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Today, we’re gonna learn how we can protect our skin from hot and humid weather.

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During summer, our skin is easily tired because of external stimuli.

The answer is,


Vitamins are well known of its antioxidant effect.

And it also protect skin so it relieves stress of skin.

An you know what?

The best combination among vitamins is vitamin C and Vitamin E.

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Serum 12/17, the vitamin serum of OxygenCeuticals includes

Vitamin C which brightens skin tone


Vitamin E that creates skin barrier and smoothens  skin texture.


There is a special feature in OxygenCeuticals’ vitamin serum.

Actually it is composed of vitamin E serum and vitamin C powder.

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It’s because vitamin C is not so stable in solution, so we deliver it as a powder form.


So, mix the powder to serum right before you use it, okay?

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People want to prevent aging and dull skin but isn’t it annoying to use sticky skincare product in summer?

However, Serum 12/17 has watery and very fresh texture so it’s really good for this season.



Furthermore, use Phyto Gel and B5 Gel together with Serum 12/17. It gives you a synergistic effects of  brightening and antioxidant.

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Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tips?!

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