Therapy effects of ‘Astrodome Facial’ program

OxygenCeuticals is famous for hospital cosmetics that is often used in dermatology clinic and plastic surgery hospital.

Also, you could get high effect of beauty care by using “AstrodomeFacial” post-care beauty equipment and also related programs!


You could get various therapy effects from AstrodomeFacial program


AstrodomeFacial is laser and post-care equipment that uses oxygen, anion, LED.


Dome Mask looks similar to spacesuit helmet
It uses oxygen gun that is connected to the device
Without touching the skin, the device could spread cryogenic activator that is made with sea water and oxygen simultaneously with Anion.



Cryogenic activator is good for sensitive and weakened skin barrier that concentrated both sea water that has a lot of minerals and oxygen!
In Astrodome Facial Program, It is used on the skin and also scalp that is solution for Dome Mask Mist and Oxygen gun with high moisture and soothing effect.


AstroDomeMask with oxygen mask could produce Anion!!
This Anion makes you feel fresh and happy just like when you are strolling near beach and ocean


AstrodomeFacial produces natural-originated anion particle environment (1,000pcs/mm3)

What I mean is that by using Anion Therapy, you could make your skin and body healthy~ ^^


This is not all!


RED 630nm                              BLUE 465nm                   VIOLET 465&630nm

Using LPE Therapy on the DomeMask to apply it on face with 3 different types of energy wavelength of LED

LED increased the efficiency of Astronaut’s Medical Service in 2000
It could cure the injury and could promote cell regeneration so, it could decrease the amount of infection!


‘Red Light’ could increase skin elasticity and care for dermal layer by deeply penetrating in the skin
‘Blue Light’ cares for epidermis and is good for sensitive skin that has skin trouble, sebum, pore!
‘Violet Light’ has both red & blue light effect so, it is good for post-care and skin recovery

Then, according to your skin condition and type, you could choose whichever suits you the most! Isn’t it simple?


“Astrodome Facial’ induces high effect by adding up Near-infrared ray function (NIR) that strongly and deeply penetrates skin~!

So far, we have got to know more about AstrodomeFacial program’s therapy effect and function ~

Astrodome Facial program’s most biggest strength is that it could use Oxygen, Anion, LPE therapy at the same time in the given time


Just by pressing one button on the AstrodomeMask, it is done ~!

By using ‘Astrodome Facial’, we should get away with our daily life and give our self a rest!

Oxygen Therapy
Astronaut Toning 




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