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Have you ever heard “Filaggrin” before?

DO:2 Activator contains Donghae Deep Sea Water which promotes production of Filaggrin.

So, let’s learn the benefits of Filaggrin and what it is!







giphy (1)

According to Wikipedia,

Filaggrin plays important role in skin barrier which is called Synthesize NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor).

It strengthen skin barrier and speed up cell renewal!

So if our skin is lack of this factor, your skin barrier is gonna weak and causing aging skin rapidly!! 🙁









You might be having a mental breakdown and would like to get Filaggrin immediately to protect your skin aging!


But, no worries with D:O2 Activator!!!!Take it slow! 😀

Now, we will learn the Oxygen and its benefits for the next step!











Break up with your sensitive and dry skin, I’m in Oxygen ~♬♪

-Song by Oxygen Grande


With Oxygen, you may solve the all skin problems, just take a look above image!

1.Defense Skin from Free Radical.

2.Calm the skin

3.Rich in moisture









But you may wonder what is the meaning of “Free Radical”:










What the……….??????????????








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I’ll explain you guys easily:

The free radical chain reaction may lead to broken cell membranes, which can alter what enters and exits the cell, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

The chain reaction may change the structure of a lipid, making it more likely to become trapped in an artery.

The damaged molecules may mutate and grow tumors.

Or, the cascading damage may change DNA code.

Free radicals are also associated with aging.

“The free radical theory of aging states that we age because of free radical damage over time,” said Wright.

Free radicals can damage DNA’s instructional code, causing our new cells to grow incorrectly, leading to aging.

-copyright from LiveScience

Therefore, Oxygen protects your skin from Free Radicals which makes your skin aging!








Got it? I hope so! ;D











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NO LPG! No Nitrogen!

You can use D:O2 Activator safely for making Glass and Dewy Skin!









Just Twist the bottom part and see the Fresh and Pure Oxygen is coming out from cartridge! 










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We hope you get these info would beneficial to all of you guys !

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Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

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