OxygenCeuticals Cleansing Series

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Today we wanna introduce you our cleansing series called,

“Cleansing Series


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Before we move on, we must learn about the inclusion of “Cleansing Series”



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1.Gentle Facial Milk Cleanser 250ml 8.8 fl.oz:

Mild and pure bubble cleanser which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.


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2.Pore Mask 200ml 6.76 fl.oz:

It goes well with Cryogenic Activator in our brand and helps to cleanse pores deeply on skin.




Now let’s see the main ingredients of Cleanser Series:



1. Gentle Facial Milk Cleanser’s main ingredients


180510 클렌징시리즈_밀크4.jpg

※Especially, Hyaluronic Acid prevents evaporating moisture on skin.


2. Pore Mask


180510 클렌징시리즈_포어4.jpg





Also let’s learn the before & after using the cleansing series !🙂


  1. Before & After using the Gentle Facial Milk Cleanser:


180510 클렌징시리즈_밀크1.jpg

▲See above image tinted on a hand.


180510 클렌징시리즈_밀크2.jpg

▲Gently rubbing the tinted hand with applied gentle facial milk cleanser.


180510 클렌징시리즈_밀크3.jpg

▲See the tinted parts which is removed on hand!


2. Before & After using the Pore Mask:

180510 클렌징시리즈_포어1.jpg

▲See above image tinted on a hand.



180510 클렌징시리즈_포어2.jpg

▲See above rich bubble form on hand, which is tinted getting removing.



180510 클렌징시리즈_포어3.jpg

▲See the naturally removed on hand using by pore mask.


Now, let’s cleanse our face with OxygenCeuticals Cleansing Series!




Get younger look and healthy skin tone with OxygenCeuticals !

We always welcome all guys interested in our brand! 🙂


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