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SPRING! Most people recollect active vitality, beautiful flowers, and warm sunshine. However, for some people, spring is the most annoying season due to their allergies. Not only suffering from allergies, but many people are also struggling with the sensitized skin due to the change of the season. And sensitized skin easily becomes flushed, itchy, and even pigmented.

Well, here is the solution for hypersensitive skin. Let’s look into the Couperose Calming(CC) Line of OxygenCeuticals. What does the ‘couperose’ mean? Couperose is a French word standing for the chronic redness of the skin.

In this case, the first aid to reduce redness is definitely relieving the irritated skin. OxygenCeuticals Couperose Fluid is an excellent calming fluid for all skin types. As it contains aloe vera leaf extracts and rose water which are well-known skin-soothing ingredients, it alleviates redness quite instantly.

Couperose Fluid has a light texture so it comforts skin without any feeling overloaded. Although it has a lightweight texture, it allows intensive hydration in hence of hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronate. Collagen is the main structural protein of cells. It accelerates the recovery of damaged cells. Sodium hyaluronate is a kind of Hyaluronic acid, the moisture tank of skin cells. Hyaluronic acid can hold more than 1000 times its own weight.

Moreover, Couperose Fluid has passed the skin irritation test so it hardly irritates the skin and it is suitable for every skin type even for hypersensitive skin.

There is a cream for sensitive skin as well. In fact, most of OxygenCeuticals’ moisturizers are good for sensitive skin as they are mild and gentle. However, the Couperose Cream is particularly for people who are suffering from redness-prone skin.

Couperose Cream contains Tomato extracts and Cabbage rose water. These two ingredients soothe skin and even out the complexion by replenishing sufficient nutrients. The most important ingredient of Couperose Cream is Ceramide NP. If you are interested in skincare products, you might have heard about Ceramide as an enhancer of the skin barrier. It creates a kind of shield on the surface of the epidermis.

Despite its lightweight texture, it supplies sufficient moisture to the skin. It is absorbed into the skin quickly so it is good for a day cream that doesn’t cause overloaded feelings while you put on other makeup stuff.

The Couperose Cream also tested its non-irritating properties as the Couperose Fluid has done. The cream is highly recommended to people who have flushing, sensitive or acne-prone skin.

If you are going to be on a special occasion but don’t have enough time to go to the spa, sheet masks can be a good alternative for professional skin care treatments. There are 4 kinds of sheet masks in OxygenCeuticals’ product line. Today, we’re looking into the sheet mask for cooling and calming the skin, Ceutisome CC Mask.

As above mentioned, the Ceutisome CC Mask has real cooling property. There is an optimal temperature for the skin, 5℃ lesser than body temperature. What if the skin temperature is too low than the body temperature? The absorption of functional ingredients of skincare products to the skin will decrease resulting in rough skin and dull complexions. On the opposite side, if the skin tempts is too high, the moisture escapes from the skin easily so the oil-water balance will be disturbed.

In this spring season, wearing masks, the skin can be easily heated so it is important to cool down the temperature. Ceutisome CC Mask is the perfect remedy in this case. It soothes skin by chilling the skin immediately and tightens pores at the same time.

The other feature of Ceutisome CC Mask is on its sheet itself. It is a Bemliese™ sheet that is made up of natural-derived long fibers. It can retain a lot of ampoule/serum for a long time. Also, the sheet adheres to skin very closely, so it delivers functional ingredients and nutrients effectively.

Actually, All three items which were introduced in this post are skin irritation tested and got a result that they don’t cause irritation so all three products can be used on hypersensitive skin. If you are going to use all items, the recommended order is toner, sheet mask, fluid, and cream.

Let’s keep our skin healthy and beautiful with OxygenCeuticals Couperose Calming line in the spring season!

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