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Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of skin laser procedures that you guys are familiar with! I believe that so many of you guys who are now looking at this oxygenceuticals blog have tried skin laser procedures!


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After getting skin laser procedures, how are you guys dealing with the post-care?

                       Oxygenceuticals will explain about beauty number 2 tips !!


“Post-care for skin laser procedure” 


Before we talk about post-care for skin laser procedure, we will tell you about laser for a beginner in beauty surgery ~

The most basic question!

“What is laser procedure?”


Laser is a procedure that uses light energy with constant wavelengths to focus energy on the area that is in need of treatment to cure by temporarily using strong force.  

It does not include using knife so, recovery rate is much faster, scar does not last long and also it does not take long time so, skin laser procedure is something that people ordinarily get. 

It is a treatment that is used not only in cosmetic and treatment procedures of dermatology, but also in ENT, ophthalmology, and department of surgery.

Laser surgery is not that complicated, right?

There are so many laser procedures but now I am going to talk about the most
well-known 3 surgical procedures!


    1. Improves wrinkles, texture, and elasticity of skin

Lifting Laser! One of surgical procedure that many women prefer!

For those people who are sad because of their loose skin, if you guys get this laser procedure that is good for lifting, elasticity, your satisfaction will be extremely high!

Not only for elasticity, but you could get different kinds of surgical procedures for skin texture, wrinkles and so on.



2. Waxing 

One of most popular surgical procedure that people get is waxing laser

When the weather gets hot, a lot of people wear short pants, skirts so, they want to get surgical procedure to remove unwanted hair on their exposed body.

If you get surgical procedure by using laser, hair will get loose and the amount of growing hair will decrease.

Recently, waxing laser is really popular so, people get waxing laser not only on their arms, legs, armpits but also on their hairline, bikini line and so on 🙂


3. Pigment, Scar, Birthmark

If you guys are worried about shadows under your eyes because of aging
or trouble scars because of too many acnes or birthmark,
you could get laser procedures to take care of it!

In the past, dye laser has affected skin badly by using strong wavelength but laser machines have developed a lot these days so, it has become hypoallergenic and we are trying hard to increase the amount of effects so, it is operating well.

 If you look at these benefits, it looks like laser procedures take care of everything but laser procedures make injuries, stimulate skins so, post-care is much more important than taking laser procedures! 

Were you aware that just by taking post-care, it could make laser effects 2 months ~ 3 months longer and much better?


A lot of people look for medical skincare brand called ‘oxygenceuticals’ after laser procedures!
After laser procedure, how would you take care of it!?



Soothing, moisturizing care
Post-care GEL type Toner “Toning Gel”!

You could use oxygenceuticals Toning Gel just after surgical procedure so that it could make your skin relaxed, regenerate and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is not sticky and it is gel type so, it is easy to use and the moisture and hydration is amazing!

Laser procedure includes light, heat so, if you do not care to moisturize your skin, it could get sensitive! If you got laser procedure, it is essential to take care to moisturize your skin!


Soothing sensitive skin Post-care
“Cell Couperose Line” 

Oxygenceuticals Couperose Ample and couperose cream is to soothe sensitive skin such as flushed skin and sensitive skin after surgical procedure.

Especially, couperose cream contains 7 organic plant extracts so, it does not put burden on the skin and is used for sensitive skin. If you use this with couperose ample, the soothing effects will significantly improve!

“PP Cream” helps not to lose moisture
PP Cream is for post-care

In many Korean  plastic surgery clinics and dermatology clinics, it has been used a lot!

The type of ointment texture helps not to lose moisture under the skin after laser procedure and it protects from stresses!

Couperose Ample + Couperose Cream is really light and hydrating so, this product is needed on the skin not to lose moisture!

“Sun care” after laser procedures

I am sure for those people who have tried laser procedure, a lot of doctors say

“You have to use sun cream!!”


After laser procedures, if skin layer gets thinner, the skin tries to protect itself by making pigments but you would get sad if you tried laser procedures to make white and beautiful skin but your pigments try to appear again!

Not only pigments but the skin will get more sensitive and dry if the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light after laser procedure.
The most important thing is to protect your skin from ultraviolet light!


Oxygenceutical’s TP Suncream is the one you could use right after laser procedure that could protect from ultraviolet light!
It could make your skin moisturized by preventing it from dehydrating and since it is soft, you could use it on a sensitive skin!


“Post care” could increase recovery rate


In dermatology clinic, after the surgical procedure, they help you with post-care by using cooling or cool-pack but it does not really help you with recovery rate.

Oxygenceutical’s pure oxygen therapy device called Oxycryo and Astrodome Facial is for post-care and it uses biochemical principles by using oxygen and anion with skin cooling. It could help with the skin recovery so, it alleviates pain and increase recovery rate!


In Gangnam’s big plastic surgery clinics and dermatology clinics, you could find Oxygenceutical’s post-care devices!

We have talked about how to care for skin after laser procedures and so many people are interested in laser procedures especially in winter compared to summer so, I hope this blog helped you with finding information about laser procedures 🙂


Surgical procedures are important but the most important thing is post-care !

Don’t forget guys~!


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