Customized Skin Care Solution Only for You

We, OxygenCeuticals recently released NEW product lines. There are 4 types of Ceutisome Ampoules and Boosters.

Ceutisome H Moisture Shot

Ceutisome H moisture shot consists of Ceutiome Hydrating Ampoule and Ceutisome H Booster. There are 8 of Ampoules or Boosters in each boxes. You have to mix an ampoule and a booster together before using it.

#Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule #H Booster

This is a premium hydrating solution that gives you extra moisture and also helps your skin retain moisture more and longer. H Line recharges moisture in your skin and improves skin elasticity.

How could it be possible? The answer is, Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid(HA) acts as an moisture tank in your skin. It can absorb water up to 100 times more than its own weight. However, HA starts reducing from age 18~20, and the HA content in skin cell after age 40 reduces to half of age 20’s. So it is really important to supply HA to skin.

Then what is difference of Ceutisome H Hydrating shot and other products? Unlike other moisturizing ampoules, OxygenCeuticals Ceutisome H Booster contains Moisture-7 Complex. Moisture-7 Complex is compound of 7 types of Hyaluronic acid including large sized(macromolecule), medium sized(mesomolecule) and small sized(micromolecule) hyaluronic acid molecules.

Each HA molecule with different sizes works differently. Bigger molecule forms moisture layer on the outer side of skin. Medium sized HA acts as a moisture net, it connects each other so that it increases density of moisture in your skin. The small HA practically hydrate skin from deep inside.

So, Ceutisome H Moisture Shot is recommended to people who have dry skin type.

Ceutisome P Brightening Shot

Ceutisome P brightening shot consists of Ceutiome Hyper Pigment Ampoule and Ceutisome P Booster. This is a brightening solution with Vitamin Peptide which has powerful brightening solution and antioxydative effect so that it helps purify and brighten skin.

#Hyper Pigment Ampoule #P Booster

Ceutisome Hyper Pigment Ampoule contains condensed Arbutin, which is the key material of skin brightening for improving skin tone. Also, P Booster contains special functional ingredients.

Pigmentation is not a immediate result. The pre-melanin hides in your skin for a while and it comes out when it has matured. That’s why it is difficult to erase the blemishes on your skin.

However, OxygenCeuticals P brightening shot will lessen your concerning about skin. Mentioned above, the P Line gives you not only the powerful discoloration effect but also the foundational solution.

Ceutisome P Booster contains Vitamin Peptide, Sonitin and 5-Herbal Complex. First of all, when you apply the H shot, Arbutin and Vitamin Peptide helps suppression of melanin production. Next, Sonitin, also known as Nicotinoyl Tripeptide-1, inhibits movement of melanin. Finally, 5-Herbal Complex strengthen skin barrier to prevent melanization and brighten your skin.

Ceutisome W Anti-wrinkle Shot

Ceutisome W Anti-wrinkle shot consists of Ceutisome wrinkle Effect Ampoule and Ceutisome W Booster. It keeps skin being firm and helps to prevent droopy and wrinkly skin.

#Wrinkle Effect Ampoule #W Booster

Ceutisome W Line contains Growth Factor and DNA. Also, it can give you innovative volume care with Volufiline. Volufiline is a compound of AnemarrhenaAsphodeloidesRoot Extract and Hydrogenated Polyisobutene which activates fat cells under your skin so that it plumps wherever you apply it.

What is DNA in W Anti-wrinkle shot? Actually, it is a kind of salmon DNA. It is a skin-friendly ingredient so that it can penetrate into skin easily. Also, it helps skin to be plumper and smooth skin texture by improving skin elasticity.

Also, there is EGF-7 Complex in the booster. EGF-7 Complex is made of Growth Factors(GF). GF activates skin cells so the epidermis get thicker by increasing production of elastin.

So, the W Anti-wrinkle shot is recommended to people who wants to improve and prevent wrinkles.

Ceutisome O Calmimg Shot

Ceutisome O Calming Shot consists Ceutisome Oilycom Ampoule and Ceutisome O Booster which care acne prone skin by reducing bacteria on skin surface protect skin.

#Oilycom Ampoule #O Booster

This O Line can protect skin with 8 types of amino acid which are moisturizing factors. These naturally-derived Amino Acids helps skin be moisturized by building Keratin, which is a Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) of skin Cell.

It also can be used as a spot treatment for acne or for other skin troubles. O Calming Shot including Citrus Junos Callus Extract, which diminishes melanization after acne. It removes and suppresses toxic substances in skin. Also, it inhibits and relieves allergic reaction.

The Sh-Oligopeptide-33 in theO Booster has broad and effective antibacterial effect on dermatophatic germs. Also, it gives anti-atopic effect by reducing staphylococcus.

So, Ceutisome O Calming Shot is highly recommended for people who have very sensitive skin. It is really mild so that it can be used even for post-procedure care.

However, you can customize the mixture of ampoule and booster as your skin concerns. That is the reason OxygenCeuticals calls these as a “customized skin care solution“.

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