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Due to changes in weather, you must be having several skin concerns.


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So today, I’d like to introduce you the skincare the dermatology clinics are actually doing in REAL!

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Have you had any treatment at dermatology for skin brightening ?

There are many programs for improving skin tone and brightening but 2 points are the most important !

  1. Peeling/Exfoliation & skin elasticity
  2. Daily skincare with brightening products

So, let’s see what are those skincare tips !


Usually people visit dermatology clinic and get peeling treatment but in general, it’s very aggressive procedure and irritates skin alot.

Also, it takes long time for skin to recover which is disadvantage.

Moreover, people complaint that they have to give much attention to their skin because of harsh treatment.

Despite the inconvenience, people would still get the treatment because of its definite result and effect.

But what if, there is peeling care that overcomes these disadvantages?


OxygenCeuticals ‘SPICULE REGENTOX’ is the upgraded version of other peeling products that overcomes various disadvantages of other brands’ peeling products !

Spicule Regentox contains “spicule” ingredient derived from fine cilium which is marine organism grown in the ocean !

And this spicule is applied on skin to penetrate and work as peeling 🙂


Skin tries to push out and excrete the spicules from skin layer and during this process, dead skin cells get removed and new cells are promoted to form.

Finally #peeling #exfoliation and improvement in skin elasticity can be managed together by SPICULE REGENTOX !


Because the spicule content is appropriate, it minimizes the skin irritation and there is no need to have separate skin regenerating treatment.

After application, you can put makeup and go back to your daily normal routine 🙂

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Next, let’s take a look at brightening products !


There are so many skin brightening products in the market.

But we need to check the ingredient of the product for brightening 🙂


OxygenCeuticals had chosen “GIGA WHITE ” among many ingredients for brightening function.

Wait, are you curious what is GIGA WHITE?


It is a combination of 7 different plant extracts that are cultivated in Alpes area of Switzerland for brightening effect.


Glutathione Ampoule is white colored, essence texture used as daily ampoule or spot care on hyperpigmented area or used while self massaging.

Glutathione Ampoule gets absorbed well into skin without giving greasy feeling and makes skin tone clear, bright and healthy.

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There is another kit that contains Gluatathione Ampoule, that is Glutathione Tone Up Kit !



Glutathione Tone Up kit contains Glutathione tone up cream which brightens your skin tone instantly which you can apply before makeup as base.


You can apply Glutathione tone up cream without any foundation to avoid makeup but makes you look naturally bright 🙂

If other brightening / tone up creams are dry,

OxygenCeuticals Glutathione tone up cream is so smooth and hydrating.

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Was it helpful to know about our special beauty tips?!

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