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Today, we’re going to tell you more about Skin Barrier ATO Cream. Just like the name itself, this cream mainly for protecting the skin. So how?




Let’s see the how it gonna help the skin.


If you are sensitive skin, add ampoule, serum in your daily skincare regime is good. However, it doesn’t show any result. This has been bothering you right?

The majority think applying toner and end with serum or ampoule is good enough but the answer is a big “NO”. Cream is also as important as serum and ampoule do especially for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin like atopy dermatitis, the skin barrier is weak and dry, therefore, it’s very crucial to protect the skin in proper way. If you are sensitive skin and do not know which cream to use, this Skin Barrier ATO Cream is absolutely your choice.




This cream comes in two sizes, 20ml and 120ml shown on the picture above. So why we need a 20ml cream? Is it really that good?

Definitely YES. Even though the small size is only 20ml but it is excellent in giving protection to the weaker skin needs. We purposely make the cream in smaller size for easy to bring around.

For those who suffer from dry and sensitive skin, apply the cream in the morning before leaving the house. It’s also suggested to apply again after coming home to prevent the moisture from evaporation. FYI, it can be also applied on the body.





Skin Barrier ATO Cream is packed with Fuciodan V, an ingredient extracted from the soft and smooth surface of seaweed. No matter how strong the current is, the surface of seaweed still remain as good as before. It also shows the same effect on the skin, this is why we pick Fucoidan V as the key ingredient in Skin Barrier ATO Cream.




Enriched with Fucoidan V, this ATO Cream creates a  barrier to prevent the moisture evaporate from the skin and protect from hazardous substances while deliver instant hydration.




This is the result of before and after using Skin Barrier ATO Cream. It is safe to apply on those sensitive area.



For those who have dry and sensitive skin, we would love to recommend Skin Barrier ATO Cream as this a cream that suitable all age group even the kids.




We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!


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