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Now it’s turning winter, our skin get affected by the season and weather change. So, what’s the secret to have beautiful skin even though the weather is cold and dry?

Healthy skin barrier is the key to have beautiful skin! Today, we are going to share about how to protect skin barrier with OxygenCeuticals.



What is skin barrier?

Skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin which helps protect your skin from damaging stressor and dehydration. It acts like a shield to keep the bad stuffs from entering and the good stuffs from leaving the skin. Therefore, it is important to protect and strengthen the skin barrier.


Now you know how significant that we should do the protection!!!





Let’s see which OxygenCeuticals products are excellent in protecting skin barrier.

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Skin Barrier Fluid is the guardian of skin barrier in OxygenCeuticals. With the blending of Adenosine and Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract, this Fluid helps energize skin surface, protect skin from free radicals, improve uneven skin tone and dullness.


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The formula is thick yet non greasy that makes your skin be more supported and firmed, leaving you healthy glowing skin.






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Skin Barrier ATO Cream is another guardian of skin barrier which is also known as redness reliever. Enriched with Fucoidan V, this cream helps protect , prevent moisture from leaving and soothe redness skin. Fucoidan V is extracted from Brown Seaweed in the ocean and it is good in protecting the seaweed itself from the current. It also brings the benefits to our skin, that is why we pick Fucoidan V as the ingredient.



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The formula is lightweight and flash-absorbing, leave you non oily feeling. It is suitable for sensitive skin or Atopy Dermatitis.



From the image above, you can see the difference before and after applying Skin Barrier ATO Cream.






Use Skin Barrier Fluid and Skin Barrier ATO Cream together to get better result! Skin Barrier Fluid helps your skin be more firmed and supported while Skin Barrier ATO Cream protects the skin in overall.




This is how we protect the skin barrier with OxygenCeuticals and get the skin ready for winter! Hope you enjoy!



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