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Today we’d like to share the snapshots of Vancouver Esthetique Spa International (a.k.a ESI)

★ From now on, Let’s see the snapshots Vancouver Show


▲ Here is our booth in Vancouver show

You can see our best selling products and new machines

🙂 How is it? Is it good?


▲ Our staff always welcome to you and explain oxygen therapy easily and kindly

▶ If you want to wonder our brand or ask question, why don’t you come our booth in Philadelphia show and Dallas Show?

🙂 We hope that we can meet you


Let’s see the person who is using our new machine, Astrodome Facial

You can use our best selling products and new machines for free if you visit our booth

🙂 Also you can purchase them more cheaper in Philadelphia show and Dallas show


 Our new machine, Astrodome Facial

Astrodome Facial is most suitable for scaling and spraying Cryogenic Activator to soothe the skin with the spraying gun beside the equipment.

The Astrodome Facial Therapy’s NIR and LED Therapy are the main function.
Basically, FIR(Far-Infrared Radiation) cant penetrate deeply into skin.
As result, we choose NIR therapy (instead of FIR)which can penetrate deeply in to dermis layer and activates Mitochondria to generate ATP.

Also, LED therapy is consisted of three different lights which show different function.

Let’s see the detail info of these LED lights.

❤ Red Light(630nm): Skin rejuvenation, brightening. Improves elasticity through collagen activation.

💙 Blue Light(465nm): Anti-Acne. Controls sebum secretion.

💜 Violet Light(1095nm): Wound healing, Anti inflammatory.

                                     ❤ ❤ Astrodome Facial  ❤❤

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This link is a video for introducing our new machine, Astrodome Facial


Our best selling products 

This is our best selling products

★ Couperose Fluid (50ml)

★ Nutrient Toner (300ml)

★ B5 Gel (300ml)

★ Age Defying Cavira Cream (50ml)

★ Contour Firming Eye Cream (70ml)

▼ If you wanna get more, please visit our website 

US & Canada Official Shopping Mall: https://us.oxygenceuticals.com

▶ Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/oxygenceuticals

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