2019 Introduction of New Arrival Astrodome Facial

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Today, we’d like to introduce you our New Arrival Post-care Equipment, AstrodomeFacial

The story behind AstrodomeFacial is originated from Astronaut who is covered by oxygen mask to survive in outer space.

To be fair, 2 weeks ago I already had posted about this so that someone might be already known about this in detail 🙂

Hence, now let’s learn more details about this!♥

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One of great benefits of AstrodomeFacial is using spraying gun for scaling and give your skin a thorough mist for soothing.

Also it is possible to care 2 clients and 2 beds at once 🙂

It is possible to do the facial treatments for two clients at the same time too

Your skin will feel soothed with professional hand technique using spraying gun with Cryogenic Activator.

Cryogenic Activator a.k.a Deep Sea Mineral Water is rich in Dissolved Oxygen & Mineral which is good for skin soothing


You wanna get this? We have two version for these, one is for professional size and the other is for retail size:)

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After scaling and special hand technique, it is ampoule step by using OxygenCeuticals Formula Series

You may replace the Cryogenic Activator to OxygenCeuticals Formula Series for next steps therapy depending on clients’ skin types.

We have four kinds of Formulas(a.k.a. Amino Acids Ampoule)

  1. Oxygen Formula – For all skin types
  2. Hydrating Formula – For dry skin type
  3. Exfoliant Formula – For acne skin type
  4. Couperose Formula – For sensitive skin type

If you wanna get them? 🙂

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The next step is mixing HA Gel and Toning Gel to apply as a base for moisturizing the skin before using Facial Dome.

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180111_보민 ha젤+겔마스크_3.jpg

Also, you can use this step (Toning Gel + HA Gel) as sleeping mask at home.

▼check it out the video below:

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▶Toning Gel: https://us.oxygenceuticals.com/products/toning-gel

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When the step of applying the HA Gel and Toning Gel finished, get start to prepare Astro Facial Dome and safety glasses.

※Please cover your eyes by safety glasses to protect your eyes from LED during this therapy.

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To be honest, OCQUEST Astrodome Facial Therapy’s NIR and LED Therapy are the main function.
Basically, FIR(Far-Infrared Radiation) cant pepnetrate deeply into skin.
As result, we choose NIR therapy (instead of FIR)which can penetrate deeply in to dermis layer and activates Mitochondria to generate ATP.

For LED therapy, there are three different lights and each light has different function which you can find below.

❤Red Light(630nm): Brightening, Firming Skin

💙Blue Light(465nm): Relieve skin troubles (acne, excessive sebum)

💜Violet Light(1095nm): Soothing and Calming skin after procedure

Details with FAQ:

1. What is AstroDome Facial? 
330 breathe life into your skin! [3 steps & 30 minutes]

2. How it works?
1) Oxy_Resurfacing
: Uncover a new layer of skin with cryo exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing
– Pore mask / Deep cleanse
– Cryogenic Activator / Skin scaling
2) Oxy_Formular infusing

: Saturate the skin’s surface with nutrients, antioxidants, peptides to maximize skin glow.

– Fuse + Hydrate + Protect .
3) Chromotherapy with Anion Mist

:LED light, NIR along with Anion mist to stimulate skin rejuvenation and improve skin condition.

– Safe, non-invasive, results oriented, good for all skin types
– Chromotherapy + NIR + Anion Mist

3. Where to use it? :

Aesthetic dermatology clinic. Plastic surgery. SPA&Salon. Otorhinolaryngology. Home care


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It’s time to apply the “Cryogel Velvet Mask” for finishing step! 🙂

You must get satisfied with super amazing moisturized skin★☆

If you wanna get this? 🙂

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Plus, if you’d like to purchase this or separate products each of them, you may go to the official shopping mall’s websites below:

Official Website(US)http://us.oxygenceuticals.com

Official Websitehttp://www.oxygenceuticals.com

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Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand! 🙂

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