Let Your Skin Breathe even when You are Wearing Makeup

Last time, we learned how important the post-treatment care is. If you lost the last post, please read >>it<< first.

You can soothe your skin with professional care, but honestly, it takes time to completely recover your skin. Sometimes the redness on your face make you hesitate going outside. Also, especially in this hot and humid season, it is quite uncomfortable to put on heavy makeup.

So if you are looking for easy, simple and refreshing makeup look?

OxygenCeuticals has a renewal version of OxygenCeuticals O2 Cushion Kit. It consists of TP Sun Cream, Intensive Blemish Balm and O2 Cushion. All theses products give you weightless texture, so his kit can be used as daily makeup kit especially for this hot and humid season.

First, OxygenCeuticals TP Sun Cream has soft texture which can easily blend in with SPF45 PA +++ powerful UV rays blocking function. TP Sun Cream is one of the most popular products by its unique texture and pleasant fragrance.

It brightens the skin tone naturally and gives radiant look. But it is not sticky at all which is perfect for even for hot and humid weather.

Next product is OxygenCeuticals Intensive Blemish Balm. It’s also known as Dewy Oxygen BB cream. This product is loved by many people by its texture, effect such as brightening skin tone.

Many dermatology clinics use and recommend this Peptide BB cream. It’s safe for skin and enhances the skin regeneration. This BB cream is highly effective for skin with redness.

Even though OxygenCeuticals’ Oxygen BB Cream has only one shade, but every person can use it in hence of OxygenCeuticals’ special technique. For any skin type with any skin tone, it corrects the skin tone naturally and covers even blemish.

Last product is OxygenCeuticals O2 Cushion (No.21). O2 Cushion has two types of colors 21 and 23 but in this O2 Cushion Kit, there is only O2 Cushion with No.21.

The difference is clearly visible before and after applying. With cooling and easily applicable cushion, it is recommended to carry anywhere for correcting makeup. Moreover, with SPF45 UV rays blocking function, brightening and anti-aging effect, it’s multi-functional cushion.

For especially hot summer, don’t worry about heavy makeup. Use O2 Cushion Kit to block UV rays, cover blemish and make your skin look radiant.

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