Dermatology Treatment at Home!

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How is everybody doing?

Nowadays, it’s so tricky to predict the weather.

Everyday is so dynamic, it becomes warmer, cool, rainy :s

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And I guess your skin must be sensitive in these unstable weather and climate.

So today, OxygenCeuticals would like to introduce one skincare routine that will make your skin perfect!

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Young beautiful girl in mask for face relaxing in spa salon.

You can follow OxygenCeuticals home skincare routine!

It’s easy and simple, same skincare that’s being done in dermatology clinics 🙂

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First step of home aesthetics is Toning Gel

Toning Gel is gel type of toner which is like soothing gel that hydrates skin and gives refreshing feeling.

With the skin soothing ingredients, anybody can use it right after dermatology procedures 🙂


Toning Gel can be used instead of Aloe Vera Gel!

It soothes sensitive skin and skin with redness.

Indeed it’s a Multi Gel Toner~!


Second product is “HA Gel”

HA Gel consists of Hyaluronic Acid that is able to bind 10 times more of its own moisture.


The unique texture of HA Gel will prevent the evaporation of moisture from skin, firms skin and gives brightening effect.

It’s 3 in 1 multi hydrating gel !!

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But if you have acne skin or skin disease, try to avoid because it may irritate the skin due to its high concentration of nutrition.


Lastly, it’s “Cryogel Velvet Mask”.

It has very special feature!


Because of its three layered structure, patented material, it helps the beneficial ingredients to get absorbed into skin!

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One beauty tip here!

If you mix HA Gel with Toning Gel, it dilute the texture and makes smoother texture 🙂

Best ratio of mixing the two products for normal skin is 1:1.

For sensitive skin, mix Toning Gel 2: HA Gel 1 ratio 🙂

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With the help of Cryogel Velvet Mask, protect the moisture and deeply hydrate your skin once more 🙂

So that was about the home aesthetic care !

Very easy to follow and do it at home!

If you follow this routine at night, you will find yourself new the next morning 🙂



Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tip?!

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