6 Types of Fluid – Customized Skin Care

Hi, guys~

This is OxygenCeuticals, again!

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How’s it going?



Actually in Korea, it’s rainy season.

I don’t prefer rainy day 🙁


By the way, do you know our skin also doesn’t like to humid day?

Because it breaks down oil-water balance on your skin!

Your skin has already stressed because of UV ray and heat, so it becomes tired easily.

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Then what should we do for re-balancing our skin?


We should supply skin with exact nutrients it wants.

OxygenCeuticals has 6 types of Fluids using at ampule step.


You can choose one of them everyday as your daily skin type.

Let’s look over benefits of each Fluids!



First, there is  Acell-300 Fluid which is one of the best selling products of OxygenCeuticals.

A number of social influencers including famous Youtuber also recommended this Acell-300 Fluid.

Here is the Simtohl’s beauty tip for using Acell-300 Fluid!

It moisturizes your skin instantly so you can see your skin glowing right after applying it.

Also, it has oil-like texture but actually, it is oil-free!

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Next, Skin Barrier Fluid literally helps you to recover skin barrier.

It forms double-layered barrier with Sodium PCA and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Sodium PCA hydrates the skin so that creates moisture barrier.

And Hydrolyzed Collagen improves skin elasticity!



The combination of Skin Barrier Fluid and Skin Barrier Ato Cream?

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No needs to say.



Third one is, Couperose Fluid that soothes sensitive skin.

This is actually being recommended for post-procedure care.

It does not irritate the skin and also soothes and helps cell regeneration.


Applying Couperose Fluid and Cream after using Ceutisome CC Mask can enhance its soothing effect.

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Whoa~ I’ve already introduced half of them!

 The forth Fluid is, Caviar Protein Fluid.


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Caviar contains lots of amino acid and vitamins so it has not only anti-wrinkle effect but also moisturizing effect.


You can use this Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream also containing Caviar extract after Ceutisome AG mask to have synergistic Effect.



The fifth Fluid is, Herbal Fluid.

This is recommend to people who are struggling with skin troubles like pimples.

Dead skin cell remaining on the skin can clog up pores so sebum can’t get out well and it becomes acne!

However, OxygenCeuticals’ Herbal Fluid includes Salicylic Acid which removes dead skin cell.

Also, it soothes skin which is very irritated because of skin troubles.

For anti-acne, OxygenCeuticals Herbal Fluid is perfect remedy for spot treatment 🙂



The last one! OxygenCeuticals Fermented Fluid is for brightening skin tone.


This Fermented  Fluid has light and non-sticky texture.

It makes your skin silky~

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 Also, Arbutin and Niacinamide in this Fermented Fluid even up your skin tone and make it glassy.


When you use this serum with OxygenCeuticals Hydrating Cream, you can experience excessive smooth and moisturized skin.


Well, so let’s take Fluids and supply what your skin needs!

I’ll get one first!


Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tips?!

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