4 Steps of Skin Care for Acne Prone Skin

There are many reasons for skin break out. Imbalanced hormone secretion, irregular life cycle and external irritation from the environment. Recently, due to wearing masks all day, many people are suffering with skin troubles like pimple, acne, redness etc…

We are wearing mask to stay healthy, but our skin is getting worse because of it. We MUST wear mask for a while, then what should we do for our skin?

Basically, you should keep your life cycle regularly. Wake up in the morning and having meals at each proper time, go to bed earlier at least at 11 p.m.. However, more direct reason for this type of break out is because the imbalanced moisture and oil ratio on your skin.

Moisture & oil balance is important because it is related to sebum secretion and moisturizing. The lack of moisture induce overproduction of sebum to prevent loss of moisture so that your skin becomes oily and acne prone. On the other hand, lack of oil let your skin lose a lot of moisture, your skin will be dry and sensitive.

People know how important it is to cleanse their skin at the end of the day. However, there is an thing you might be missing. Most of cleansing foam in beauty market are promoting themselves like “we cleanse all of oil and dirt on your skin!”.

However, we have to remind that the moisture and oil balance is the key point of healthy skin. Lack of oil because of ‘too much’ cleansing let your skin dry, and your skin will release sebum much more to protect itself. It is a negative feedback.

OxygenCeuticals Purifying Foaming Wash is a kind of sub-acidic foaming cleanser. Sub-acid means pH 3 to pH 5 and it is the ideal acidity of healthy skin. Lots of beauty experts are using sub-acid foaming cleanser already. If you have been using ‘strong’ cleanser, a little variation of cleanser will give you a dramatic change.

OxygenCeuticals Purifying Foaming Wash is lightweight gel type cleanser. It passed the skin irritation test to prove it does not irritate at all. It can be used for every skin type even for ultra sensitive skin.

Commonly, sub-acidic cleansers are mild but they don’t cleanse as well as other alkaline cleanser. However, Purifying Foaming Wash has great cleansing effect because it makes tiny bubbles so that it can remove Blemish Balm by itself. Mild but powerful, isn’t it?

Most of people have combination skin type. Some area of a face is quite dry but some other area is oily. In this case, it is not easy to satisfy each area. Because when you use trouble care products only, part of your skin will be dry and it lead your skin to another skin troubles.

OxygenCeuticals provides a solution for this problem. There are 6 types of Fluids in OxygenCeutials’ product line. Today, I’m introducing you OxygenCeuticals Herbal Fluid.

Herbal Fluid is a liquid with a bit of stickiness containing ‘Anti-acne Complex’. Anti-acne Complex relieves skin troubles and controls sebum production. Also in contains Salicylic acid that dissolves old dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. It is also recommended for spot treatment.

If you care about tiny acne like comedonal acne which is triggered by lack of moisture, using Herbal Fluid along with Acell-300 Fluid, which is excellent for moisturizing, will let you achieve synergistic effect.

Treating different products everyday can be a little bit annoying. Then using daily care items might be a good complement. OxygenCeuticals Wintergreen line is the solution for downsizing pores and removing old dead skin cells.

OxygenCeuticals Purifying Wintergreen Serum and Cream is good for sebum controlling and removing extra dead skin cells. As you can predict form their name, these serum and cream is made up with wintergreen leaf extract. Wintergreen leaf contains salicylic acid also. So the natural salicylic acid exfoliate your skin mildly.

Purifying Wintergreen Serum and Cream also contains Dimethylsulfone, which has anti-inflammation effect, and Niacinamide that improves uneven skin tone. In other words, Purifying Wintergreen Serum and Cream not only prevents acne but also erases blemishes especially, the scars of acne.

Furthermore, both Purifying Wintergreen Serum and Cream passed the skin irritation test as Purifying foaming wash did, so they do not irritate your skin.

In fact, there are several witnesses who experienced the miracle of OxygenCeuticals Acne Line. After three weeks of trial, their skin had been improved and become healthier.

If you are concerned about your acne prone skin, why don’t you join in this ‘witness’ group by following these 4 steps of OxygenCeuticals’ acne care routine?

Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tips?

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