Tip for Daily Skincare Routine! Is Toner a Must Step?!

I am sure many people who have skin trouble have made a wish!
“I want my skin to be healthy”

For those people who worry about their skin problems may have tried various kinds of good products such as Essence, Cream, Toner, Cleanser and so on…
but haven’t you guys ignored the importance of Toner products?

Today I am going to introduce about beauty tip!

It is extremely important to use Toner in order to protect the skin!

Let’s see what Toner means first 🙂

“Toner is a product that is similar to ‘skin’ product that could make skin texture tidy after cleansing and let lotion or other skin care products to effectively carry out nutrients and moisture to our skin. “


 Wow, there are so many benefits with Toner!


Normally, when we do something, first step or the last step is the most important factor for the outcome.
Toner is used at the last step of cleansing and it is the first step for skin care!

Let’s find out more about its benefits!


1. Wash up make-up residues

Even though you cleanse your face, there are some make-up residues so, by using toner, you could smooth out your skin and wash up make-up residues completely!

As I have explained it above, using Toner is the last step of cleansing
If you do not wash up make-up residues completely, it could cause skin trouble.



2. Make skin texture tidy

Toner could make your skin texture tidy
Before using Essence, Cream and Ample, if you make skin texture tidy, your skin could absorb good ingredients effectively that is contained in skin care products


3. Supply Moisture

When you use cleansing product that is from markets, they often are “Alkaline” products! Of course these days, a lot of customers are interested in home-care so, there are some “Subacid cleansing” products.

However, many of you guys are using “Alkaline” cleansing products since you guys like the fresh feelings after cleansing, right?

When you use “Alkaline” products, you could feel fresh feelings but you might think that your face is dry and could feel the tightness of face.

After cleansing, Toner could resolve the tightness of face and could supply moisture! 🙂

Of course, after using Toner, you must use other skin care products such as cream to make your skin healthier 🙂


There are so many benefits of using this Toner product!!

Were you guys aware of that?

Since it is so important, there are so many different kinds of Toner products.
There are 3 types such as Water Type, Essence Type, Gel Type.


OxygenCeuticals Water Type Toner “Skin Balancing Toner”

When you look at this video, it is “Liquid” type that has no viscosity
It could keep your skin healthy.

OxygenCeuticals Essence Type Toner “Nutrient Toner”

Even though it is Toner, it has Essence Texture,
its moisture is great so, we recommend this product to people who have dry skin!

You could use this Nutrient Toner with various methods!

You could soak cotton pad with Toner and use it as Skin Pack
or you could use it with right skin-typed Ample on Mask Sheet to make your own DIY Sheet Pack! 🙂

Lastly, Gel Type Toner “Toning Gel”

Before it is used on the skin, it is Gel-type but if you use it, it could permeate right after on the skin.

This product is for people who think that water type is too dry or Essence type is not right for their skin. This product is fresh and clear.

This OxygenCeuticals’ Toning Gel is used right after surgical procedure in clinics and it could soothe your skin very well just like Aloe Gel or Soothing Gel.



Use this amazing Toner product to protect your skin! 🙂
Let’s use right Toner product according to your skin-type!


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