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Hi guys~!

It’s beautiful, warm season Spring !

Do you get skin troubles because of wearing masks? :S

So here we are, to introduce you very essential skincare step, “Exfolation / Peeling” !!


Skin becomes even more sensitivie due to dust, pollution and wearing masks whole day.

If your cosmetics and products are not getting absorbed well into skin,,,then…


Now it’s time to exfoliate your skin with OxygenCeuticals Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel & Double Peel~!!


“Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel”

It’s Gentle Exfoliant for Face, easy to use 🙂


After applying some amouont, when you rub gently, dead skin cells and debris get removed easily.


Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel is formulated with natural papaya enzymes, suitable for sensitive skin to accomplish mild and gentle exfoliation without skin irritation.


Translucent colored and essence type of Enzyme Peel minimize the irritation on skin and can loosen and remove dead skin cells, promote younger cells by gentle exfoliation.

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“Double Peel”

This is another type of peel/exfoliator which is chemical peel.

#AHA # BHA #Chemicalpeel


It is in liquid form that you can apply with brush and wash off with water after some time.

Double Peel is effective in exfoliation by AHA whereas BHA helps in removal of black head and white head.

#Blackhead #Whitehead #Exfoliation #Peeling


Double Peel is effective and recommended especially on acne skin or oily skin.

If you just take care of your skin by regular peeling and exfoliation, your skin will be glowy and healthy without going to skin clinics!

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