How to use deep-cleansing peeling product effectively “Enzyme peel and Double peel”


Lastly, we have told you about the importance of deep-cleansing in order to get
beautiful skin ~

Now, you might wonder what kind of deep-cleansing products we have in oxygenceuticals!

I will tell you about our products today !


“Enzyme Peel and Double Peel”

Let’s get beautiful & healthy skin by using these 2 products !




First product is “Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel”

Let’s just call it Enzyme Peel ^^
Enzyme peel is for daily care so, you could cleanse your face deeply without much sensitivity.

Therefore, I recommend this product for people who have sensitive skin. 1
This product is also good for people who do not have sensitive skin since it is really effective for removing dead-skin cells and residual substance because of make-up. It is extremely helpful to remove sebums on the nose!



Normally, there are so many powder-typed Enzyme peel products but OxygenCeuticals’ product is something that we could use comfortably which is serum-type!!

We have discussed various kinds of deep-cleansing methods, this product is called “Gommage-type Enzyme Peel”!

Even though it is Enzyme Peel, we could use this product with Gommage~!

tenor (2)

Now you might wonder “If we use Gommage type deep-cleansing to sensitive skin, wouldn’t it affect our skin?”

The reason we could use OxygenCeutical’s enzyme peel to our sensitive skin is that the ingredients are good for it. OxygenCeutical’s Enzyme Peel has natural plant materials inside the product. These ingredients could help with deep-cleansing without much sensitivity.


Calendula Extracts, Pine apple, Papaya Extracts help remove dead skin cells softly, especially take care of T zone’s oily sebum and also pores.

You could remove sebum easily and can take care of pores with non-sensitive peeling so, it is an outstanding product!


How to use?


Spread Enzyme peel which is serum type on your whole face or on some parts
When the product has been absorbed on the skin, remove dead skin cells softly with your hands and wash with water!
* Use it 1 or 2 times once a week *
You could see the differenece right away!

There is also another product which is outstanding!
Let’s see what it is 🙂


The second product is, “Double Peel”

Double peel is a chemical peel which has been blended with both AHA, BHA with perfect ratio. It is beneficial for skin regeneration.

Double Peel’s core ingredients ~
BHA is known as salicylic acid which has 0.5% amount inside the product.
Glycolic acid is known as Lactic acid, Fruit acid and 24.5% of AHA is also inside the product.


BHA could dissolve sebum inside the pore
AHA could effectively remove dead skin cells so, it could care for both blackhead and whitehead at the same time!


Then this product is recommended to people who have ~


“Acne prone skin”
that the skin balance has been broken because pore has been blocked or have too much sebum


“too much worries because of blackhead, whitehead”


Thick dead skin cell “Skin aging”

Double peel is a chemical peel so, your skin might smart a little bit but would greatly get strong effects.

tenor (2)

How to use
After cleansing, when it is time to use toner, use double peel with right amount
Normal skin: 1-2 min
Oily skin, acne prone skin or aging skin: 3-5min


If you use this product after extruding acnes, you could see great effects on treating acnes. However, it might smart little bit more

Enzyme peel, Double peel !!
It was time to get to know more about these products ~
Let’s get much more prettier by using these amazing products!



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