Comparison among 3 types of OxygenCeuticals Toners

Do you guys know the importance of Toner?

Toner is called as ‘skin’ and it is the first product to use after cleansing and it is the first step for skin care.

This is because depending on what kind of toners you use, effects you get from them are different.


In OxygenCeuticals, we have 3 types of Toners

Depending on the skin type, you could increase good effects of serum and cream ~!
Today, I am going to introduce 3 types of toners!

First product is Skin Balancing Toner1

Skin balancing toner could make skin balanced.
After cleansing, our skin is immediately out of moisture and oil


Without moisture and oil, we could have skin trouble and we cannot prevent skin aging if skin is too dry
Therefore, it is important to use toner to replenish moisture right after cleansing


We recommend Skin Balancing Toner for oily skin
Balancing type is liquid type so, it could replenish moisture for oily skin

Second product, Nutrient Toner


Nutrient Toner is also known as Essence Toner
It could replenish moisture and could make your skin strong


Nutrient Toner is perfect for dry & aging skin
It is contained with high nutrients so, it could provide nutrients to our skin by using this product

Third product, Toning Gel


Toning gel is gel-type toner

It is gel-type but if you apply it on the skin, it melts softly and you could feel that it is moist
You could feel that the moisture is absorbed on the skin



Toning gel is especially good for hydration and calming effect


Centella asiatica is inside the product so, it is good for people who have sensitive skin and skin trouble



Toning gel could make skin healthy and could increase level of immunity for skin that is sensitive, weakened skin barrier and has weak immunity system.

We have so far got to know about 3 types of toner
Please use right toner according to your skin type!
Let’s protect our skin 🙂


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