2018 OxygenCeuticals Model’s secret key of making moisturized skin

Howdy OC Friends!🙂

Now, we are in a cold and shivering season which make evaporate moisturizing on skin 🙁

Also You may worry about your skin get dried or crumbled without elasticity.

But we get the solution products which contained high percentage of moisture, full of collagen!!!!

Guess what? 🙂




We’d like to introduce you today products : Bio Matrix Collagen Kit!


Now let’s figure it out the specification of this and see the secret keys of our new model’s smooth and moisturized skin♥






▲She is our new model, Marina, will help us enhancing our brand images from now on 🙂 

Giver her a warm welcome, also for our products♥


Now, let’s see the detail of specification of the products !★☆





First, before using this, please remove the sealing of the Marine Collagen Ball which is ‘freeze dried’ and put it in the small glass bowl.

Beauty FAQ)What is the benefits of ‘freeze dried’ Marine Collagen?

A method in which collagen is rapidly cooled to dry and then produced in the form of a high molecular weight water-soluble polymer which produces a solid matter in the form of a lump







Using Method:

1. Open up the sealed capsule. Drop out the Collagen Ampoule Booster on the
Bio Matrix Collagen Ball and mix it together circular motion until it melts.

2. Apply to whole face & neck and massage gently in a circular motion until it is absorbed.






▲Still cut images of Marina using the pack brush to apply the dissolved collagen ball on her skin! Isn’t she lovely? ♥









Also you may use it to clients or VIPs in the aesthetic shop or clinic for special treatment!







Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand! 🙂


+)More info you want to get? : 


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