Best Foam Cleansing Choice for my skin!

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The weather is getting warmer & warmer
but some of you guys may be worried because of sensitive skin in-between seasons.


I would like to recommend great foam cleansing for you guys especially in-between seasons!

Are you guys ready~?


Cleansing is the first step of skincare!
After you put on make-up, it is really important to remove the make-up very clearly before you go to sleep!
You could choose the right cleansing product according to your skin-type ~


Let’s choose the best foam cleansing for my skin!
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The first product that I want to introduce is “Pore Mask” which is OxygenCeuticals’ product.


“Pore Mask” is a great product that has big & soft bubbles!
This soft & big bubbles could decrease skin’s sensitivity
and could cleanse your face 🙂

It could refresh your skin by reaching deep into pores boosting out dirt & oils with this rich foaming face cleanser! This product helps remove blackhead ~

It is effective especially for sensitive, dry, mature and aging skin types! This bubbles feel great since it is so smooth ~



If you use pore mask and OxygenCeuticals Cryogenic Activator at a 1:3 ratio and mix these two products together, it could make bigger & softer bubbles ~

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The second product that I would like to introduce is “Purifying Foaming Wash”!
This is another product in OxygenCeuticals.

This “Purifying Foaming Wash” is a bubble rich PH 5.0 Balanced cleanser.
This foaming gel face wash is very gentle, PH 5, Oil-free and paraben-free formula that is suitable for all skin types.

You do not have to worry about sensitive and blemish skin type!

This product contains natural ingredients extracted from plants that help maintain skin texture smooth and soft. Lavender Oil, Apricot Extracts and Allantoin cleans up the complexion and vitalize the skin.



This Foaming wash cleanser is trustworthy since there has been a clinical test on safety of this product. It has no allergy on skin! You could trust this product to make beautiful skin~

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Choose the product that you recommend ~
Do not worry about sensitive skin!


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