Oxygen Therapy in Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic

When you think of ‘OxygenCeuticals’
you would obviously think of #oxygen #oxygentherapy!

I will introduce about our partner which is Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic!!
You could see our oxygen equipment and products ~!


Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic is located in Guro Digital Complex Station!


In Super star plastic surgery & skin clinic,
there are so many laser & care equipments!

After surgical procedures, the doctors use OxygenCeuticals ‘Oxycryo’ equipment to treat and give therapy by using pure oxygen.




Sang Hee Chang director showed in TV program as ‘Get It Beauty’ consultant.
She explained about great strengths of ‘Oxygen Therapy’ by using Oxycryo.




Then, what is Oxygen Therapy?
It uses more than 99% of pure oxygen to safely care skin that is sensitive and damaged.
It does not directly touch the face so, you could experience fast calming effect and treatment effects.



In Superstar Dermatology clinic,
they use pure oxygen that is connected to Oxycryo so, it gives cooling effect to red & hot skin. It is possible to use right solution according to skin type without directly touching.


After spraying Ample,
it is time to put pure oxygen mask!
After spraying, there is residual of solution and by breathing, it could absorb pure oxygen. Therefore, it could increase the effect of skin soothing and regeneration!



In Superstar Dermatology Clinic, they use OxygenCeuticals ‘Oxycryo’ to treat sugical procedures! Meet at Superstar clinic!

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