There are different types of dry skin?!

There are a lot of people who suffer from their dry skin according to season and environment

Especially for people who are 30s!
Don’t you guys think that you used to take oil paper to clean up oil on face but now the skin became so dry!


Let’s see what types of skin you have ~!

A lot of people just think that dry skin refers to the skin that is completely out of oiliness
But there is a term called ‘oily type with dryness’ which means that dry skin is not exceptional to the oily skin


You might have heard about ‘Water – oil balance’ skin type~

In our skin cells, it is contained with moisture and oil
If oil-water level is below the standard or above the standard,
the skin might get dry or looks a bit oily

If you think of dry skin, it is obviously for skin that is out of moisture
But, there are different types of skin that is out of moisture


First, ‘oily type with dryness’
It is a type that lacks moisture
but oil level is standard.

 Caution for ‘Oily type with dryness’ skin
=> Skin looks oily because there is lack of moisture.

But if you focus more on removing oiliness on skin,
numerical value of water-oil balance becomes not enough
so, it becomes even more drier!

For oily skin, it is important to decrease the amount of oiliness
For ‘oily type with dryness’, it is important to distribute moisture appropriately so, that it could become dewy skin.
It could make skin condition to get better!


For oily skin that lacks moisture,
OxygenCeuticals recommend Aqua Serum 
and Hydrating Cream!


Aqua Serum which has Hyaluronic Acid gives great moisture!
You could feel moisturizing, brightening effect
with natural moisturizing ingredients that is contained in Hydrating Cream


The other type is,
dry skin that is out of oil and moisture

Skin that is oily type with dryness & lack of moisture is the same
but dry skin that is out of oiliness is not enough for simple moisture supply.
Oil prevents dehydration so,
if there is not enough oil,
skin barrier gets weakened,
skin gets tough, makes wrinkles.


Especially for dry skin, there is lack of oil
so, skin cannot absorb the skin care products due to dead skin cells.


For skin that is dry from inside and out,
it needs nutrients for skin’s sebum that is in need of oil supply


We recommend Acell300-Fluid and Skin Barrier Fluid
for dry skin that is out of water-oil balance

Acell 300 Fluid has similar ingredient to patented sebum
so, it provides protective layer for moisture

Skin Barrier Fluid strengthens skin barrier for old skin!

Is this information helpful?
I hope this information was helpful for you 🙂 <3


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