Oxygen Therapy in DONGANDREAM Dermatology clinic

Oxygen Therapy is necessary for days that have a lot of dust!!
I am going to introduce one more OxygenCeuticals partner
which is…


It is located in Incheon Songdo
DONGANDREAM Dermatology clinic!!

You could find OxygenCeuticals Oxygen Therapy
‘Oxycryo’ in this clinic




Dongandream’s director
is using Oxygen Therapy to customers who have sensitive skin that actually need laser or surgical procedures

In this clinic, they also use OxygenCeuticals skin care products to treat customers
Let’s find out more about Oxygen Therapy in Dongandream!




In Dongandream clinic,
they use OxygenCeuticals’ ‘Oxycryo’ which is Oxygen Therapy equipment to treat customers’ skin care problems such as acnes, sebums and so on.


After laser or surgical procedures,
they are using Oxygen Solution according to customers’ skin type
and use oxygen gun to spread on skin

By using oxygen gun,
it is possible to treat the skin
without directly touching it.
It prevents from infection and irritation even for skin that is red and weak



After spreading ample,
apply Oxygen Mask by using pure oxygen ~!
More than 99% of pure oxygen could soothe the skin and helps with skin regeneration


In Dongandream clinic,
they are using various surgical procedures and Oxygen Therapy


Meet Oxygen Therapy in Dongandream Dermatology clinic with various skin care programs ! <3


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