First step to get beautiful skin! “Deep cleansing”

How are you guys dealing with skincare?
There are so many home-care products these days and also many good care products have been made but if the skin cannot absorb it, it does not mean anything 🙁


How do we make our skin to absorb good ingredients?
The basic way is to “use deep cleansing in a right way continuously”!


Today I am going to explain why deep-cleansing is so important ~ 🙂

Before we talk about the importance of deep cleansing,
what is deep-cleansing anyway?

Deep-cleansing is to remove dead skin cells from skin layers and wash away facial waste!



If you use deep-cleansing continuously, it could help you remove dead skin cells so, it will make your skin different !! 🙂

You could get clear skin tone, remove dead skin cells, can do nice make-up and it could even make skin care products’ active ingredients to permeate 🙂

Then what kind of types do we have for deep-cleansing and dead skin cells-care products? There are 2 types which is “physical exfoliation”, “chemical exfoliation” !

First, physical exfoliation


There is “scrub type” that helps with deep-cleansing since it has grains that is contained with small particles.

It is like a grain of sand and gel is combined together and we rub it on the face. We could easily find this kind of product but if your skin is sensitive, the skin would be affected by its friction.



Second physical method is “Gommage Type”

Gommage type is to spread gel-type product on the skin and if you rub it, skin’s external dead skin cells appear. It does not include particles unlike scrub-type so, it is less sensitive to the skin.
However, if you rub it too long and if the amount of gel is too small, the skin could get red and it could temporally hurt.


Third method is “Peel-off type”

This type is to spread it on the skin and if certain amount of time passes, you take this off when it is completely dry. We especially use this method when sebum is inside pore just like blackhead on the chin. 🙂



Besides these 3 types of physical exfoliation methods,


There is chemical exfoliation method such as AHA, BHA so, it uses acidic ingredients to dissolve dead skin cells!

This is easy to use but according to usage time,
the amount of product component content’s, it would damage the skin so, it is important to take care while using this peel-type product.

Ordinally, in dermatology clinics, plastic surgery clinics, aesthetics clinics, a lot of professionals use this chemical exfoliation type and since a lot of people could see good effects right away, so their satisfaction is extremely high. 🙂



It is easy to use and there are so many benefits for using these different kinds of deep-cleansing products but there is something that we have to be careful!


It is so important to use right products according to your skin-type and also to use the product by following recommended period of use.

If you do not follow these two things, your skin would get more sensitive and it could be damaged a lot ! :'(

In oxygenceuticals, there are both physical, chemical deep-cleansing products 


Chemical deep-cleansing “Double peel” has both AHA/BHA ingredients.

In a lot of hospitals and aesthetics, this product has been used and it is also for
home-care since it is easy to use 🙂

This product is really popular especially for people who have a lot of acnes, oily skin, men who have thick stratum corneum! If you want to take care of blackhead and whitehead, you should try this product!


Enzyme peel is Gommage peel type, so, if you have dry skin, sensitive skin and especially want to take care of whitehead,  you should try this product !

This product is contained with vegetable ingredients so, it is really soft and you could take care of dead skin cells effectively!



So far, I have told you about oxygenceutical’s deep-cleansing products and how to use it, you could make beautiful skin just by using this product at your home!


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