New Year, New Skin

Happy new year! Let’s celebrate ourselves to overcome such a hard year. To welcome great 2021, we have to make a room for the new year by removing old, bad things. Rearranging rooms, throw away odds and ends.

Do the same things to your skin. Clear up all bad things from your skin and replenish your skin with various nutrients. Yes, there is a lot of nutritious skincare products in the world, but how can we make some spaces for the nutrients?

Here’s one solution from OxygenCeuticals. Here is the highly-concentrated oxygen ampoule, Ceutisome Stem Formula. It has been beloved by a lot of dermatological clinics and spas in Korea since its release.

What does Ceutisome Stem Formula do? Ceutisome Stem Formula is an ampoule containing highly-concentrated oxygen. There are several benefits it offers, but let’s just look over 3 advantages for now.

First, it purifies the skin. Ceutisome Stem Formula contains CEUTISOME, which is a patented cosmetic ingredient of OxygenCeuticals. Ceutisome is a sort of pouch. At first, Ceutisome is filled with oxygen molecules. It releases oxygen when you apply Ceutisome Stem Formula to your skin. Then, Ceutisome takes off carbon dioxide and other impurities from your skin cells. Ceutisome will be ejected from your body via sweat and urine.

Second, discharged oxygen creates an oxygen layer on the epidermis. This layer blocks moisture evaporating from the skin. The moisturizing effect lasts about 7 days after applying Ceutisome to your skin.

Third, you probably know oxygen is essential for our lives. It is a crucial element in cell metabolism. Ceutisome contains high concentrations of oxygen which improve the skin’s ability to regenerate by activating cell metabolism.

As Ceutisome Stem Formula is very watery, you might spill it while you’re pouring the Stem Formula on your hand. Before use, remove the plastic cap and aluminum cover. Then replace with tubular cap. It’ll be helpful to use.

As above mentioned, Ceutisome stem Formula is holding a lot of oxygen molecules. So when you apply it to your skin, it disappears quickly. It is because Ceutisomes releases oxygen and pick up carbon dioxide. The released oxygen formulates a layer on the surface of the skin and other oxygen molecules are absorbed into the skin.

OxygenCeuticals suggests using Ceutisome Stem Formula with Ceutisome Ampoule & Boosters (SEE THIS). Add a half bottle of Stem Formula to the mixture of Ceutisome Ampoule & Booster and shake it. The recommended usage is 3 times a week during the night skincare routine. This combination allows to purify skin and replenish it with a bunch of nutrients and functional ingredients at the same time.

Let’s achieve healthy skin this year!

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Ceutisome™ Stem Formula: The Oxygen Carrier for Your Skin

OxygenCeuticals has recently released series of Ceutisome™. There are ampoules, boosters and STEM FORMULA that is most recently released. By the way, what is the “Ceutisome“? and why OxygenCeuticals emphasized this uncommon word on their new products?

Actually, Ceutisome™ is OxygenCeuticals’ unique ingredient of cosmetic. OxygenCeuticals has patent on Ceutisome™, so that is the reason Ceutisome™ is such an uncommon word.

Ceutisome™ is a kind of gas carrier. As you know, hemoglobin in our blood carries oxygen to everywhere in our body and take carbon dioxide away from cells. Ceutisome™ has been made mimicking the structure of hemoglobin.

Ceutisome™ is carrying oxygen and when it penetrate in to the skin, Ceutisome™ frees oxygen into skin cells. After that, Ceutisome™ becomes hungry, so that it takes carbon dioxide and other debris of cell metabolism from skin cells. Finally, skin becomes purified.

Ceutisome Stem Formula is made up with Ceutisome™ that delivers highly concentrated oxygen to skin. It contains Ceutisome™ more than 45%.

Compared to normal oxygen water, Stem Formula contains oxygen 8 times as much as the normal oxygen water contains. As a result, it is able to directly supply highly concentrated oxygen to skin.

Stem formula is highly recommended to use it mixing with Ceutisome Ampoule and Boosters. It is because Ceutisome™ does not only supply oxygen to skin, but also activate other functional ingredients.

Each Ceutisome Shot gives you skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, hydrating and soothing effect, so you can choose one as per your skin concerns.

Stem Formula has watery texture so that it can be evaporate easily when it is exposed to the air. It doesn’t leave any residue like oil but very fresh finishing.

Also, OxygenCeuticals offers programs using the combination of Ceutisome™ series for special skin care. For example, you can use Spicule Regentox before using Ceutisome Shot + Stem Formula (Ceutisome™ ABS) to increase the penetration of functional ingredients. After using Ceutisome™ ABS, use Ceutisome PP Mask and Skin Barrier Ato Cream to build up skin barrier to keep your skin healthier.

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