4 Ways to Soothe Irritated Skin.

Hi, guys!

It’s been a long time 🙂


How are you doing?



The COVID-19 crisis is still ongoing 🙁

Hope you guys are taking care well.

By the way, are you guys wearing masks well?


Actually, my skin has been stressed and irritated because of wearing masks.

But I can’t keep away from masks,

so I have to find other solutions to calm down my skin.

Are you interested in caring sensitive skin, too?

Then follow me!



Sleeping young woman lies in bed with eyes closed.

First of all, having fine sleep to let your skin take a rest.

Sleeping well helps regenerate cells.

Also, putting sheet masks on can be good for cool down your face.



Side view image of a pretty curly brunette fitness woman

Second, keep yourself hydrated!

Dry skin is a main reason for greasy and sensitive skin.

So, drinking enough water helps your skin be healthier.


D:02 Activator can be a good way for immediate hydrating for your skin!

Look at that! See how it is sprayed out!


These small sized droplets from the mist helps oxygen penetrate into the skin.


Happy little girl takes off protective medical mask from face outdoors. Victory over coronavirus. The end of COVID-19 Pandemic crisis and lockdown. happiness and hope, stop virus spreading.

Third, putting down your mask when you’re alone.

Your skin needs to breath itself. Refresh the air inside of the mask.

But, keep this in your mind.

Put on masks when you’re with others!




Finally, use skincare products that make skin barrier.

The Couperose line is on of the most popular product lines of OxygenCeuticals for soothing skin.


Soothing fluid for sensitive skin,

Couperose Fluid


and rich moisturizing cream,

Couperose Cream.


I also love those fluid and cream, they lessen redness on my face <3 



Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tips?!

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