Clean & Safe Hand Sanitizer

Hello everyone~!

I hope everyone is doing great
but I am sure many of you guys are worried because of Corona Viruses these days..

It has become a serious problem across the world
and almost everyone is wearing masks to protect themselves.
How sad 🙁



Corona viruses can cause fever, sore throat and respiratory problems.
In serious cases, it can even lead to death so, it is extremely important to prevent ourselves from getting those terrible viruses !!

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Then how do we protect ourselves from Corona Viruses?


It is to use clean and safe hand Sanitizer!
You might ignore the importance of using hand sanitizer but it is really important to use!
I even use it regularly to protect myself from Corona Viruses.


Our Hand Sanitizer contains natural ingredients which is really safe to use!
It contains 62% of Ethanol.


Are you curious about our product ingredients further more?

Key ingredients are Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract,
Prunella Vulgaris Leaf Extract, Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Extract and so on…

Too many to mention all good ingredients BUT I am sure you know the benefits of leaf, root, fruit extracts 🙂

Even if you use this hand sanitizer that contains alcohol,
it can soothe your skin because of nice natural ingredients combined.



You could hand-carry this product which is so comfortable to use!
You can use this at any time and anywhere!
Isn’t it great?

I am sure you guys are aware that indoor is more dangerous than outdoor
since a lot of people stay indoor at the same time.

Be careful when you visit hospital because there could be harmful viruses due to patients! You need to use hand sanitizer to protect yourself from viruses.

Also, so many people use public transportation every day and after touching handles, doors, phones and so on.. It is important to clean yourself!
But it is difficult to find the toilet right away so, why don’t use use hand sanitizer to use whenever you want!

Especially when you have a baby, it is much more important to clean yourself since he or she has weak immune system.

Use hand sanitizer after outdoor activity as well!!


Let’s see how to use this Hand Sanitizer!




It is so simple!
You just use enough amount on your hand
and rub evenly between the palm of the hand, back of the hand, fingers!

Just let it dry and it would not take long!
Simple, isn’t it? 🙂


Let’s stay healthy!

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