Thanks God, It’s BLACK FRIDAY!

Black Friday is around the corner. People are hunting, stores are releasing the prey. It is the best time to shop for what you want but hesitate to buy. If you were hesitating to be an OxygenCeuticals user, why don’t you jump on the bandwagon now? Well, there are several items beloved by many customers in 2020. Let look into them.

First, OxygenCeuticals Pore Mask took a place for the best of 2020. Many people, regardless of their age and gender, love this foam cleanser because it takes off excese oil from your skin. Especially men, who usually have more oily skin compared to women, prefer Pore Mask.

Its dense and whipped creamy bubbles, containing lavender oil and oxygen, let you be able to cleanse your skin clearly without any irritation. In fact, many of dermal clinics and spas are using this bubble cleanser to their clients before starting pure oxygen therapy and AstrodomeFacial.

By the way, how do the tiny-dense bubbles cleanse your skin more clearly? It is because smaller bubbles are not only able to get into your pores easily due to its size but also able to take out pollutants and body wastes in hence of its large surface. Also, the bubble creates a layer on your face for more effective cleansing without strong pressure.

Secondly, there is a green miracle serum in OxygenCeuticals named Phyto Gel. It can brighten and moisten your skin at the same time. Actually, the brightening effect of this serum has been proved by authorized laboratory. Its niacinamide helps your skin to revive vitality so that skin become radiant like lightened from inside.

Honestly, a lot of serums featuring brightening effect are usually not so hydrating. However, OxygenCeuticals Phyto Gel contains Sodium hyaluronate and Morus Alba root extracts to moisturize and smoothen the skin. It is literally 3-in-1 serum for hydrating, brightening and nourishing your skin!

Which one took the other crown? Third ones are Acell-300 Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum. These are steady-selling combination of OxygenCeuticals. These are good for these dry and cold seasons to protect your skin from being dehydrated and being damaged particularly for super-dry skin.

Acell-300 Fluid is famous of its oil-like texture without any oil. It is because OxygenCeuticals’ special manufacturing technology, ‘hydrolipophilic technique’. It is bit thick right after applying on your skin but it is absorbed quickly leaving shimmer. This serum is highly recommended to people who feel tension inside of their skin.

Moisture Aqua Serum goes well with Acell-300 Fluid. As named Moisture Aqua Serum, it contains Hyaluronic acid which moistens and repairs the skin. Without any acne-causing and irritating ingredient, it is suitable for every skin type even for ultra-sensitive skin.

Next, the very basic item of Korean skincare routine, sheet masks. OxygenCeuticals have recently released Ceutisome Mask trio, Ceutisome CC, AG and PP Mask. They were introduced in previous post few weeks ago looking into their special functions. Although they’ve been released quite recently, they became popular among OxygenCeuticals’ products.

Considering Mother Nature, their sheets are made from naturally-derived substances. Thus, these three sheets don’t irritate both your skin and nature!

The last one taking honor is, TP Sun Cream. Why is it named ‘sun cream’, not a sunscreen or sunblock? It is because TP Sun Cream is more like moisturizer with SPF45 PA+++. To be honest, sunscreen is not included in makeup steps anymore. It is a vital item for your skin now.

Containing Hyaluronic acid, this sunscreen moisturizes your skin and leaves your skin glow. When you apply this sunblock on your skin, you can feel how smooth it spreads. It also slightly brighten up your skin tone after rubbing.

Have you decided what you take from OxygenCeuticals? You’d be better to hurry up, time is running out! Tick tock..!

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Enjoy in Double with Double Cleansing

It is already close to the end of October. The big event in October is definitely Halloween. Although Halloween has been a festival these days, it is originated from the Celtic tradition. Celts believed that the ghosts come to earth on this day hence they light bonfire and dress like ghosts to ward them off. Recently, people enjoy Halloween with scary but funny costumes, trick-or-treating, and parties.

Unfortunately, it is unable to get together physically in hence of the pandemic, but we still can ‘see’ each other through the online services. Why don’t you wear costumes, put on makeup and enjoy online-party?

Meanwhile, you should not forget to cleanse off your face clearly after parties. You must mind your skin under the heavy makeup. Surprisingly, Koreans, famous for their fair skin, put the cleansing in their skincare routine. Also, they do cleansing twice!

Double cleansing literally means cleansing two times. The primary cleansing is to remove makeup with makeup removers, and the secondary cleansing is to wash your face using foaming cleansers. Let’s look into the details.

In case of the first cleansing, cleansers usually have oil-y ingredients to dissolve makeup products like foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, etc… OxygenCeuticals have 2 types of primary cleanser.

Double Makeup Remover is able to be used as a makeup remover as it named, but actually you can use it as a cleansing oil. Double functioning, the reason it named ‘Double Makeup Remover‘.

Even though this makeup remover is oil-type cleanser, the oil in it is water-soluble. Therefore, it’s sensation is not so thick and sticky unlike other oil cleansers.

When you use this cleanser as a makeup remover, you shall put some of it on the wet cotton pad and wipe out the point makeups like eyelines, mascaras, and so on. The key point is, WET COTTON PAD. Since it contains water-soluble oil, the remover emulsifies when it blended with water. In result, emulsified cleanser takes off the makeups well so you don’t have to rub your face strongly.

Meanwhile, you shall apply the Double Makeup Remover all over your face and rub it gently. After that, massage your face with wet hands until the oil turns to white and opaque liquid. Wash it off with lukewarm water to finish the primary cleansing.

There might be people who think oil cleansers are bit heavy for them, yet. OxygenCeuticals has prepared another first cleanser for those people. OxygenCeuticals Gentle Facial Cleansing Lotion is a kind of cleansing cream but bit more light and soft. It doesn’t leave any greasiness but not dry at all.

It is easy to get rid of the makeups and other pollutants on your face when you use this primary cleanser. It doesn’t need strong pressure when you’re rubbing this on your face. It melts makeup fast and easily so what you have to do is just rub your face gently and then wipe it off or wash it off with lukewarm water. You can see how it is mild but powerful in the above video.

Following the first cleansing, shall we move on to the secondary cleansing? As you know, most primary cleansers contain oil to remove makeup effectively. What the matter is, it can cause the skin troubles when this oil remains on your face, especially in your pores. So the cleansers for secondary cleansers are usually soap-type cleansers to remove remaining oil effectively.

OxygenCeuticals have 2 types of secondary cleansers. Let’s starts with OxygenCeuticals Pore Mask. Pore Mask is one of the best and steady selling products in OxygenCeuticals, featured as its whipped creamy dense bubble foam.

A small amount of Pore Mask can make plenty of tiny bubbles, which can reach to the very bottom of pores and get rid of all wastes. Containing oxygen and lavender oil, it does not only cleans the wastes but also removes dead skin cells on your face.

You may remember that the Korean think skincare starts from cleansing. So do the dermatologists. Many Korean medi-spas and dermatological clinics are using this Pore Mask for their clients and patients before they start medical treatment.

It cleans the skin debris like sebum and dead skin cells really well, and it leaves crisp skin as well. In this case, it is suitable not only for women but also for men so when you get Pore Mask in your house, every member of your family can use it together.

If you have ultra-sensitive skin, you must look at OxygenCeuticals Purifying Foaming Wash. It is slightly acidic which is the ideal pH level of the skin surface. Most foaming cleanser in the market are alkaline so they raise the skin’s pH level. Then skin became dry and it is not a good sign for people whose skin is super sensitive.

On the other hand, sub-acidic cleansers like Purifying Foaming Wash help skin to retain moisture in it so they are suitable for extremely sensitive skin. Purifying Foaming Wash balance the pH so that skin remains the its ideal condition. By keeping sub-acidic pH level, skin is able to protect itself from the external pollutants.

If you want to use both secondary cleansers, I would recommend you to use Purifying Foaming Wash for mild cleansing in the morning and Pore Mask for deep cleansing in the evening.

So, enjoy the happy Halloween with various makeup looks and enjoy the improvement of your skin with double cleansing!

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