Happy Christmas!

It is already close to the year-end even though I remember the very first day of 2021 vividly. It has been such a tough year for most people, so we need to encourage each other by giving a bit of pick-me-up. Here’s the gift guide from OxygenCeuticals which is suitable for every skin type.

The first recommendation is Skin Barrier Ato Cream. If your beloved one is suffering from irritated skin, you may look into it! It is a gentle moisturizer that works well on all skin types including hypersensitive or damaged skin to soothe and recover faster. The secret of its powerful regenerative property is Fucoidan V. Fucoidan V is a kind of polysaccharide that is extracted from sea algae. This substance has strong therapeutic effects to protect seaweeds from tearing while it is rolling and waving under the sea.

Although it seems like an ointment, it doesn’t contain any steroidal ingredients. On the other hand, it contains Ceramide, so it helps to fortify the skin’s self-protection layer resulting in healthier glowing skin. The consistency of this moisturizer is not that thick as you expected. It is absorbed quickly, leaving nice hydration, and a fresh feeling without stickiness. In other words, it is suitable for daily moisturizer and good to layer.

The next suggestion is Age Defying Caviar Kit. This anti-aging skincare kit consists of Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream. As you may notice, these two items contain a luxurious ingredient, black caviar extract. Caviar extract includes not only various, rich nutrients but also powerful antioxidants.

Moreover, both Fluid and cream are formulated with adenosine and niacinamide which are good for improving the firmness of the skin and brightening the dark spots. Particularly for the Fluid, the tiny black beads are collagen capsules embedding caviar extract. It melts down easily while you rub it on your skin.

As for the cream, Age Defying Caviar Cream, it is one of the most popular items of OxygenCeuticals’. Unlike other ‘anti-aging’ skincare products which are quite rich and even heavy to deliver intensive nutrients to mature skin, this caviar cream has a lighter texture. It leaves silky finishing instead of stickiness. Hence, the caviar cream has been beloved by all ages.

Last but not least, there is a superhero for the people who are suffering from dehydrated skin. Acell Moisture Kit, whose pet name is Moisture Locker, provides long-lasting, extra hydration to the skin. The kit consists of Acell-300 Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum which become perfect hydrabooster when they are mixed together.

If you are a fan of OxygenCeuticals, you may have heard of the origin of the name Acell-300. To discover the best hydrating and moisturizing substance, the research team had done 299 trials and errors. At the 300th trial, the team finally developed the best and exceptional moisturizing factor, Acell-300. As Acell-300 Fluid has a quite thick consistency, many people misconceive it as an oil-based ampoule. However, the Fluid is never formulated with any oil. Rather, it is a water-based ampoule. The reason for its unique texture stems from the manufacturing technique named ‘hydrolipophilic method’. The substance made with this technique, like Acell-300, likes both oil and water. In order to its characteristic, it helps skin to capture moistures densely in the skin itself.

As its pet name, the components in the kit provide a beautiful watery glow immediately after application. Like above mentioned, the mixture of Acell-300 Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum allows not only stronger hydration, but also better absorption and application. To achieve these synergistic results, mix Acell-300 Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum in 1 to 1 ratio.

Every yearend leads people to a throwback. There must be other people who gave you the huge love so that you can stand each harsh moment. It is your turn to return the love to them. Hope you have a beautiful, warm, and fuzzy yearend filled with love! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XOXO, OxygenCeuticals.

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