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Hi guys, today we want to introduce our superlative beauty machine called “OXYCRYO” !

Now let’s begin!



What is the Oxygen Therapy?

Most of women will know about the post treatment well, but OXYCRYO is unique item you’ve never heard before.

In dermatology and plastic surgery, laser, peeling, botox surgery etc. are used most often as pre&post-treatment programs.

It is possible to recover and regenerate by injecting pure oxygen and active solution immediately after strong treatment with bleeding and pain of Fraxel & MTS>

It is safe and innovative next-generation multi-care program.



Now this is the most important part in introduction of OXYCRYO, let’s check the benefit&effect.

Above picture you may see, there are 4 technology in OXYCRYO.

1.Oxygen Mist Therapy

:Provides pure oxygen and nutrients to the skin in a spraying way to quickly promote collagen formation and damaged skin regeneration without the risk of infection.

2.Oxygen Anion Therapy

:When the number of anions increases in blood, electric exchange of substances promotes in the cellular membrane and purifies blood. Enhances immunity against infection.

3.Medical Ozone Therapy

:Ozone Therapy promotes blood circulation to carry renewed life to cells, increasing oxygen in every cell in the skin and providing it with energy and vitality. Since the treatment is a natural anti-oxidant, it eliminates viruses, bacteria and other impurities.

4.Oxygen Dissection

:Oxygen dissection is a strong oxygen pressure into  the skin, that opens the skin layer up to improve blood flow and quickly improve skin pigmentation due to micro-inflammation.




Now let’s watch the OXYCRYO short video clip!




Above video clip is the demonstration with OXYCRYO !

Clients who got the demonstration with OXYCRYO are always satisfied it.



The last video clips is about review of model whom got demonstration with our OXYCRYO.

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