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It has already been more than a year since the horrible disease has started. People said it is dangerous beyond the blankets. And yes, even outside of a blanket is not so dangerous but outside of the house can be dangerous. That’s why a lot of health experts recommend people stay home, stay safe.

You might feel the skin condition is getting worse although you’ve not done anything special. Then, it is time to do spa-skincare. Of course, the sheet mask is the most effortless way for special skincare. But as you are investing your time at home, why don’t you do MORE special like Oxygen Modeling Mask?

Unlike usual sheet masks, modeling masks don’t dry out since they get solidified after few minutes. It means, the modeling pack traps moisture under the mask and block the moisture from evaporating. Thus, not only the skin can be moisturized for a much longer time. Also, while the pack turns from liquid to gel-like solid, it fully conforms to the contours of your face. Thus, it delivers nutrients effectively to the skin and taking up all the skin waste when you remove it.

There are a lot of modeling packs in the market. However, Not all modeling packs are the same. You should check the base ingredients of the pack. Usually, most modeling packs are made up of alginate which is extracted from sea algae. It hydrates skin and cools down at the same time. Check if the modeling mask contains diatomite. Diatomite is an excellent absorbent. So it removes pollutants and skin wastes very well.

You must check the functional ingredients as your skin type as well. There are 3 types of Oxygen Modeling Mask in OxygenCeuticals’ product line. These mask packs contain 17-18% of alginate so they can deliver an amount of moisture into your skin. As for its intensive moisturizing effect, you can see OxygenCeuticals’ modeling masks solidify a bit slower than others.

Oxygen RT Mask is featured its extraordinary moisturizing and soothing effects. It contains corn starch which is well known for its skin-soothing function. Corn starch purifies skin by picking up skin wastes and prevents aging of the skin. Also, it is gluten-free so people who are sensitive to gluten can use this modeling pack.

Mostly, OxygenCeuticals recommends this Oxygen RT Mask to use after the skin procedure to soothe skin but it is also good for dry and sensitive skin. If you need much moisture on your face, layer the HA Gel under the modeling mask.

If you are concerned about redness and heat on your face, you may love Oxygen CT Mask. This modeling mask contains peppermint extracts, which are good for cooling down skin temperature. Although most modeling packs give a cooling effect, the Oxygen CT Mask’s cooling effect is extraordinary.

Also, the menthol in peppermint extracts relieves irritated skin and helps skin fight bacteria, so it is good for acne-prone skin. There is Clarifying Mask in OxygenCeuticals’ product line which is good for purifying the skin. Why don’t you apply the Clarifying Mask under the Oxygen CT Mask?

Can you guess what’s in Oxygen VC Mask? It contains vitamins so it helps improve complexion and brighten skin. In detail, Panthenol, which is also known as provitamin B5, is a nice moisturizing substance binding to water molecules in the skin.

Vitamin C is also included in this modeling pack. As you know, vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidants. It revives skin cells by removing free radicals from cells, thus it helps delay aging and prevents pigmentation. Also, vitamin C is an essential substance for cell metabolism so that it promotes collagen synthesis.

Here’s how to use OxygenCeuticals Modeling masks. Since they contain a lot of alginate in themselves, you don’t need to add much water like other rubber packs. Mix pack about 30g of powder and 70ml of water(distilled water or bottled water is recommended), and stir the mixture until it doesn’t drop down.

Then put the mask on the face avoiding eyes, nostrils, and mouth, and leave it for 15~20min to let the modeling pack be solidified. Remove the clotted pack from the jaw. OxygenCeuticals strongly recommends layering some skincare products, like HA Gel, Clarifying Mask, or Fluids, under the modeling mask for better results.

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