Here Are OxygenCeuticals Soothing Gel Trio!

People might be enjoying spring sunshine these days. The warmest sunshine, flowery scent… Everything in spring makes us happy. However, what about our skin? Would it feel the same as we do? Actually, some features of the spring season, like fluctuating temperature, fine dust, pollens, yellow dust, etc…, can cause irritation on our skin. Since we can not stop the time, we have to soothe the skin as soon as possible.

OxygenCeuticals Soothing Aloe Vera Gel is a clear gel turning into liquid when you rub. Unlike other common aloe gel, it doesn’t leave stickiness at all. Instead of leaving an unpleasant sensation, it chills skin and is absorbed quickly. Not only moisturizing the skin, but Soothing Aloe Vera Gel also relieves skin that is sensitized by getting sunburn or waxing, laser, etc…

The secret is in the ‘double aloe system’ of Soothing Aloe Vera Gel. OxygenCeuticals Soothing Aloe Vera Gel contains not only aloe extracts but also the powder form of aloe vera leaf extracts so it supplies plenty amount of functional substances of aloe. Moreover, OxygenCeuticals’ aloe gel contains tocopherol acetate and sodium hyaluronate, panthenol as well. These ingredients allow smoothening skin texture by filling the skin with moisture and creating a moisture layer in the skin.

OxygenCeuticals Soothing Aloe Vera Gel can be used after the toner step in your daily skincare routine, take an adequate amount of gel and apply it with gentle round motion until it is absorbed. As it has cooling and relieving ability, it can be used as a primary pack before you use modeling peel-off masks or sheet masks. It’ll enhance the soothing and moisturizing effects.

Second, OxygenCeuticals Toning Gel is one of the most popular items of OxygenCeuticals. Toning Gel shows a very light blue color and as the Soothing Aloe Vera Gel does, Toning Gel comes out as a gel and turns into the liquid soon when you rub it on the skin.

It soothes skin irritated by external irritants and dermatological procedures quickly. It is because Toning Gel contains Centella Asiatica leaf extracts and aloe vera leaf extracts which are well-known soothing ingredients. These materials also create moisture layer in the skin, so it helps skin retrieve oil-water balance. Also, there is Toning Complex™ in Toning Gel which is the mixture of herbal extracts that help calm and relieve stresses of the skin resulting in brighter and clearer skin complexions.

So it is recommended to apply before and after the dermatological treatments to reduce irritation of the skin that stems from strong stimuli during the procedures.

Finally, there is a new product launched quite recently. It is OxygenCeuticals Contour V Gel featured with its immediate skin soothing effect and protection of skin from damages.

It is a clear violet gel with a velvety texture. It is due to the sodium guaiazulene sulfonate(azulene) which is famous as the main ingredient for burn ointments. Azulene, extracted from chamomile, soothes skin sensitized skin effectively and improves skin healthiness by inhibiting the activation of harmful substances of skin cells.

Also, several herbal extracts like Centella Asiatica and blueberries alleviate the overreaction of skin toward external irritants. As a result, it prevents skin from being hypersensitive and becoming problematic skin.

In fact, this Contour V Gel is developed to be used with beauty devices like ultrasound or MTS devices. It helps the probes glide well by reducing the friction minimizing the irritation caused by the devices. Also, it conducts the energies by hardly lessening it to help functional ingredients can penetrate into the skin better.

All three products are really good for using as a primary pack under sheet masks and modeling masks. If you want a much better result, store it in the refrigerator and apply it as a thick layer under the treatment masks. Then you will achieve 3 extra effects of soothing, cooling, and moisturizing at once!

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Recuperate Your Skin with Couperose Calming Line

SPRING! Most people recollect active vitality, beautiful flowers, and warm sunshine. However, for some people, spring is the most annoying season due to their allergies. Not only suffering from allergies, but many people are also struggling with the sensitized skin due to the change of the season. And sensitized skin easily becomes flushed, itchy, and even pigmented.

Well, here is the solution for hypersensitive skin. Let’s look into the Couperose Calming(CC) Line of OxygenCeuticals. What does the ‘couperose’ mean? Couperose is a French word standing for the chronic redness of the skin.

In this case, the first aid to reduce redness is definitely relieving the irritated skin. OxygenCeuticals Couperose Fluid is an excellent calming fluid for all skin types. As it contains aloe vera leaf extracts and rose water which are well-known skin-soothing ingredients, it alleviates redness quite instantly.

Couperose Fluid has a light texture so it comforts skin without any feeling overloaded. Although it has a lightweight texture, it allows intensive hydration in hence of hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronate. Collagen is the main structural protein of cells. It accelerates the recovery of damaged cells. Sodium hyaluronate is a kind of Hyaluronic acid, the moisture tank of skin cells. Hyaluronic acid can hold more than 1000 times its own weight.

Moreover, Couperose Fluid has passed the skin irritation test so it hardly irritates the skin and it is suitable for every skin type even for hypersensitive skin.

There is a cream for sensitive skin as well. In fact, most of OxygenCeuticals’ moisturizers are good for sensitive skin as they are mild and gentle. However, the Couperose Cream is particularly for people who are suffering from redness-prone skin.

Couperose Cream contains Tomato extracts and Cabbage rose water. These two ingredients soothe skin and even out the complexion by replenishing sufficient nutrients. The most important ingredient of Couperose Cream is Ceramide NP. If you are interested in skincare products, you might have heard about Ceramide as an enhancer of the skin barrier. It creates a kind of shield on the surface of the epidermis.

Despite its lightweight texture, it supplies sufficient moisture to the skin. It is absorbed into the skin quickly so it is good for a day cream that doesn’t cause overloaded feelings while you put on other makeup stuff.

The Couperose Cream also tested its non-irritating properties as the Couperose Fluid has done. The cream is highly recommended to people who have flushing, sensitive or acne-prone skin.

If you are going to be on a special occasion but don’t have enough time to go to the spa, sheet masks can be a good alternative for professional skin care treatments. There are 4 kinds of sheet masks in OxygenCeuticals’ product line. Today, we’re looking into the sheet mask for cooling and calming the skin, Ceutisome CC Mask.

As above mentioned, the Ceutisome CC Mask has real cooling property. There is an optimal temperature for the skin, 5℃ lesser than body temperature. What if the skin temperature is too low than the body temperature? The absorption of functional ingredients of skincare products to the skin will decrease resulting in rough skin and dull complexions. On the opposite side, if the skin tempts is too high, the moisture escapes from the skin easily so the oil-water balance will be disturbed.

In this spring season, wearing masks, the skin can be easily heated so it is important to cool down the temperature. Ceutisome CC Mask is the perfect remedy in this case. It soothes skin by chilling the skin immediately and tightens pores at the same time.

The other feature of Ceutisome CC Mask is on its sheet itself. It is a Bemliese™ sheet that is made up of natural-derived long fibers. It can retain a lot of ampoule/serum for a long time. Also, the sheet adheres to skin very closely, so it delivers functional ingredients and nutrients effectively.

Actually, All three items which were introduced in this post are skin irritation tested and got a result that they don’t cause irritation so all three products can be used on hypersensitive skin. If you are going to use all items, the recommended order is toner, sheet mask, fluid, and cream.

Let’s keep our skin healthy and beautiful with OxygenCeuticals Couperose Calming line in the spring season!

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Romantic February, Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

On 14th February, all lovers whisper how much they love each other. It is definitely the most romantic day of the year. Even though it is not easy to meet each other, we can still ‘see’ each other through video calls and social network services.

What could we do if there were no such methods to see each other? You can write letters to your lover and send some gifts to make them keep recollect you. Well, Valentine’s Day is coming. Have you chosen what you will give to your lover? If you’re not, please pay attention to this post.

if your partner concerns of aging sign on his/her face, Age Defying Caviar Kit can be a goo choice. Age Defying Caviar Kit is a kind of premium anti-aging kit. It includes Caviar Protein Fluid 50ml and Age Defying Caviar Cream 50ml.

Caviar Protein Fluid is one of the most popular products among OxygenCeuticals’. It contains 5% caviar extracts which have a plenty of amino acid and omega-3. These caviar extracts let your skin revitalize. Adenosine and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 support collagen production in your skin so that it they allow us to have firmer and more elastic skin. The Fluid contains a famous skin-brightening substance, Niacinamide, so it alleviates dark spots on your face.

As you can see, there are small black beads are in the Fluid. Some people might wondering if they are real caviar. However, these beads are not real caviar. They are actually capsulated caviar extract by collagen. So when you rub Caviar Protein Fluid on your skin, the collagen melts down and the extracts will be released.

Age Defying Caviar Cream 50ml is another component of Age Defying Caviar Kit. This cream also contains black caviar extracts as Caviar Protein Fluid does, but the content is much higher, 12%. Most of ingredients are similar to Caviar Protein Fluid but Age Defying Caviar Cream contains Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil fights with free radicals so it relieves oxidative stresses. Also, even though the oil is plant-based oil, its structure is very similar to sebum. Thus, the jojoba oil doesn’t clog pores(non-comedogenic).

I guess there are people who thinks that the anti-aging skincare products are too rich for young adults. These caviar collection deliver a lot of nutrients and energy to your skin but they don’t leave any greasiness or stickiness after using them. Actually the texture is quite silky. Additionally, the skin aging starts from mid 20’s, so it is better to add anti-aging skincare products into your skincare routine as soon as possible.

If your date is interested in base makeup, you can give yours O2 Cushion Kit. This kit is a basic skin makeup set which allows people to achieve a very natural glow. O2 Cushion Kit is composed with TP Sun Cream 15ml, Intensive Blemish Balm 20ml and O2 Cushion (shade no. 21).

TP Sun cream is a steady seller of OxygenCeuticals. It is a sunscreen with SPF 45 PA+++. As named sun ‘cream’, it spreads really smoothly like a moisturizer. However, the sun protecting ability is quite good. It can protect the skin from both of UVA and UVB. Moreover, TP Sun Cream contains Hyaluronic acid, so it doesn’t dry out skin after several hours of application.

Intensive Blemish Balm is a kind of tinted moisturizer. It covers redness effectively and so gentle that people who have hypersensitive skin, even right after dermatological treatment, can use this blemish balm. It contains hyaluronic acid so it moisturizes skin very well. Also, adenosine, niacinamide, and oilgopeptide-1 helps skin to be younger, brighter, and healthier. Literally, this Intensive Blemish Balm makes people more beautiful every time they apply it.

Are you a big fan of cushion foundations? OxygenCeuticals O2 Cushion is tinted sun cushion like cushion foundation. As you know, dermatologists recommend re-applying sunscreen every 1~2 hours because sweat and sebum can weaken the sun protection of sunscreens. However, it is absolutely not easy to reapply it when you are out, especially you are wearing makeup. And that is the time you take out the O2 cushion from your purse. Just tap this sun cushion on your makeup. When you apply this tinted sunblock patting on your face, it sticks to your skin so it gives you a natural but radiant complexion. It contains oxygen, adenosine, and niacinamide that make your skin be healthier, firmer and brighter.

If your beloved are struggling with his/her sensitive skin, we would recommend SOS PP Kit. OxygenCeuticals’ PP Line is so mild that it can be used on the skin after dermatological procedures. And here is a basic skincare kit for hypersensitive skin. It is composed with Toning Gel 50ml, PP Cream 50ml, and Moisture Aqua Serum 10ml.

Toning Gel is a gel-type toner which idealizes skin’s pH balance. Also, it has been proved of its anti-wrinkle effect as well. This toner contains Adenosine and Centella Asiatica leaf extracts which are good for improving skin elasticity and soothes skin. Also, Licorice (or liquorice) extracts forms moisture layer to prevent skin from dehydrated.

Moisture Aqua Serum is lightweight gel-type serum. It instantly hydrates and moisturizes skin without greasiness. Moisture Aqua Serum contains hyaluronic acid which is an excellent hydrating and moisturizing substance. This serum also contains Arginine and Green tea extracts which nourishes skin and helps skin protects itself from external irritants. Also, it doesn’t contain any allergen, so every skin types can use this serum.

PP Cream is a moisturizer that helps skin recover itself after skin treatment like laser, peeling, and MTS. It is because it contains EGFs(epidermis growth factors) which are compounds of oligopeptides that strengthens skin barrier. Also, this cream contains niacinamide and adenosine, so it may lead you to have flawless skin after skin treatment.

If your date is an outdoor-activity lover, you may can give him/her a sunscreen kit, Sunkissed TP Sun Kit. This kit contains 30ml of Pore Mask, 15ml TP Sun Cream, and 30ml TP Sun Cream.

TP Sun Cream is featured of its hydrating function and smooth application as above mentioned. It doesn’t leave any greasiness but natural glow. It makes your skin looks more healthier and nice.

As other makeup products do, when sunscreens remains on your face like in pores and edges of your face, it can cause skin breakouts. Thus, it is very important to cleanse your face before you go to bed. And here’s the solution, Pore Mask.

The Pore Mask is definitely the best seller of OxygenCeuticals. Pore Mask creates rich foams when you bubble up it. Each bubble is super tiny, so it can reach into the very deep side of pores to get rid of sebum and even invisible pollutants. In spite of its powerful cleansing effect, Pore Mask contains oxygen so it doesn’t dry the skin out. Even right after the cleansing you may not feel skin tight.

In summary, there are 4 suggestions for a Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved. Why don’t you visit our websites and check more details?

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Exfoliate Your Skin Concerns!

In these dry seasons, dead skin cells rise like zombies. They don’t disappear easily despite pouring the moisturizers. Why does it happen? Why dead skin cells come out?

Actually, dead skin cells are as important as protecting other skin cells underneath. They prevent the penetration of harmful materials and keep our skin healthy. Your skin pulls out old dead cells to make a room for new skin cells every 28 days. However, for some reason, they just stick on the skin and there would be too many dead skin cells on the skin.

To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short. When the extra dead cells remain on your skin, they cause the problems. These old dead skin cells attaching to pollutants and skin wastes like sebum may induce many kinds of skin troubles (e.g. acne, pimples, etc…) and may make your skin seem not so clean.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, dead skin cells inhibit the penetration of external materials. Luckily, many skincare cosmetic manufacturers are using special techniques to make the ingredients be able to get into the gaps between each dead skin cell. However, the more dead skin cell layer, the less absorption of functional ingredients.

So, the way to make a cell’s turnover cycle right is the “Regular exfoliating”. Let’s help your skin to pull out old dead skin cells with OxygenCeuticals. There are 2 types of exfoliators in OxygenCeuticals’ product line.

Firstly, there is OxygenCeuticals Double Peel. It is a kind of chemical peeling containing AHA and BHA.

AHA is well known for its exfoliating effect. It penetrates into the skin and dissolves the adherences between dead skin cells so the dead cells can fall out from the skin. Then what is the BHA? You may have heard about Salicylic acid before. Salicylic acid is a representative of BHA. BHA can be mixed easily to oil, so it melts clotted sebum hiding in pores.

This Double Peel is a wash-off type so when you apply it on your face after using toner, wash it off with lukewarm water after 1-3 minutes. You can use it once or twice a week. However, as a chemical peeling, it might be quite strong for people who have ultra-sensitive skin.

Do not be disappointed, Mr./Mrs. Sensitive-skin. OxygenCeuticals won’t let you down. There is another exfoliator, OxygenCeuticals Botanicals Enzyme Peel. Unlike Double Peel, it is a physical exfoliator. You are probably recollecting the scrubs which were so irritating on your skin especially for face and some other sensitive areas.

Luckily, OxygenCeuticals Botanicals Enzyme Peel is ‘gommage’ type of physical exfoliator containing several kinds of enzyme extracts that helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin gently.

You shall apply this on your skin and rub the skin with a bit of water. If you worry about your super-sensitive skin being irritated, you can mix it with a little amount of Cryogenic activator when you rub your skin. It is definitely mild compared to other exfoliators but it is also recommended to use it once or twice a week.

In summary, regular exfoliation helps your skin recover the normal cell-turnover cycle and the proper amount of dead skin cells can help you to keep your skin healthy by controlling the absorption of external materials. So let’s get the radiant and healthy skin with OxygenCeuticals amazing exfoliators!

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Restore Your Skin Barrier, Retrieve Your Beautiful Skin

Hot and humid weather suddenly turned around to cold and dry. The weather converting season bothers our skin by not giving any time to adapt to the change. A big temperature gap between morning and evening also give stresses to our skin, and this kind of external stresses destroys our skin barrier.

The skin with destroyed skin barrier has several features. One of the typical symptom is dryness. Skin Barrier prevents loss of moisture from skin, so when it is damaged, loss of moisture is just an obvious result.

Skin dryness leads to sensitive skin because of uneven moisture-oil ratio. Acne and red spots will appear all over your skin. In long-term case, losing moisture can accelerate aging of skin. Then, What should we do to restore and maintain this CRITICAL skin barrier?

OxygenCeuticals can give you good solutions as they always does. OxygenCeuticals Skin Barrier Fluid, the skin elasticity improver, provide a double layer system for skin elasticity. Skin Barrier Fluid moisturizes and formulates skin barrier at the same time. Its main ingredients are Sodium PCA and Hydrolyzed Collagen which revitalize your skin by hydrating and protecting your skin.

Furthermore, Skin Barrier Fluid has passed functional tests for skin elasticity, skin barrier Strengthening and wrinkle improvement. Definitely it is a 3-in-1 skin care item. For a beauty tip, It is recommended to mix with OxygenCeuticals Moisture Aqua Serum to maximize its moisturizing effect.

Skin Barrier Fluid spreads really smoothly so that you can cover whole hand with only one drop. It’s ampoule-y texture also helps to revitalize your skin.

If you concern about sensitive skin due to the destroyed skin barrier, look at this Skin Barrier Ato Cream. It is a cream that is non-irritating at all. Furthermore, it provides instant moisturizing and strengthens your skin barrier.

Fucoidan-V, which is discovered from the surface of sea algae, is a key factor that protect algae from sea current and gravels in deep sea. When you see the sea algae like seaweeds, you can find that they have very slippery and smooth surface. This special material works same in our skin. It protects skin from harsh environment and helps your skin to keep moisturized.

There are several clinical test results on Ato Cream. OxygenCeuticals Skin Barrier Ato Cream not only improves skin troubles rapidly, but also make it healthier. Skin Barrier Ato Cream is reliable as it passed non-irritating test after 4 weeks of experiment.

When your skin barrier has been damaged so that your skin become sensitive and dry, how about care your skin with OxygenCeutical Skin Barrier Fluid and Skin Barrier Ato Cream? Make your skin healthier and stronger with OxygenCeuticals’ skin barrier targeting care. Restore your skin barrier, retrieve your beautiful skin.

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