2019 OxygenCeuticals October Exhibitions Snapshots


Hi guys!

Did you all enjoy your Halloween?107-1079583_30-halloween-emoji 


It’s already November, almost end of the year and it’s getting colder day by day.





Today we are going to show you the snapshots of our October shows.

Let’s take a look!




The first show is IECSC Florida  🙂




IECSC is an aesthetic & cosmetics show that happens in many states in USA where lot of SPA/salon owners and distributors visit.



We participated other IECSC shows before but it was the first time to participate in Florida IECSC show.

Many visitors were interested in our machines Oxycryo, AstrodomeFacial and post care program.




They experienced our oxyfacial at the booth and they were all very satisfied with our protocol!


You can see their glowing faces right? 😀




The second show was in China, Qingdao.

It was Qingdao international beauty show and was the first time too!





As you can see, we are fully prepared with all our items even for the overseas shows 😉


OxygenCeuticals is always ready for any visitor, buyers and consulting!


As we’ve been participating in China shows since long back, we get to meet same visitors in different shows. But this time, we got to meet many new buyers! (Maybe because it was our first time in Qingdao international beauty show)



All the visitors were so fascinated with our new machine AstrodomeFacial with Oxycryo!

It was a great opportunity to explore and test our machines.



The third show was Russia Intercharm. tenor







We’ve been participating in this show every year and many people visited us again. We’ve got positive feedback from the visitors about our products. They were satisfied with our products and happy to see us again at the show!



We showed our new machine AstrodomeFacial mask which can be connected to Oxycryo and offered special promotion as package.



The biggest merit of visiting our booth is that you can experience our program at the site itself during consulting.

The visitors’ satisfaction is very high after every demonstration ^0^



The last October expo is Canton Fair which is still ongoing now (Tomorrow will be the last day).






We participated last spring Canton Fair as well and unlike the other beauty shows, we had lot of the visitors who are distributors or importers both from China and foreign countries.



Though it is happening in Guangzhou, China, many foreign buyers visit this show.

So we are extremely pleased to meet many new international buyers from the show.


We look forward to see you more at the shows!






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