2018 China International Beauty Expo

Howdy OC Friends!πŸ™‚

Today we’d like to share you 2018 China International Beauty Expo snapshots.



κ΄‘μ €μš° λ°•λžŒνšŒ ν˜„μž₯_메인_영.jpg

Brief Information about China International Beauty Expo

*Date: 2th-4th, September

*Booth Number: Hall 10.2 / L19-3




κ΄‘μ €μš° λ°•λžŒνšŒ ν˜„μž₯_사진1.jpg

There are so many people came to the expo to see around the each booths! πŸ™‚






κ΄‘μ €μš° λ°•λžŒνšŒ ν˜„μž₯_사진2.jpg

See the people who stopped by out booth to test samples and new products!!!

Especially, fluid lines look colorful and neat! β™₯





κ΄‘μ €μš° λ°•λžŒνšŒ ν˜„μž₯_사진3.jpg

Also you may see the OXYCRYO andΒ  new released OCQUEST Dome Mask (Post treatment robot)!!

So let’s see the detail info of OCQUEST Dome Mask! πŸ™‚


  • Mist Therapy (Solution infusion)
  • NIR Therapy
  • Skin / Scalp Treatment
  • Medical LED Therapy
  • Anion / Oxygen Therapy
  • Combined use with OC machine



See the specification of OCQUEST DOME MASK above!!




You may also use it for your scalp and face!







See the light therapy for depends on each color.








Touch panel for each function of buttons. πŸ™‚






κ΄‘μ €μš° λ°•λžŒνšŒ ν˜„μž₯_사진4.jpgκ΄‘μ €μš° λ°•λžŒνšŒ ν˜„μž₯_사진5.jpg



Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand!Β πŸ™‚


+)More info you want to get? :Β 


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