The Magic Behind OC Green Ampoules

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Our OC team just came back from Cosmoprof Hong Kong and it’s so cold in Seoul. Especially during winter, we should hydrate and do more protection to the dry skin!

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No matter how many skincare products you have tried, the skin is still dry. Worry about that?

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So, we’re here to share you some tips for the problem mentioned above. For dry skin, the first thing to do is get the skin hydrated and strengthen the skin barrier to prevent the moisture from evaporation. Let’s see what are the OxygenCeuticals products can give us the effect.





The two iconic OxygenCeuticals green ampoule, Acell 300 Fluid and  Skin Barrier Fluid are the saviour of dry and sensitive skin. Let’s see how these light and dark green works.

Let’s start with Acell 300 Fluid!


Acell 300 Fluid is basically for hydrating and suitable for all skin type. From the appearance, it is light green colour that brings us the feeling of calm and it could be one of the beautiful decoration on your dressing table as well.

For those who try it for the first time, the first thing comes to their mind is “Is this facial oil?”  You must be wondering why people ask the question even though is it introduced as hydrating ampoule.  Actually Acell 300 Fluid is consisted of a special kind of oil-like compound, therefore, it makes the skin dewy just like using facial oil.

Due to the texture, majority doubt oil ingredient is included. Don’t worry! There is no oil in it!


Packed with herbal ingredients, this glowing ampoule is one of the hot-selling in OxygenCeuticals.




Would this kind of texture make the pore clogged just like how those facial oil does? NO!!! Don’t worry, it’s not gonna happen!

It is suitable for all skin type especially dry and oily skin(lack of hydration type).




Acell 300 Fluid is used at the second step of skincare regime. It is suggested to mix Acell 300 Fluid with Moisture Aqua Serum for better texture, absorption and also moisturizing effect.





Next, let’s go with Skin Barrier Fluid

As you can see, it is darker green ampoule that focus on wrinkle. It also helps to moisturize and strengthen skin barrier.

So, what’s the difference between Acell 300 Fluid and Skin Barrier Fluid?


Acell 300 Fluid helps to fill the skin with hydration whereas Skin Barrier Fluid strengthen the skin barrier and helps in anti-wrinkle.



Still remember why we have to strengthen and protect the skin barrier from the previous post?

We believe that healthy looking skin starts with a healthy, strong skin barrier. So , the main role of Skin Barrier Fluid is improve skin barrier and skin elasticity to provide radiant, healthy-looking skin.


Except for skin barrier and skin elasticity, this fluid also packed with ingredients that provide moisture to the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized.




Skin Barrier Fluid is the richest among the fluid line. Even though it is oily in texture,however, it shows the skin healthy dewy look. Normally, it is suggested for those who have wrinkles problem. Plus, mix the fluid with Moisture Aqua Serum for better texture and moisturizing!



We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!




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