Daily Sun Protection!



Hi guys~!

Do you feel weather is getting hotter day by day?!

Due to hot weather, your face and makeup will get messy due to sweating!






So today’s topic is about Sun Protection without making your skin sticky and greasy!

Usually waterproof sunscreen or some sun blocks just make your skin very sticky or greasy.

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So OxygenCeuticals TP Sun Cream is here to solve you problem! 🙂

It’s mixed sunscreen that combined the advantages of physical and chemical sunscreens.

Very mild sunscreen and is the choice of many dermatology clinics in Korea as well !





3 EN



TP Sun Cream which contains Hyaluronic Acid and Oxygen is non-irritating, hydrating that corrects your skin tone naturally bright.

Of course it’s not greasy and sticky so it’s preferred by many people all over the world ! 😀

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4 EN



TP Sun Cream with high capacity of hydrating skin,  not only provides great texture but it increases even the moisture level on skin in real !








Maybe you must be wondering because it’s hydrating, it might be sticky?

The answer is NO.

It completely gets absorbed into skin, leaving skin smooth and unsticky.

TP Sun Cream is perfect daily sunscreen 🙂






Intensive Blemish Balm is one of the best combination products for TP Sun Cream.

It’s peptide BB cream which is mild that you can apply after TP Sun Cream.

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Various ingredients that are effective and helpful in soothing skin, keep skin hydrated and soothe sensitive skin.

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OxygenCeuticals TP Sun Cream is also in mini kit that is easy to carry around.







The mini kit consists of soft and hydrating TP Sun Cream for daily sun protection




10 EN


and OxygenCeuticals waterproof sun block Leports Sun Block 🙂






Don’t expose your skin to harmful UV rays.

Protect your skin because your skin is precious!





Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tip?!

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Official OxygenCeuticals – http://oxygenceuticals.com/

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Official Amazon OC Store – https://www.amazon.com/oxygenceuticals

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