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Recently, we have many inquiries about OxygenCeuticals training from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so I’m here to share you some information about the training.


FYI, we offer comprehensive off-site training with certain term and condition. Please contact us for more details if you are interested! Details below.




Wonder how OxygenCeuticals training will be?

The training is divided into two parts which are product and equipment.

1)Product training include :

  • How the products work
  • Which skin type the products suitable with
  • Sales point of products
  • etc

2)Equipment training include :

  • How to use the equipment
  • How to utilize the products with the equipment
  • How to combine the equipment with the protocol of treatment
  • etc
**Each training will be different depending on conditions





Let’s see the global training we had before!


Training in China

OxygenCeuticals exclusive massage technique is part of the training for intermediate level. This  technique is specially designed for face lifting.


This is the first time we had seminar in China

While conducting the training or seminar, the professional will  show you the details of products on the screen first and later show you the demonstration.


Training in US

Learning how to control the sprayer is always hard for the beginners. However, don’t worry! Practice makes perfect! 



Training in Vietnam

Our professionals will explain to you the products and equipment one by one and guide you patiently to make sure you are fully understood. 



This training service is to make sure those who have our products and equipment can fully utilize them and bring the benefits to those who need.

Please do not hesitate to drop us mail for more details!






Breathe life into skin with OxygenCeuticals

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