OxygenCeuticals New Released SOS PP KIT

Howdy OC friends! 🙂

Today we wanna introduce you our new released kit called,

“SOS PP Mini Kit



2주 PP키트.jpg

Before we move on, we must learn about the inclusion of “SOS PP Mini Kit






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1. Toning Gel 50ml:

KFDA approved wrinkle defenser, gel type toner optimizes balance between skin surface sebum and moisture.


2. PP Cream 50ml:

Wrinkle defenser which contained Oligopeptide E.G.F cream to regenerate the skin.


3. Glutathione ToneUp Cream 10ml:

Effective cream for brightening skin and helps to reproduce skin cells immediately.







2주 PP키트_사용순서.jpg

Now, let’s see the right order usage of SOS PP Kit! 🙂


Step 1) Toning Gel : Apply it suitable amounts on entire face equally and gently pat to absorb it on skin.

Step 2) PP Cream

Step 3) Glutathione ToneUp Cream : Apply it for finishing steps to bright skin tone.





2주 PP키트_제품소개.jpg

▲See the detail information of the each products included.

Also, those are all mini size which are portable to carry even for traveler.






Now, let’s see the detail texture and benefits of each products included in Kit! 🙂

2주 PP키트_제품_PP크림_en.jpg

▲OxygenCeuticals PP Cream : Dual functional cream that reproduces skin cells immediately.



Oligopeptide E.G.F Cream which helps to enhance skin barrier and skin reproduction.


What is the EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor)?:

Contained proteins composed with 53 Amino Acids which is involved in improvement of damaged skin, it leads skin to be activated.

Oligopeptide ingredients remains vitalized and elastic skin by supplying cytothesis factors to the old skin.




Now, let’s see the texture of PP Cream below! 🙂

2주 PP키트_제품_피피크림_제형.jpg






The next showing item is Toning Gel in SOS PP Kit!

Let’s see the details and texture with benefits! 🙂

2주 PP키트_제품_토닝젤_en.jpg

▲OxygenCeuticals Toning Gel : Gel type toner which sooth the skin immediately.



KFDA approved wrinkle defenser, natural plant extracts such as Centella Asiatica Leaf Extracts and Root Extracts relieve the pain after surgical procedures (ex-sun burn, atopy, plastic surgery)





Now, let’s see the texture of Toning Gel below! 🙂

2주 PP키트_제품_토닝젤_제형.jpg

2주 PP키트_제품_토닝젤_제형2.jpg

▲You may see the gel type toner easily above image attached.







The final showing item is Glutathione ToneUp Cream in SOS PP Kit!

Let’s see the details and texture with benefits! 🙂

2주 PP키트_제품_톤업크림_en.jpg

▲OxygenCeuticals Glutathione ToneUp Cream: ToneUp Cream helps to bright skin tone without stickiness.



Effective for brightening skin without irritating skin




Now, let’s see the before&after using of Glutathione ToneUp Cream below! 🙂

2주 PP키트_제품_톤업크림_전후.jpg

▲After applying the ToneUp cream.





Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand! 🙂


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