Too important, 2-step Eye Care!

Time flies like an arrow. It feels like already being December even though I blinked my eyes once. By the way, when you look at the mirror, what do you see? Don’t you see the wrinkles around your eyes?

In fact, the eye zone is the thinnest area of our skin and this area is easy to be tired and dried. This is because there is no oil gland in the eye zone. Thus, this area can be dry out just like a desert. And dryness can accelerate wrinkle formation by reducing skin elasticity.

Surely, common skin care products like toners and creams are helpful for eye care. However, the importance of eye care should be stressed more and more.

There is an eye care kit in OxygenCeuticals’ product line. Using 2-step eye care items, 360 Eye Perfection Duo treats your eye zone thoroughly and more effectively. Let’s go over the OxygenCeuticals’ 2-step eye care now.

Step 1, brightening and reducing puffiness around your eyes with Age-Defying Eye Serum. This eye serum is double functional for alleviating wrinkles and skin-brightening effects. It is a non-sticky essence that is not only able to hydrate and nourish the eye zone, but also able to help to reduce under-eye bags.

As you know, most under-eye caring products are bit sticky and heavy for the thin skin. However, OxygenCeuticals Age-Defying Eye Serum has absolutely non-sticky and light texture so that you can apply it all around your eyes for 360 degrees. You can achieve more significant improvement when you massage your eye zone while you apply this eye serum.

Step 2, improve firmness and elasticity by using OxygenCeuticals Contour Firming Eye Cream. After hydrating, you have to keep moisture in your skin not to evaporate out by creating moisture layer and nourishing your skin. Contour Firming Eye Cream contains Adenosine and Squalene so it is particularly good for droopy eyes.

OxygenCeuticals’ eye cream has a lotion-y texture. Since it spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly, Contour Firming Eye Cream can be used by all ages from 20’s. It is not heavy but gives intensive moisture and nutrients that are vital for the eye zone.

As above mentioned, the eye zone can be dry out easily so it is very important to apply eye care items right after using toner. This can protect your skin around your eyes losing elasticity.

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