Must-have Item for Summer Vacation

Hello, guys!

Excited Sheep - hello!

This is OxygenCeuticals 🙂

How is it going?

Actually, I’m so excited because the summer vacation is coming!

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Everybody can’t leave faraway because of COVID-19 crisis, but at least I can enjoy break time 🙂

However, even I’m in happy vacation, our skin can be stressed because of new environment and daily cycle.

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Isn’t it annoying to have skin trouble when we are on a trip?

But Don’t worry about it!

OxygenCeuticals always have solutions!

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Let’s figure out how to prevent skin troubles!

There are two featured items you must take during summer vacation.

Those are,

OxygenCeuticals D:O2 Activator and Ceutisome CC Mask!

These two items are really good for soothing & moisturizing & cooling your skin.

The D:O2 Activator is highly-moisturized mineral oxygen mist.

A lot of Korean dermal clinics and aesthetics are using this oxygen facial mist.

Oxygen dissolved in deep sea water and pure oxygen contained in cartridge give you double oxygen solution.

Look at that amazing technology!

OxygenCeuticals put pure oxygen into the special cartridge and let you dissolve it into the mist when you want to use it.

And tiny droplets containing oxygen can easily penetrate into your skin.

We’ve tested its cooling effect.

You can see how strong cooling power it has.

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The next must-have item for summer vacation is,

OxygenCeuticals Ceutisome CC Mask!

It has recently released but it’s also really popular.

It has intensive cooling effect,

How strong cooling effect it has!

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Also, it literally adheres on your face without any creases.

Wooo.. I didn’t think there was a mask sheet on model’s face.

자유게시판 - 이 정도면 재미있는 띠용 짤 아니냐?

OxygenCeuticals Ceutisome CC Mask’s sheet is made of Bemlise,

so it maximized skin adhesion and absoptivity.

Well, let’s prepare for summer vacation with D:O2 Activator and Ceutisome CC Mask!

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