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It’s already December now, everyone must be busy preparing for the coming of Christmas right?  🎄🎅




This week, we are going to share about OxygenCeuticals Caviar Protein Fluid that everyone is longing for.



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This Caviar Protein Fluid is highly recommended for those 20s who just start his/her anti-aging journey. As everyone knows, most of the caviar skincare products are rich and recommended for 30s and above above. However, we purposely make it for those 20s. We start to age at the beginning of 20 so it is so important to use a good product.






Enriched with 5% caviar extract, this ampoule does excellent job in anti-oxidation,  improving elasticity while giving you bright and clear skin. It’s basically an anti-aging and brightening 2-in-1 ampoule.




Unlike any other thick caviar products, it is lightweight and flash-absorbing. For those do not want to have thick and rich texture, this is definitely your choice.

Beauty tips :  It is highly recommended to mix it with Moisture Aqua Serum for better result. 



Remember to tap the the caviar capsules and melt it with the fluid for better absorption.

So when is the right step to use this Fluid? After cleansing, use toner to balance the pH of skin and layer with this ampoule.

This total anti-aging Caviar Protein Fluid is highly recommended for 20s but it doesn’t mean those who are beyond 30s cannot use it. Skincare is not about law or regulation, use it if it works well on you.



This Caviar Protein Fluid comes in a single product and also a caviar set, Age Defying Caviar Kit. This caviar set consisted of Caviar Protein Fluid and Caviar Cream. This Cavair set is one of the fast-selling set in OxygenCeuticals especially during Thanksgiving or Christmas as this is a perfect choice for the loved one.




FYI, we are now having Christmas Event on OxygenCeuticals Official US Website and Official Website. You can have 20% discount on Caviar Kit with promo code CHS19 



We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!



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