Do You Know Anti-Aging?


It’s a word that the women and men in their 20 must have heard about it at least once.


“Anti-aging care is so essential”

So what and how exactly anti-aging care is?


Before start talking about anti-aging care, there is something we should know

Skin Aging



There are many factors cause skin aging. However, there are four iconic factors that everyone should know. Let’s see what’s the four.

<1>Loss of elasticity


As everyone knows, collagen gives the skin suppleness and strength. Nowadays, people make it for physical use and also edible.

So, how does the skin aging related to collagen?

Collagen can be found in dermis layer. If the collagen fails to function properly, the skin will lose elasticity and not firm. The wrinkles then appear and causing the skin to sag. This could actually make you look older then your actual age.



<2> Stress


“Stress is the health epidemic of 21st century” revealed by World Health Organisation(WHO). It has negative effect not only on mental health but also speed up cellular aging. Under the influence by stress, the cells stop being healthy, ceased to function properly and appear aged in the end.

Stress is the new biological clock and it is so powerful that can age us prematurely.



<3> Ultraviolet


Q. I am so worried about the wrinkles and sagging skin.

A. Don’t forget to apply sun block every day even if you are in indoor.

Ultraviolet(UV) is the main cause of premature aging in skin which is known as photoaging. When UV rays hits the skin, they interact with melanin. Melanin is the first line of protection and absorb UV in order to protect the skin from being tan. If the amount of UV exposure exceeds the protection by melanin which will lead to sunburn. Excess exposure can lead to fine lines, wrinkles.



<4> Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS)



Human being needs energy to live and oxygen is the main source to produce energy for the entire body. However, reactive oxygen species are generated as by-products during the production of energy. Increase amount of ROS may lead to an acceleration in aging.

The enemy of ROS is antioxidant. If the antioxidants are increased in our body, the amount of ROS will be reduced. Therefore, the process of aging of skin and body will be slow down as well. The antioxidants can be found in food and also the skincare.





Now let’s see how OxygenCeuticals does anti-aging care.

Anti-aging is defined as prevent the appearance of getting older. In cosmetics, there are products with anti-aging function which mean helps prevent signs of aging, in other words, slow down aging.

Skin starts to age around 25 years old so we should do anti-aging care once we step in 20 years old. The big difference can be seen compared to those who have not started their anti-aging care in 30 years old. Here, we are going to talk about Age Defying Caviar Kit.


Age Defying Caviar Kit is the hot selling and iconic anti-aging line in OxygenCeuticals. It is consisted of Caviar Protein Fluid and Age Defying Caviar Cream. This is a brightening and age prevention 2-in-1 kit.

What is it:

This kit helps to lift, firms, and provide a long-lasting tensing effect to the skin. Caviar has been proven as one of the most hydrating and aging reversal agent available. This kit softens the skin, and smooth out wrinkles while giving you bright skin.


9 EN

This is the clinical result of using Age Defying Caviar Kit for two and four weeks.


In fact, the feedback of using Age Defying Caviar Kit from aged 20 and 30 are pretty good as the texture itself is lightweight and silky. “Even though the caviar cream is not rich , the hydration still last longer”, the feedback from the 40, 50 and beyond.


We hope you enjoy what we’ve shared this week!



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