel how smooth it spreads. It also slightly brighten up your skin tone after rubbing.

Have you decided what you take from OxygenCeuticals? You’d be better to hurry up, time is running out! Tick tock..!

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FUCOIDAN V, Would You Protect My Skin?

Our skin is attacked by cold and dry wind. It is time to focus on keeping moisture in your skin tightly and protecting skin from the harsh weather. If you’re interested in skincare, you probably have heard about the word, Skin Barrier.

Many dermatologists repeatedly emphasis how restoring skin barrier is important to people suffering to various skin troubles like acne, pimples, eczema, etc.

In fact, OxygenCeuticals has introduced Skin Barrier Line for several times. There is a cream that is named ‘Skin Barrier Ato Cream’. As its name claims, this cream stands for ‘skin protection cream’. You may not so familiar with this word, ‘skin protection cream’, even though there are many kinds of creams like nourishing cream, brightening cream or just moisturizer.

Then what is the difference between OxygenCeuticals Skin Barrier Ato Cream and other creams? Skin Barrier Ato Cream is certainly able to hydrate and moisturize your skin as common moisturizers do. However, this cream is focusing more on extra-soothing and recovering of the skin.  

By the way, have you ever heard about Fucoidan? If you’re not, let’s look into it first. It is a natural substance extracted from the mucus of seaweeds. You can easily recollect how it is slimy and slippery the surface of seaweeds. Surprisingly, this mucus protects the seaweed from being ripped by waves in the deep sea.

Fucoidan can improve immune system in human body as well.  Moreover, there are lots of research results that Fucoidan V can suppress the cancer, so it is being used in health supplements these days.

Moreover, Fucoidan contains plenty of sulfates which has strong bonding strength to water molecules. In other words, this substance has an excellent moisturizing effect as much as hyaluronic acid which is well known as ‘water tank’. For these reasons, Fucoidan is popular among people supporting veganism due to its moisturizing effect and plant-based naturality.

OxygenCeuticals Skin Barrier Ato Cream is a skin protection cream that contains Fucoidan V. It creates shield on the surface of your skin so that it lets your skin retain moisture longer.

Additionally, the other key ingredient, the mixture of Shea butter and sodium hyaluronate, balances the oil-water ratio in your skin to keep your skin healthy. As the Skin Barrier Ato Cream passed the test of skin irritation, it is eligible to get the title of ‘skin protection cream’, isn’t it?

In reality, many users of Skin Barrier Ato cream became witnesses of its effect. After 2 weeks of usage on average, the clinical test subjects could discover the significant progress of skin condition. Most of the subjects left a comment that she could have experienced that alleviation of skin concerns and her skin had been healthy after using Skin Barrier Ato Cream for 2 weeks.

How about trying this skin protection cream and being another witness of the effects of Skin Barrier Ato Cream?

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Sheet Mask, the Very Basic Step of Korean Skincare

It is already November. Time flies like an arrow and when time goes by, it left a sign of aging on our face. Even though we are not able to stop the time flowing but we can slow down the aging by doing proper skincare.

Koreans are famous for their nice skin and of their skincare routine with lots of steps. However, they sometimes skip some steps and substitute for using mask sheets. Actually, sheet masks are quite basic skincare items in Korea. It is a convenient way to nourish your skin and also you can take a rest while you’re putting a mask sheet on your face.

Well, let’s look into how the sheet masks work on your skin with OxygenCeuticals Ceutisome Mask Trio. There are 3 kinds of Ceutisome Mask. Let me introduce those sheet masks.

The first is OxygenCeuticals Ceutisome AG Mask. Ceutisome AG Mask is featured as its anti-aging effect. This sheet mask gives you two effects on your skin at the same time, the brightening, and the anti-wrinkle effects. The key ingredient of Ceutisome AG Mask is CAVIAR.

What does the caviar do? As you know, caviar is so-called black diamond of the sea. It has a very similar structure of protein with humans’. So the proteins from black caviar can be absorbed deeply and rapidly into your skin. Also, the caviar contains essential amino acids, omega-3, Vitamin A and so on which are great to nourish your skin and to keep your skin healthy. So Ceutisome AG Mask relieves the stressed skin, makes your skin firmer and stronger so that you can have brighter and younger skin.

Using together with OxygenCeuticals’ best selling items, Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream, you can have moisturized skin. It is recommended as special skincare before a very important day.

Secondly, Ceutisome CC Mask is such an expert in cooling and purifying your skin. Did you know that skin is able to affect the temperature? Heats stress your skin causing dryness. Some of you might already be using this Ceutisome CC Mask already to lower the temperature. However, what is worse is continuous change of temperature not giving any time to skin for adjusting itself to the environment. So it would be better to using Ceutisome CC Mask to keep your skin at the proper temperature.

The ideal skin temperature is 5-Celsius scale lower than body temperature. Your skin will be rough when its temperature is too low. On the other hand, too much high temperature causes skin troubles due to destroyed O/W balance on your face and excessive sebum secretion.

Aren’t they enough reasons to care your skin temperature? Ceutisome CC Mask helps you to maintain the proper temperature by cooling down over-heated skin. It soothes, cools down, and reduces the sebum secretion at the same time.

Moreover, Ceutisome CC Mask also purifies the skin. Ampoule in Ceutisome CC Mask contains ‘7-WHITE’, patented herbal extract mixture. This fermented herbal extract mixture helps to purify the skin and to prevent aging.

Using with OxygenCeuticals Couperose Fluid and Couperose Cream, Ceutisome CC Mask is good for people who have sensitive skin.

Both Ceutisome AG Mask and Ceutisome CC Mask are using Bemliese™. Bemliese™ is 1n eco-friendly non-woven cloth that is made up of long fiber from cotton linter. You might have experienced itchiness and irritation when you were using some cheap sheet masks. It is because of the length of fibers. Short fibers in the sheet rise from the sheet easier than the long fiber.

So it is highly recommended for people who have sensitive skin to choose sheet masks made of long fibers like Bemliese™. Furthermore, Bemliese™ can hold plenty of liquid and also have good adherence. Your skin can absorb a number of nutrients while the sheet mask adheres to your face without any gap.

There is another sheet mask in Ceutisome Mask series, Ceutisome PP Mask. PP is an abbreviation of post-procedure. After dermal treatment like MTS and peeling, which make hurts on your skin to accelerate the cell turnover, the skin is quite stressed and damaged. And that is the time to treat your skin so carefully. Ceutisome PP Mask stands for skin-repairing and restoration of the skin barrier. You know how skin barrier is important to keep your skin healthy.

Ceutisome PP Mask containing DNA, Ceramide NP, some of the peptides which compose the skin cells. These substances increase the ability of self-recovery if skin and strengthen skin shield as well. Furthermore, it enhances moisture retention with hyaluronic acid, Centella Asiatica leaf extracts, aloe vera leaf extracts, etc..

We cannot skip the story about the sheet, the fabric of Ceutisome PP Mask is made of Tencel and Cupra, derived from cotton linter and eucalyptus. These fibers are eco-friendly and it can hold moisture in it much longer than other mask sheets. OxygenCeuticals adapt this sheet because it is a perfect pairing with the ampoule in Ceutisome PP Mask.

When you touch the ampoule in PP Mask, you might see it is a bit sticky, unlike other Ceutisome Masks. It is because the ampoule is containing alginate extracted from seaweeds. This alginate protects your skin from harmfulness.

When you need to get faster recovery, you should use PP Cream, which is enriched with peptides. PP Cream let you have brighter, firmer and younger-looking skin. These PP duo are especially good for ultra-sensitive skin to repair the damages after irritation.

Today, we looked into the 3 kinds of Ceutisome sheet masks. There are Ceutisome AG Mask for anti-aging, Ceutisome CC Mask for cooling and serbum controling, and Ceutisome PP Mask for skin-recovering. You can choose mask sheet which suits for your skin type. Pick up a Ceutisome Mask and join into the Korean skincare routine!

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