AstrodomeFacial in ID Dermatology Clinic!

ID Dermatology clinic is well-known to all of us
It is located in Sinsa station which is plastic surgery clinic, dermatology clinic.
A lot of VIP celebrities, foreigners visit this hospital for health tourism.
In this place, they use AstrodomeFacial for post-care
#oxygentherapy #astronauttherapy



In ID dermatology clinic, there is Min-Joo skin clinic doctor
She is on TV show program and gives lots of good information about skin!

You could even find a video that explains well about AstrodomeFacial equipment in hospital


Before skin treatment, you could get advice from her
She could recommend your right skin-type and also right products
Getting an advice is really helpful since it feels like we could trust about products and equipments!


In ID dermatology clinic,
after cleansing and scaling,
they use oxygen gun to care for skin and also do massage at the same time


Great hand technique with water solution that has a lot of oxygen makes skin elastic and fresh. It cold decrease temperature of face skin and it is not oily at all!


Astrodome Mask stage
AstrodomeFacial #Astronaut Toning!
Just by pressing one button, it could automatically work~
It starts with Mist Mode!


And then, it applies LED & Anion to face and scalp at the same time

You could even select LED Light color according to your skin-type ~!



AstrodomeFacial #Astronaut Toning is good for improving skin immune system and increase skin energy!


You could try various kinds of treatments in ID Dermatology clinic such as #Astronaut Toning and with AstrodomeFacial, you could experience different kinds of skin care


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