The Power of Caviar

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It’s already December now, everyone must be busy preparing for the coming of Christmas right?  🎄🎅




This week, we are going to share about OxygenCeuticals Caviar Protein Fluid that everyone is longing for.



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This Caviar Protein Fluid is highly recommended for those 20s who just start his/her anti-aging journey. As everyone knows, most of the caviar skincare products are rich and recommended for 30s and above above. However, we purposely make it for those 20s. We start to age at the beginning of 20 so it is so important to use a good product.






Enriched with 5% caviar extract, this ampoule does excellent job in anti-oxidation,  improving elasticity while giving you bright and clear skin. It’s basically an anti-aging and brightening 2-in-1 ampoule.




Unlike any other thick caviar products, it is lightweight and flash-absorbing. For those do not want to have thick and rich texture, this is definitely your choice.

Beauty tips :  It is highly recommended to mix it with Moisture Aqua Serum for better result. 



Remember to tap the the caviar capsules and melt it with the fluid for better absorption.

So when is the right step to use this Fluid? After cleansing, use toner to balance the pH of skin and layer with this ampoule.

This total anti-aging Caviar Protein Fluid is highly recommended for 20s but it doesn’t mean those who are beyond 30s cannot use it. Skincare is not about law or regulation, use it if it works well on you.



This Caviar Protein Fluid comes in a single product and also a caviar set, Age Defying Caviar Kit. This caviar set consisted of Caviar Protein Fluid and Caviar Cream. This Cavair set is one of the fast-selling set in OxygenCeuticals especially during Thanksgiving or Christmas as this is a perfect choice for the loved one.




FYI, we are now having Christmas Event on OxygenCeuticals Official US Website and Official Website. You can have 20% discount on Caviar Kit with promo code CHS19 



We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!



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OC Skin Barrier Cream

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Today, we’re going to tell you more about Skin Barrier ATO Cream. Just like the name itself, this cream mainly for protecting the skin. So how?




Let’s see the how it gonna help the skin.


If you are sensitive skin, add ampoule, serum in your daily skincare regime is good. However, it doesn’t show any result. This has been bothering you right?

The majority think applying toner and end with serum or ampoule is good enough but the answer is a big “NO”. Cream is also as important as serum and ampoule do especially for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin like atopy dermatitis, the skin barrier is weak and dry, therefore, it’s very crucial to protect the skin in proper way. If you are sensitive skin and do not know which cream to use, this Skin Barrier ATO Cream is absolutely your choice.




This cream comes in two sizes, 20ml and 120ml shown on the picture above. So why we need a 20ml cream? Is it really that good?

Definitely YES. Even though the small size is only 20ml but it is excellent in giving protection to the weaker skin needs. We purposely make the cream in smaller size for easy to bring around.

For those who suffer from dry and sensitive skin, apply the cream in the morning before leaving the house. It’s also suggested to apply again after coming home to prevent the moisture from evaporation. FYI, it can be also applied on the body.





Skin Barrier ATO Cream is packed with Fuciodan V, an ingredient extracted from the soft and smooth surface of seaweed. No matter how strong the current is, the surface of seaweed still remain as good as before. It also shows the same effect on the skin, this is why we pick Fucoidan V as the key ingredient in Skin Barrier ATO Cream.




Enriched with Fucoidan V, this ATO Cream creates a  barrier to prevent the moisture evaporate from the skin and protect from hazardous substances while deliver instant hydration.




This is the result of before and after using Skin Barrier ATO Cream. It is safe to apply on those sensitive area.



For those who have dry and sensitive skin, we would love to recommend Skin Barrier ATO Cream as this a cream that suitable all age group even the kids.




We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!


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The Magic Behind OC Green Ampoules

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Our OC team just came back from Cosmoprof Hong Kong and it’s so cold in Seoul. Especially during winter, we should hydrate and do more protection to the dry skin!

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No matter how many skincare products you have tried, the skin is still dry. Worry about that?

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So, we’re here to share you some tips for the problem mentioned above. For dry skin, the first thing to do is get the skin hydrated and strengthen the skin barrier to prevent the moisture from evaporation. Let’s see what are the OxygenCeuticals products can give us the effect.





The two iconic OxygenCeuticals green ampoule, Acell 300 Fluid and  Skin Barrier Fluid are the saviour of dry and sensitive skin. Let’s see how these light and dark green works.

Let’s start with Acell 300 Fluid!


Acell 300 Fluid is basically for hydrating and suitable for all skin type. From the appearance, it is light green colour that brings us the feeling of calm and it could be one of the beautiful decoration on your dressing table as well.

For those who try it for the first time, the first thing comes to their mind is “Is this facial oil?”  You must be wondering why people ask the question even though is it introduced as hydrating ampoule.  Actually Acell 300 Fluid is consisted of a special kind of oil-like compound, therefore, it makes the skin dewy just like using facial oil.

Due to the texture, majority doubt oil ingredient is included. Don’t worry! There is no oil in it!


Packed with herbal ingredients, this glowing ampoule is one of the hot-selling in OxygenCeuticals.




Would this kind of texture make the pore clogged just like how those facial oil does? NO!!! Don’t worry, it’s not gonna happen!

It is suitable for all skin type especially dry and oily skin(lack of hydration type).




Acell 300 Fluid is used at the second step of skincare regime. It is suggested to mix Acell 300 Fluid with Moisture Aqua Serum for better texture, absorption and also moisturizing effect.





Next, let’s go with Skin Barrier Fluid

As you can see, it is darker green ampoule that focus on wrinkle. It also helps to moisturize and strengthen skin barrier.

So, what’s the difference between Acell 300 Fluid and Skin Barrier Fluid?


Acell 300 Fluid helps to fill the skin with hydration whereas Skin Barrier Fluid strengthen the skin barrier and helps in anti-wrinkle.



Still remember why we have to strengthen and protect the skin barrier from the previous post?

We believe that healthy looking skin starts with a healthy, strong skin barrier. So , the main role of Skin Barrier Fluid is improve skin barrier and skin elasticity to provide radiant, healthy-looking skin.


Except for skin barrier and skin elasticity, this fluid also packed with ingredients that provide moisture to the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized.




Skin Barrier Fluid is the richest among the fluid line. Even though it is oily in texture,however, it shows the skin healthy dewy look. Normally, it is suggested for those who have wrinkles problem. Plus, mix the fluid with Moisture Aqua Serum for better texture and moisturizing!



We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!




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Exhibitions In November

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It’s already November with just a twinkling of an eye. Thanks for being with OxygenCeuticals all the time.





Today,  we’re going to share with you the shows we have participated and the one we are going to take part in November

Click on the image to see AstrodomeFacial

The first show is China Import & Export Fair that was held from 31st October to 4th November in Guangzhou. A lot of people was amazed by AstrodomeFacial and stopped by the booth.


What is AstroDome Facial? 
A smart facial and scalp system made in Korea, using LPE(light pulsed energy) and NIR (near infrared) along with the Oxygen Ceuticals skincare for pre and post procedures skin management programs.

❤Red Light(630nm): Activate skin cells, increase immune system

💙Blue Light(465nm): Relieve skin troubles (acne, excessive sebum), disinfect

💜Violet Light(1095nm): Soothe and calm sensitive or post aesthetic procedure skin









The second show is the annual autumn meeting held by the Association of Korean Dermatologist on 3rd November in Seoul. We really appreciated the opportunity of being part of the show and got to share the experience with the dermatologists.










The third show is The International Congress of Esthetics and SPA started from 3th to 4th November in Miami. As you can see from the picture above, our booth was so crowded, everyone seemed to be interested in our equipment and demonstration.











The last one is Cosmoprof Hong Kong which will be starting from coming Wednesday until Friday( 13th~15th November 2019) at Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center. AstrodomeFacial will be there too so come see us at booth 3F-D3A! Don’t miss our live demonstration!





FYI, we always announce the information of the shows we are going to take part in on official OxygenCeutical instagram.

Click here to follow us for more details!





Hope you enjoy what we’ve shared today and see you in Hong Kong!!!


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2019 OxygenCeuticals October Exhibitions Snapshots


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Did you all enjoy your Halloween?107-1079583_30-halloween-emoji 


It’s already November, almost end of the year and it’s getting colder day by day.





Today we are going to show you the snapshots of our October shows.

Let’s take a look!




The first show is IECSC Florida  🙂




IECSC is an aesthetic & cosmetics show that happens in many states in USA where lot of SPA/salon owners and distributors visit.



We participated other IECSC shows before but it was the first time to participate in Florida IECSC show.

Many visitors were interested in our machines Oxycryo, AstrodomeFacial and post care program.




They experienced our oxyfacial at the booth and they were all very satisfied with our protocol!


You can see their glowing faces right? 😀




The second show was in China, Qingdao.

It was Qingdao international beauty show and was the first time too!





As you can see, we are fully prepared with all our items even for the overseas shows 😉


OxygenCeuticals is always ready for any visitor, buyers and consulting!


As we’ve been participating in China shows since long back, we get to meet same visitors in different shows. But this time, we got to meet many new buyers! (Maybe because it was our first time in Qingdao international beauty show)



All the visitors were so fascinated with our new machine AstrodomeFacial with Oxycryo!

It was a great opportunity to explore and test our machines.



The third show was Russia Intercharm. tenor







We’ve been participating in this show every year and many people visited us again. We’ve got positive feedback from the visitors about our products. They were satisfied with our products and happy to see us again at the show!



We showed our new machine AstrodomeFacial mask which can be connected to Oxycryo and offered special promotion as package.



The biggest merit of visiting our booth is that you can experience our program at the site itself during consulting.

The visitors’ satisfaction is very high after every demonstration ^0^



The last October expo is Canton Fair which is still ongoing now (Tomorrow will be the last day).






We participated last spring Canton Fair as well and unlike the other beauty shows, we had lot of the visitors who are distributors or importers both from China and foreign countries.



Though it is happening in Guangzhou, China, many foreign buyers visit this show.

So we are extremely pleased to meet many new international buyers from the show.


We look forward to see you more at the shows!






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