OxygenCeuticals Peeling Series

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Today we wanna introduce you our peeling series called,

β€œPeeling Series”




Before we move on, we must learn about the inclusion of β€œPeeling Series”





1.Double Peel 50ml 1.69 fl.oz:

Contains combination of AHA/BHA benefits for exfoliating dead skin cells on skin.



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2.Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel 75ml 2.53 fl.oz:

Gentle peeling products even suitable for sensitive and dry skin.




Now let’s see the main ingredients of Peeling Series:


1. Double Peel’s Main Ingredients:

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Contains AHA, BHA, Panthenol for the main ingredients.




2. Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel’s Main Ingredients:

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Also let’s learn the using the peeling series by demonstration!πŸ™‚


  1. Using Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel:


β–²Let the face clearly washed.



β–²Apply the Daily Botanicals Enzyme Peel for suitable amount on the face.



β–²We recommend you to use with Cryogenic Activator to moisturize your skin after peeling.


2. Using Double Peel:


β–²Use suitable amount of Double Peel on skin.



β–²Gently peeling your skin with your hands.



β–²See the exfoliated dead skin cells from skin.



Now, let’s peel dead skin cells with OxygenCeuticals Peeling Series!




Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand!Β πŸ™‚


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